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Act 238 of 2003
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Act 238 of 2003

AN ACT to provide for the qualification, appointment, and regulation of notaries; to provide for the levy, assessment, and collection of certain service charges and fees and to provide for their disposition; to create funds; to provide for liability for certain persons; to provide for the admissibility of evidence; to establish the recognition to be given in this state to acknowledgments and other notarial acts performed outside of this state; to prescribe powers and duties of state agencies and local officers; to provide for remedies and penalties; and to repeal acts and parts of acts.

History: 2003, Act 238, Eff. Apr. 1, 2004 ;-- Am. 2018, Act 361, Eff. Mar. 12, 2019

The People of the State of Michigan enact:

Section 55.261SectionShort title.
Section 55.263SectionDefinitions; A to I.
Section 55.265SectionDefinitions; J to R.
Section 55.267SectionDefinitions; S to V.
Section 55.269SectionNotary public; appointment; extension of expiration date for 2020 through 2021.
Section 55.271SectionNotary public; qualifications.
Section 55.273SectionFiling; oath; bond; fee.
Section 55.275SectionApplication; format; fee; use of LEIN or ICHAT; certificate of appointment; electronic application and payment process.
Section 55.277SectionNotary education and training fund.
Section 55.279SectionReappointment; licensed attorney as notary public; cause for cancellation of appointment.
Section 55.281SectionCorrected notary public commission.
Section 55.283SectionObtaining and reading state statutes.
Section 55.285SectionPerformance of notarial acts; scope; verification.
Section 55.285aSectionNotarial acts performed in another state; in federally recognized Indian tribe; under federal law; in foreign country; applicability; definition of "foreign country".
Section 55.286SectionElectronic notarization systems; notification required.
Section 55.286aSectionApproval of electronic notarization systems; minimum requirements; certification by government-sponsored enterprise.
Section 55.286bSectionRemote electronic notarization platforms; requirements; approval; review standards; recording limitations; journal; requirements; custodian.
Section 55.286cSectionUse of 2-way real-time audiovisual technology; requirements; signing in counterparts; applicability of section; presumed compliance.
Section 55.286dSectionUse of electronic records and signatures; use of 2-way real-time audiovisual technology; applicability of section.
Section 55.287SectionSignature of notary public; statements; stamp, seal, or electronic process; effect of illegible statement.
Section 55.289SectionRepealed. 2006, Act 155, Imd. Eff. May 26, 2006.
Section 55.291SectionNotary public; prohibited conduct.
Section 55.293SectionPerson with physical limitations; signature by notary public.
Section 55.295SectionRequest by secretary of state; failure to respond.
Section 55.297SectionMisconduct; civil liability; conditions.
Section 55.299SectionViolations of notary public laws.
Section 55.300SectionInvestigation by secretary of state; complaint.
Section 55.300aSectionPenalties; evidence; notice and hearing; revocation of commission; fine.
Section 55.301SectionAutomatic revocation; violation as felony; notification of conviction.
Section 55.303SectionReapplication after revocation; unpaid fine.
Section 55.305SectionInjunction or restraining order.
Section 55.307SectionPresumption.
Section 55.309SectionViolation as misdemeanor or felony; jurisdiction; penalties and remedies as cumulative.
Section 55.311SectionNotary fees fund.
Section 55.313SectionMaintenance of records.
Section 55.314SectionApplication of act.
Section 55.315SectionRules.
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