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Section 168.880a

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Act 116 of 1954

168.880a Recount of votes; grounds; notice to candidates; elections involving propositions procedures.

Sec. 880a.

  (1) A recount of all precincts in the state shall be conducted at any time a statewide primary or election shall be certified by the board of state canvassers as having been determined by a vote differential of 2,000 votes or less. This section shall not apply to partisan offices to which more than 1 person is to be elected.
  (2) If the election is an election involving candidates, the board of state canvassers forthwith shall notify all candidates whose vote could be affected by the recount that a recount shall be conducted and of the time and place the board of state canvassers will meet to determine recount procedures.
  (3) If the election involves a proposition, the board of state canvassers shall meet on the seventh day following certification at the office of the secretary of state for the purpose of determining procedures. Persons or groups interested in being authorized to have challengers and observers at the recount shall petition the board at that meeting to be considered interested parties for such purpose. The board at that meeting shall determine which persons or groups shall be considered interested parties for the recount of the proposition.

History: Add. 1969, Act 268, Eff. Mar. 20, 1970
Popular Name: Election Code

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