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Section 389.123b

Act 331 of 1966

389.123b Admission applicant serving or served as member of military, national guard, or military reserves; duties of board of trustees; "transcript' defined.

Sec. 123b.

  (1) The board of trustees shall ensure that the community college does all of the following in its admission application process if it knows that an applicant for admission is currently serving, or has ever served, as a member of the military, the national guard, or the military reserves:
  (a) Inform the applicant that he or she may receive academic credit for college-level training and education he or she received while serving in the military.
  (b) Inform the applicant that he or she may submit a transcript of his or her college-level military training and education to the community college.
  (c) If the applicant submits a transcript described in subdivision (b), evaluate that transcript and notify the applicant of what transfer credits are available to the applicant from the community college for his or her college-level military training and education.
  (2) As used in this section, "transcript" includes a joint services transcript prepared for the applicant under the American council on education registry of credit recommendations.

History: Add. 2014, Act 483, Eff. Apr. 13, 2015

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