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Section 141.612

Act 284 of 1964

141.612 Excise tax on incomes; application to resident individuals.

Sec. 12.

   The tax shall apply on the following types of income of a resident individual to the same extent and on the same basis that the income is subject to taxation under the federal internal revenue code:
  (a) On a salary, bonus, wage, commission and other compensation.
  (b) On a distributive share of the net profits of a resident owner of an unincorporated business, profession, enterprise, undertaking or other activity, as a result of work done, services rendered and other business activities wherever conducted.
  (c) On dividends, interest, capital gains less capital losses, income from estates and trusts and net profits from rentals of real and tangible personal property.
  (d) On other income of a resident individual.

History: 1964, Act 284, Imd. Eff. June 12, 1964

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