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Section 600.5701

Act 236 of 1961

600.5701 Definitions.

Sec. 5701.

As used in this chapter:

(a) “Summary proceedings” means a civil action to recover possession of premises and to obtain certain ancillary relief as provided by this chapter and by court rules adopted in connection therewith.

(b) “Premises” includes lands, tenements, condominium property, cooperative apartments, air rights and all manner of real property. It includes structures fixed or mobile, temporary or permanent, vessels, mobile trailer homes and vehicles which are used or intended for use primarily as a dwelling or as a place for commercial or industrial operations or storage.

(c) “Lease” includes a written or verbal lease or license agreement for use or possession of premises.

(d) “District” means the judicial districts provided for in chapter 81.

History: Add. 1972, Act 120, Eff. July 1, 1972

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