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Act 451 of 1994
Part 33

Section 324.3301SectionDefinitions; A to D.
Section 324.3302SectionDefinitions; G to W.
Section 324.3303SectionChemical treatment of waters for aquatic nuisance control; permit or certificate of coverage required; exception; records; qualifications; authorization under part 31.
Section 324.3304SectionLake management plan as part of permit application; proposal for whole lake evaluation treatment; placement of specific conditions in permit; scientific rationale for permit denial.
Section 324.3305SectionRegistration of chemical used for aquatic nuisance control; evaluations; order to prohibit or suspend chemical use.
Section 324.3306SectionCertificate of coverage; application fee; adjustment; target; "consumer price index" defined; aquatic nuisance control fund; payment of fee.
Section 324.3307SectionApplication; electronic submission; approval or denial within certain time period; requirements; failure to satisfy requirements.
Section 324.3308SectionWritten permission from bottomland owner.
Section 324.3309SectionPermit; term; information to be included; authorization of chemical treatment; annual fees; additional conditions.
Section 324.3310SectionPermit conditions.
Section 324.3311SectionPermit; revisions; transfer; expansion of area of impact.
Section 324.3312SectionRules.
Section 324.3313SectionViolations as misdemeanors; penalty; commencement of civil action by attorney general; revocation of permit or certificate of coverage.
Section 324.3315SectionRegistry of waterbodies infested by aquatic invasive species; maintenance of website.
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