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Act 259 of 1959
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Act 259 of 1959

AN ACT to promote the safety, welfare, and protection of persons and property in the air and on the ground by regulating the height, location, and visual and aural identification characteristics of certain structures; to provide for the powers and duties of certain state agencies; and to provide penalties for the violation of this act.

History: 1959, Act 259, Eff. Mar. 19, 1960 ;-- Am. 1986, Act 296, Eff. Apr. 1, 1987

© 2020 Legislative Council, State of Michigan

The People of the State of Michigan enact:

Section 259.481SectionDefinitions.
Section 259.482SectionPermit required for construction of certain structures.
Section 259.482aSectionIssuance of permit allowing construction, replacement, or increase in height of certain structures; conditions.
Section 259.482bSectionWidth of primary surface; length of primary surface; elevation.
Section 259.482cSectionWidth of approach surface; outward and upward extension of approach surface.
Section 259.482dSectionExtension of transitional surface.
Section 259.482eSectionPerimeter of horizontal surface.
Section 259.482fSectionMeteorological tower; requirements; database of locations; information to be provided by owner; marking; removal.
Section 259.483SectionBuilding permits; public utility structures, emergency repair.
Section 259.484SectionStructure extending more than 1,000 feet above ground elevation at structure's site; conditions to issuance of permit to erect, add to, or replace.
Section 259.485SectionApplication for permit; statement of location and maximum height; applicability of height restrictions.
Section 259.486SectionPermit; specification of visual or aural identification; compliance with federal laws or regulations; operation during daylight hours; high intensity white obstruction lights; demolition or removal of structure; violation.
Section 259.487SectionApplication for permit; investigation; considerations; notice of determination; hearing.
Section 259.488SectionBuilding permits; conduct, controlling statute and rules for conduct of public hearings.
Section 259.489SectionAppeal.
Section 259.490SectionAction to enjoin, restrain, correct, or abate violation.
Section 259.491SectionRules; forms.
Section 259.492SectionViolation of act; penalty.
Section 259.493SectionTall structure act; short title.
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