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Act 368 of 1978
Part 177

Section 333.17701SectionMeanings of words and phrases; general definitions and principles of construction.
Section 333.17702SectionDefinitions; A to C.
Section 333.17703SectionDefinitions; D, E.
Section 333.17704SectionDefinitions; F to I.
Section 333.17705SectionDefinitions; L.
Section 333.17706SectionDefinitions; M, O.
Section 333.17707SectionDefinitions; P.
Section 333.17708SectionDefinitions; P to R.
Section 333.17708.amendedSectionDefinitions; P to R; limitation on prescription of pharmacological agents.
Section 333.17709SectionDefinitions; S to W.
Section 333.17711SectionPractice of pharmacy or pharmacy technician; license or authorization required; use of words, titles, or letters.
Section 333.17713SectionTemporary regulations of pharmacists and prescriptions during qualified order or declaration; definitions.
Section 333.17721SectionMichigan board of pharmacy; creation; membership; terms.
Section 333.17722SectionMichigan board of pharmacy; duties generally.
Section 333.17723SectionPilot project to maintain or improve patient care in delivery of pharmacy services and improving patient outcomes.
Section 333.17726SectionCertificate of licensure; issuance.
Section 333.17731SectionRenewal of pharmacist or pharmacy technician license; continuing education; rules.
Section 333.17733SectionRelicensure of pharmacist; requirements.
Section 333.17737SectionRules establishing standards for internship program; limited license required.
Section 333.17739SectionPharmacy technician; functions; licensure.
Section 333.17739aSectionPharmacy technician; licensure; requirements; exemption from certain requirements.
Section 333.17739bSectionPharmacy technician; temporary license.
Section 333.17739cSectionPharmacy technician; limited license.
Section 333.17741SectionPharmacy license required; personal charge of pharmacy by pharmacist; responsibility for compliance with laws; control and personal charge of pharmacy services; remote pharmacy exception; effect of violation on pharmacy license.
Section 333.17742SectionDisclosure; "applicant" defined.
Section 333.17742aSectionRemote pharmacy; operation; licensure requirements; location waiver; exception.
Section 333.17742bSectionStaffing of remote pharmacy; requirements; written policy and procedure manual; public notice display; operation requirements and limitations; "qualified pharmacy technician" defined.
Section 333.17743SectionPharmacy license; contents; duration.
Section 333.17744SectionDesignation of agent by prescriber; issuance of prescription; limitation; transmission of prescription to pharmacy.
Section 333.17744aSectionAuto-injectable epinephrine; prescribing or issuing to authorizing entity.
Section 333.17744bSectionPrescribing, possessing, or dispensing opioid antagonist; liability.
Section 333.17744cSectionPerson administering opioid antagonist under certain conditions; immunity from criminal prosecution or sanction.
Section 333.17744dSectionAuto-injectable epinephrine; storage, maintenance, general oversight, and use by designated employee or agent; training program; certificate; liability; report; administration by person other than employee, agent, or individual described in subsection (2); "authorized health care provider" defined.
Section 333.17744eSectionDispensing opioid antagonist to individual pursuant to standing order issued by chief medical executive; "community-based organization" defined.
Section 333.17744fSectionDispensing emergency supply of insulin; requirements; limitation; liability; rules; definitions.
Section 333.17745SectionDrug control license; patient's chart or clinical record to include record of drugs dispensed; delegating authority to dispense drugs; storage of drugs; container; label; complimentary starter dose drug; information; compliance with MCL 333.7303a; inspection of locations; limitation on delegation; receipt of complimentary starter dose drugs by pharmacist; "complimentary starter dose" defined.
Section 333.17745aSectionDefinitions; public health program without on-site pharmacy; individuals delegated authority to dispense prescriptions; delegating delivery of certain oral contraceptives; circumstances; delegating delivery of methadone.
Section 333.17745bSectionIndustrial clinic or prescriber practice without on-site pharmacy; dispensing prescription drug.
Section 333.17746SectionHospice emergency care services in patients' homes; medication box exchange program.
Section 333.17747SectionDrug control license; contents; duration; renewal; conditions; license as automatically void.
Section 333.17748SectionPharmacy, manufacturer, wholesale distributor; or wholesale distributor-broker, license required; compounding services; renewal; designation of pharmacist in charge; joint responsibility; exemption; report of change in ownership, management, location, or PIC or facility manager; duties of pharmacist in charge; submission of fingerprints; criminal history check; exception; investigation or inspection of out-of-state applicant or compounding pharmacy; reimbursement for expenses.
Section 333.17748aSectionCompounding services for sterile pharmaceuticals; accreditation; notification of complaint; maintenance and retention of records; resale of excess compounded pharmaceuticals prohibited; distribution of samples or complimentary starter doses; advertisement or promotion of compounding services; compounding pharmaceutical that is unavailable in marketplace; compounding and manufacturing at same location; rules.
Section 333.17748bSectionCompounding nonsterile or sterile pharmaceuticals for prescriber or health facility or agency to administer to patients without prescription; authorization; report of adverse event; list of authorized pharmacies and pharmacists; selling or redispensing to prescriber or health facility or agency.
Section 333.17748cSectionCompounding pharmaceutical; commercial availability.
Section 333.17748dSectionViolation of MCL 333.17748a or 17748b; penality.
Section 333.17748eSectionOut-of-state pharmacy; facilitation of delivery or trade; use of wholesale distributor-broker; requirements; liability; license requirements; transaction records; notification; investigation; definitions.
Section 333.17748fSectionLicensure of a pharmacy as a wholesale distributor or manufacturer; requirements.
Section 333.17749SectionDispensing of diagnostic or therapeutic pharmaceutical agents by wholesale distributor or pharmacist to optometrist; condition; “therapeutic pharmaceutical agent” and “diagnostic pharmaceutical agent” defined.
Section 333.17750SectionPerson who distributes complimentary starter doses to prescribers; records; access by board; “complimentary starter dose” defined.
Section 333.17750aSectionDispensing of prescription for therapeutic pharmaceutical agent by pharmacist.
Section 333.17751SectionDispensing prescription drug or device requiring prescription; requirements; exception.
Section 333.17751.amendedSectionDispensing prescription drug or device requiring prescription; requirements; exceptions.
Section 333.17752SectionPrescription or equivalent record; preservation; disclosure; providing copies; refilling copy; applicability of subsection (3) to pharmacies sharing real-time, on-line database and remote pharmacies; "equivalent record" defined.
Section 333.17753SectionCentralized prescription processing; conditions for performing or contracting; maintenance of policy and procedures manual; definition.
Section 333.17754SectionElectronic transmission of prescription; conditions; information; confidentiality; professional judgment as to accuracy, validity, and authenticity; original prescription; inapplicable after October 1, 2021.
Section 333.17754aSectionElectronic transmission of prescription; conditions; information; confidentiality; professional judgment as to accuracy, validity, and authenticity; exceptions; waiver; rules; delayed implementation.
Section 333.17755SectionDispensing lower cost generically equivalent drug product or interchangeable biological drug product; notice; contents of prescription label; limitation; restrictions; limitation on total charge; communication to be provided prescriber; exception; link on website to Purple Book; report; definitions.
Section 333.17756SectionLabel on prescription; contents.
Section 333.17757SectionPrice information; prohibited conduct; notice; receipt evidencing transactions; omission; retention of copy of receipt; rules.
Section 333.17757aSectionProviding selling price of drugs dispensed upon request; notice to consumers about prescription drugs; contents; form; display; copies.
Section 333.17757bSectionContracts with pharmacy benefit managers; prohibited terms.
Section 333.17758SectionRepealed. 1986, Act 304, Eff. Mar. 31, 1987.
Section 333.17759SectionDispensing harmful drug; requirements.
Section 333.17760SectionOperation of automated device not located at same address as pharmacy; control and supervision by pharmacist; delegation of tasks.
Section 333.17761SectionDisplay of notice; dispensing prescription in safety closure container.
Section 333.17762SectionMisbranded prescription.
Section 333.17763SectionGrounds for fine, reprimand, or probation; grounds for denying, limiting, suspending, or revoking license.
Section 333.17764SectionConduct constituting misdemeanor; violation; penalty; other violations.
Section 333.17765SectionAdulteration or misbranding; guaranty or undertaking as protection against penalties for violation; exception; notice to seller, manufacturer, or wholesale distributor.
Section 333.17766SectionAdditional conduct constituting misdemeanor.
Section 333.17766aSectionRepealed. 2001, Act 236, Imd. Eff. Jan. 3, 2002.
Section 333.17766bSectionRepealed. 2001, Act 231, Eff. Jan. 6, 2003.
Section 333.17766cSectionPurchase or possession of ephedrine or pseudoephedrine or mixture prohibited; violation; penalty; exceptions.
Section 333.17766dSectionPharmacy operated by department of corrections or under contract with county jail; resale or redistribution of prescription drug; definitions.
Section 333.17766eSectionSale of ephedrine or pseudoephedrine; requirements of retail distributor; exceptions; violation; fine; report.
Section 333.17766fSectionPossession of products containing ephedrine or pseudoephedrine; prohibited conduct; exceptions; violation; penalty; affirmative defense; rebuttal; conflict of local requirements with section.
Section 333.17766gSectionSale, trade, or purchase of dextromethorphan to minor; prohibition; exception for valid prescription; preemption; violation; civil infraction and fine.
Section 333.17767SectionRules and determinations as to licensing.
Section 333.17768SectionGrounds for fine, reprimand, or probation, or for denying, limiting, suspending, or revoking license or ordering restitution or community service; applicability of subsection (2)(b).
Section 333.17770SectionExceptions.
Section 333.17775Section"Program for utilization of unused prescription drugs"; definitions; unused prescription drug repository and distribution program; rules; standards and procedures.
Section 333.17776SectionDestruction and disposal of certain drugs and medications.
Section 333.17780SectionCancer drug repository program.
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