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NOTE: Dates reflect any modification to item, not necessarily a change in law.

Act 236 of 1961 ‑ REVISED JUDICATURE ACT OF 1961 (600.101 - 600.9948)
     236‑1961‑1 ‑ CHAPTER 1 SHORT TITLE AND CONSTRUCTION (600.101...600.185)
          Section 600.101 ‑ Revised judicature act of 1961; short title.
          Section 600.102 ‑ Construction of act.
          Section 600.103 ‑ Repealed. 1980, Act 438, Eff. Sept. 1, 1981.
          Section 600.111 ‑ Counter claim; definition.
          Section 600.112 ‑ Judgment; definition.
          Section 600.113 ‑ Definitions; provisions governing traffic or parking violation or municipal civil infraction action; determination by preponderance of evidence.
          236‑1961‑1‑JUDICIAL‑SYSTEM ‑ JUDICIAL SYSTEM (600.151...600.185)
               Section 600.151 ‑ Judicial power of state; vesting in courts.
               Section 600.151a ‑ State court fund; creation; use; crediting deposits and income from investments; unencumbered balance remaining in fund; distribution of proceeds.
               Section 600.151b ‑ Court equity fund; creation; duties of state court administrative office; hold harmless fund; payments; reduced shares; retention of balance in work project account; formula; distributions; definitions.
               Section 600.151c ‑ Local court management council; creation; resolution; delivery of court services.
               Section 600.151d ‑ Juror compensation reimbursement fund; creation; use; deposits; investments; disposition of unencumbered balance; transfer to general fund; transfer to court equity fund.
               Section 600.151e ‑ Juror compensation reimbursement fund; distribution; allocation of funds for contract with software vendor and position within state court administrator office that provides technical support; report; conditions for reimbursement; payments; definitions.
               Section 600.152 ‑ Chief justice; head of judicial system.
               Section 600.171 ‑ Civil filing fee fund; creation; use; deposits; investment; distribution of proceeds.
               Section 600.175 ‑ Judicial technology improvement fund; creation; use; disposition; investment; transfer of balance to general fund; administration; expenditure; reimbursement to state court administrative office.
               Section 600.176 ‑ Judicial electronic filing fund; creation; use; credit; unencumbered balance remaining in fund; administration; expenditure; development of statewide electronic filing system; reimbursement to state court administrative office for costs.
               Section 600.181 ‑ Justice system fund; creation; use; disposition; investment; distributions.
               Section 600.185 ‑ Drug treatment court fund; creation; use; disposition; investment; administration; eligibility conditions; reimbursement to state court administrative office.
     236‑1961‑2 ‑ CHAPTER 2 SUPREME COURT: ORGANIZATION AND POWERS (600.201...600.251)
          Section 600.201 ‑ Repealed. 1963, 2nd Ex. Sess., Act 18, Eff. Mar. 24, 1964.
          Section 600.202 ‑ Chief justice; selection, resignation.
          Section 600.203 ‑ Justices; election.
          Section 600.204 ‑ Repealed. 1963, 2nd Ex. Sess., Act 18, Eff. Mar. 24, 1964.
          Section 600.205 ‑ Justices; availability.
          Section 600.206 ‑ Justices; oath.
          Section 600.207 ‑ Justices; practice of law prohibited.
          Section 600.208 ‑ Judges; salary and expenses.
          Section 600.211 ‑ Terms of court; quorum.
          Section 600.212 ‑ Powers and jurisdiction; source.
          Section 600.215 ‑ Jurisdiction and power.
          Section 600.217 ‑ Jurisdiction and power as to writs.
          Section 600.219 ‑ Superintending control over inferior courts.
          Section 600.221 ‑ Reports relative to administration of justice; opinions.
          Section 600.222 ‑ Repealed. 1998, Act 298, Eff. Jan. 1, 1999.
          Section 600.223 ‑ Rule-making power.
          Section 600.224 ‑ Meetings regarding court rules or administrative orders open to public; procedures; “court” defined.
          Section 600.225 ‑ Assignment of judges to serve in other courts.
          Section 600.225a ‑ Municipal judges transferred to other courts; compensation and expenses.
          Section 600.226 ‑ Retired judges; authorization to perform judicial duties; compensation; applicability of section.
          Section 600.227 ‑ Writ or process; style; seal; evidence; court order prohibiting disclosure of party's address or contacting another party; service on protected party.
          Section 600.229 ‑ Decisions; contents, dissents, copies.
          Section 600.230 ‑ Equally divided court; affirmance of judgment.
          Section 600.232 ‑ Appeals to supreme court.
          Section 600.235 ‑ Appointment of chief judge for each county; appointment of chief judge of circuit, probate, and district court; procedures for assignment of cases and judges.
          Section 600.238 ‑ Judicial performance commission; creation; evaluation of judges; performance standards.
          Section 600.241 ‑ Operation of judicial branch; line-item appropriation.
          Section 600.242 ‑ Repealed. 1963, 2nd Ex. Sess., Act 55, Imd. Eff. Dec. 27, 1963.
          Section 600.244 ‑ Filing fees to supreme court; waiver; costs.
          Section 600.245 ‑ Repealed. 1963, 2nd Ex. Sess., Act 55, Imd. Eff. Dec. 27, 1963.
          Section 600.247 ‑ Repealed. 1963, 2nd Ex. Sess., Act 55, Imd. Eff. Dec. 27, 1963.
          Section 600.250 ‑ Repealed. 1963, 2nd Ex. Sess., Act 55, Imd. Eff. Dec. 27, 1963.
          Section 600.251 ‑ Staff; budget, expenditures, fees and prerequisites.
     236‑1961‑3 ‑ CHAPTER 3 COURT OF APPEALS: ORGANIZATION AND POWERS (600.301...600.321)
          Section 600.301 ‑ Court of appeals as court of record; number of judges.
          Section 600.302 ‑ Judicial districts for election of judges of court of appeals.
          Section 600.302a ‑ Judicial district; county lines; preparation of map by secretary of state.
          Section 600.303 ‑ Judges; terms; oath of office.
          Section 600.303a ‑ Transition to 6 judges in each district.
          Section 600.303b ‑ Nomination, election, and terms of candidates for new judgeships.
          Section 600.303c ‑ Election of candidates for new judgeships; terms.
          Section 600.303d ‑ Transition from 3 judicial districts to 4 judicial districts; provisions; offices.
          Section 600.304 ‑ Court of appeals judge; annual salary; expenses; insurance programs.
          Section 600.305 ‑ Administration of court; rules of practice.
          Section 600.306 ‑ Temporary judges.
          Section 600.307 ‑ Judges; practice of law prohibited.
          Section 600.308 ‑ Jurisdiction of court of appeals on appeals from final judgments and final orders.
          Section 600.308a ‑ Action under Const. 1963, Art. 9, § 32; commencement; jurisdiction; limitations; governmental unit as defendant; officer as party; continuation of action against governmental unit and officer's successor; referral of action; findings of fact; costs.
          Section 600.309 ‑ Appeals as of right; appeals by leave of court.
          Section 600.310 ‑ Original jurisdiction; writs, directives and mandates.
          Section 600.311 ‑ Panels; quorum; rotation; assignment of judges and cases.
          Section 600.312 ‑ Sessions of court; office space.
          Section 600.313 ‑ Decisions to be in writing; delivery and printing of opinions; effect of equally divided court.
          Section 600.314 ‑ Finality of decisions; superintending control of supreme court.
          Section 600.315 ‑ Process; style, execution, seal.
          Section 600.316 ‑ Process issued by court of appeals; service; court order prohibiting disclosure of party's address or contacting another party; service on protected party.
          Section 600.317 ‑ Chief clerk; deputy clerks; personnel; duties; qualifications; bond; court officers.
          Section 600.318 ‑ Research law clerk; employment; qualifications.
          Section 600.319 ‑ Secretarial personnel; employment.
          Section 600.320 ‑ Salaries and expenses; payment.
          Section 600.321 ‑ Fees to court of appeals; charge per page; waiver; deposit; costs; use.
     236‑1961‑4 ‑ CHAPTER 4 TRIAL COURT CONCURRENT JURISDICTION (600.401...600.425)
          Section 600.401 ‑ Plan of concurrent jurisdiction.
          Section 600.405 ‑ Plan of concurrent jurisdiction; adoption; options.
          Section 600.406 ‑ Circuit and probate judges; Genesee, Ingham, Kent, Macomb, Oakland, Washtenaw, and Wayne counties; adoption of plan of concurrent jurisdiction.
          Section 600.407 ‑ District judges, circuit and probate judges; Genesee, Ingham, Kent, Macomb, Oakland, and Washtenaw counties; adoption of plan of concurrent jurisdiction.
          Section 600.408 ‑ Trial court judges; Genesee, Ingham, Kent, Macomb, Oakland, Washtenaw, and Wayne counties; adoption of plans of concurrent jurisdiction.
          Section 600.410 ‑ Plan of concurrent jurisdiction; delegation; prohibition.
          Section 600.411 ‑ Repealed. 2012, Act 338, Eff. Jan. 1, 2013.
          Section 600.412 ‑ Concurrent jurisdiction plan in effect on December 31, 2012; validity.
          Section 600.413 ‑ Concurrent jurisdiction plans; design; objection to plan.
          Section 600.415 ‑ Family court plan.
          Section 600.420 ‑ Record maintenance.
          Section 600.425 ‑ Approval of plan by local funding units.
     236‑1961‑5 ‑ CHAPTER 5 CIRCUIT COURTS: ORGANIZATION AND POWERS (600.501...600.596)
          Section 600.501 ‑ Judicial circuits.
          Section 600.502 ‑ First judicial circuit.
          Section 600.503 ‑ Second judicial circuit.
          Section 600.504 ‑ Third judicial circuit.
          Section 600.505 ‑ Fourth judicial circuit.
          Section 600.506 ‑ Fifth judicial circuit.
          Section 600.507 ‑ Sixth judicial circuit.
          Section 600.508 ‑ Seventh judicial circuit; county; number of judges.
          Section 600.509 ‑ Eighth judicial circuit.
          Section 600.510 ‑ Ninth judicial circuit.
          Section 600.511 ‑ Tenth judicial circuit.
          Section 600.512 ‑ Eleventh judicial circuit.
          Section 600.513 ‑ Twelfth judicial circuit.
          Section 600.514 ‑ Thirteenth judicial circuit.
          Section 600.515 ‑ Fourteenth judicial circuit.
          Section 600.516 ‑ Fifteenth judicial circuit.
          Section 600.517 ‑ Sixteenth judicial circuit.
          Section 600.518 ‑ Seventeenth judicial circuit.
          Section 600.519 ‑ Eighteenth judicial circuit; Bay county.
          Section 600.520 ‑ Nineteenth judicial circuit.
          Section 600.521 ‑ Twentieth judicial circuit.
          Section 600.522 ‑ Twenty-first judicial circuit.
          Section 600.523 ‑ Twenty-second judicial circuit.
          Section 600.524 ‑ Twenty-third judicial circuit.
          Section 600.525 ‑ Twenty-fourth judicial circuit.
          Section 600.526 ‑ Twenty-fifth judicial circuit; Marquette.
          Section 600.527 ‑ Twenty-sixth judicial circuit.
          Section 600.528 ‑ Twenty-seventh judicial circuit; Newaygo and Oceana counties.
          Section 600.529 ‑ Twenty-eighth judicial circuit.
          Section 600.530 ‑ Twenty-ninth judicial circuit.
          Section 600.531 ‑ Thirtieth judicial circuit.
          Section 600.532 ‑ Thirty-first judicial circuit.
          Section 600.533 ‑ Thirty-second judicial circuit.
          Section 600.534 ‑ Thirty-third judicial circuit.
          Section 600.535 ‑ Thirty-fourth judicial circuit.
          Section 600.536 ‑ Thirty-fifth judicial circuit.
          Section 600.537 ‑ Thirty-sixth judicial circuit.
          Section 600.538 ‑ Thirty-seventh judicial circuit.
          Section 600.539 ‑ Thirty-eighth judicial circuit.
          Section 600.540 ‑ Thirty-ninth judicial circuit.
          Section 600.541 ‑ Fortieth judicial circuit.
          Section 600.542 ‑ Forty-first judicial circuit.
          Section 600.543 ‑ Forty-second judicial circuit.
          Section 600.544 ‑ Forty-third judicial circuit.
          Section 600.545 ‑ Forty-fourth judicial circuit.
          Section 600.546 ‑ Forty-fifth judicial circuit.
          Section 600.547 ‑ Forty-sixth judicial circuit.
          Section 600.548 ‑ Forty-seventh judicial circuit.
          Section 600.549 ‑ Forty-eighth judicial circuit.
          Section 600.549a ‑ Forty-ninth judicial circuit; counties; number of judges.
          Section 600.549b ‑ Fiftieth judicial circuit.
          Section 600.549c ‑ Fifty-first judicial circuit.
          Section 600.549d ‑ Fifty-second judicial circuit.
          Section 600.549e ‑ Fifty-third judicial circuit.
          Section 600.549f ‑ Fifty-fourth judicial circuit.
          Section 600.549g ‑ Fifty-fifth judicial circuit; counties; number of judges.
          Section 600.549h ‑ Fifty-sixth judicial circuit.
          Section 600.549i ‑ Fifty-seventh judicial circuit.
          Section 600.550 ‑ Additional circuit judgeship; creation; approval by county; resolution; filing; valid approval of judgeship; notice to elections division; effect of approval; state's obligation; election; first term; temporary reduction in number of circuit judgeships; notice.
          Section 600.550a ‑ New judicial circuit and 1 or more circuit judgeships; creation; approval by county; resolution; filing; notice to elections division; effect of approval; state's obligation; election; first term; approval of county board of commissioners not required.
          Section 600.551 ‑ Additional courtroom facilities in multi-judge counties.
          Section 600.555 ‑ Circuit judge; annual salary; expenses; assisting other courts.
          Section 600.557 ‑ “Senior judge” defined; assignment of senior judge to hear and decide nonjury civil action; contents and filing of stipulation; fees and costs; approval; powers, duties, and immunity of senior judge; provisions applicable to senior judge; service not constituting retirement service; public trial; site of trial; transcript; final judgment; appeal not available; enforceability of judgment; failure to assign senior judge; inability of senior judge to hear action; withdrawal of stipulation.
          Section 600.557a ‑ Stipulation assignment fee fund.
          Section 600.557b ‑ Senior judge civil action fund.
          Section 600.558 ‑ Repealed. 1990, Act 185, Eff. Oct. 1, 1990.
          Section 600.560 ‑ Judges; absence or disability, authority of judge in adjoining circuit.
          Section 600.562 ‑ Judges; practice of law prohibited.
          Section 600.563, 600.564 ‑ Repealed. 1996, Act 374, Eff. Oct. 1, 1996.
          236‑1961‑5‑COURT‑OFFICERS ‑ COURT OFFICERS (600.565...600.596)
               Section 600.565 ‑ Judicial clerks; appointment, duties, salary.
               Section 600.567 ‑ Repealed. 1996, Act 374, Eff. Oct. 1, 1996.
               Section 600.571 ‑ Circuit court clerks; duties, accounting.
               Section 600.572 ‑ Deposits with court; bond of clerk.
               Section 600.573 ‑ Deposits with court; deposit in bank.
               Section 600.574 ‑ Deposits with court; certificate; securities, accounting.
               Section 600.575 ‑ Deposits with court; payment on court order.
               Section 600.576 ‑ Deposits with court; liability of payor.
               Section 600.579 ‑ Deputy circuit court clerks; appointment, salary.
               Section 600.581 ‑ Sheriff and deputy; attendance at court sessions.
               Section 600.582 ‑ Sheriff and deputy; officers of court; powers; disobedience or default.
               Section 600.584 ‑ Sheriff and deputy, coroner; aid in performing duties.
               Section 600.585 ‑ Sheriff and deputy, coroner; power of the county.
               Section 600.586 ‑ Sheriff, deputy sheriff, or county medical examiner licensed to practice law; prohibited conduct; exceptions; violation as civil infraction; penalty.
               Section 600.587 ‑ Sheriff, constable, or other officer; wilful neglect to execute process; penalty.
               Section 600.588 ‑ Sheriff and deputy, constable; attending jury.
               Section 600.589 ‑ Fine; excuse, remission.
               Section 600.591 ‑ Operation of circuit court; appropriation; employer; authority; collective bargaining; appointment, supervision, discipline, or dismissal of employees; transfer of employees; effect of existing collective bargaining agreement; control of employees; applicability of subsections (2) to (9) to third judicial circuit employees; chief judge as principal administrator; “county-paid employees of the circuit court” defined.
               Section 600.592 ‑ Repealed. 1996, Act 374, Eff. Oct. 1, 1996.
               Section 600.593 ‑ Employee of circuit court in third judicial circuit as employee of Wayne county judicial council or of Wayne county.
               Section 600.593a ‑ Wayne county judicial council; creation; successor agency; composition; employees of former state judicial council serving in third judicial circuit court; authority of employer or chief judge; collective bargaining agent; election not to participate in collective bargaining process; appointment, supervision, discipline, or dismissal of employees; compensation; chief judge as principal administrator; transfer of employees; effect of existing collective bargaining agreement; annual leave; state employees' retirement system.
               Section 600.594 ‑ Employee as member of state employees' retirement system.
               Section 600.595 ‑ Circuit court in third judicial circuit; ownership and use of personal property; reimbursement for property removed from court.
               Section 600.596 ‑ Employees of Detroit recorder's court transferred to third judicial circuit court; rights and benefits; collective bargaining agreement.
     236‑1961‑6 ‑ CHAPTER 6 JURISDICTION OF THE CIRCUIT COURTS (600.601...600.641)
          Section 600.601 ‑ Circuit court; jurisdiction and power.
          Section 600.605 ‑ Circuit court; original jurisdiction.
          Section 600.606 ‑ Violations by certain juveniles; jurisdiction of circuit court; “specified juvenile violation” defined.
          Section 600.611 ‑ Circuit court; orders to effectuate judgments.
          Section 600.615 ‑ Superintending control over inferior courts and tribunals.
          Section 600.621 ‑ Circuit court; rules of practice.
          Section 600.631 ‑ Appeal from order, decision, or opinion of state board, commission, or agency.
          Section 600.641 ‑ Repealed. 1996, Act 374, Eff. Jan. 1, 1997.
     236‑1961‑6A ‑ CHAPTER 6A UNIFORM CHILD CUSTODY JURISDICTION ACT (600.651...600.673)
          Section 600.651‑600.673 ‑ Repealed. 2001, Act 195, Eff. Apr. 1, 2002.
     236‑1961‑7 ‑ CHAPTER 7 BASES OF JURISDICTION (600.701...600.775)
          Section 600.701 ‑ General personal jurisdiction over individuals.
          Section 600.705 ‑ Limited personal jurisdiction over individuals.
          Section 600.711 ‑ General personal jurisdiction over corporations.
          Section 600.715 ‑ Corporations; limited personal jurisdiction.
          Section 600.721 ‑ General personal jurisdiction over partnerships and limited partnerships.
          Section 600.725 ‑ Partnerships; limited personal jurisdiction.
          Section 600.731 ‑ General personal jurisdiction over partnership associations or unincorporated voluntary associations.
          Section 600.735 ‑ Partnership association or unincorporated voluntary association; limited personal jurisdiction.
          Section 600.741 ‑ Limited jurisdiction; bond by plaintiff.
          Section 600.745 ‑ “State” defined; agreement of parties as basis for jurisdiction; conditions.
          Section 600.751 ‑ Jurisdiction over land irrespective of ownership.
          Section 600.755 ‑ Jurisdiction over chattels irrespective of ownership.
          Section 600.761 ‑ Jurisdiction over documents irrespective of ownership.
          Section 600.765 ‑ Jurisdiction over corporate shares irrespective of ownership.
          Section 600.771 ‑ Jurisdiction over obligations irrespective of creditor.
          Section 600.775 ‑ Jurisdiction over status.
     236‑1961‑8 ‑ CHAPTER 8 PROBATE COURTS (600.801...600.899)
          Section 600.801 ‑ Probate court as court of record; organization.
          Section 600.803 ‑ Probate judge; number.
          Section 600.805 ‑ Additional probate judgeship; creation; approval by county; resolution; filing; notice to county clerk; effect of approval; state's obligation; election; first term; exception to resolution requirement.
          Section 600.807 ‑ Probate court districts.
          Section 600.808 ‑ Question of creation of district; submission to electors; resolution calling for special election; form of question; counting, canvassing, and returning votes; canvassing and certifying results; effect of approval; election of probate judge; reimbursement of costs.
          Section 600.809 ‑ Probate court district; effective date; term of incumbent probate judge; election of probate judge.
          Section 600.810 ‑ Probate court district; effective date; election of probate judge.
          Section 600.810a ‑ Arenac, Kalkaska, Crawford, Lake, Iron, and Ontonagon counties; jurisdiction, powers, duties, and title of probate judges; additional duties for probate judge.
          Section 600.811 ‑ Election of probate judges; filing nominating petitions and incumbency affidavits of candidacy; term.
          Section 600.812 ‑ Oath.
          Section 600.813 ‑ Construction of chapter.
          Section 600.815 ‑ Terms of probate court prohibited; probate court open at all reasonable times; evening and weekend sessions.
          Section 600.816 ‑ Probate judge; court sessions at regional diagnostic and treatment center; court sessions at places designated by county chief probate judge; hearing regarding incapacitated or mentally ill person; site.
          Section 600.817 ‑ Books, printed blanks, and stationery; furniture, equipment, and supplies.
          Section 600.819 ‑ Repealed. 2011, Act 217, Imd. Eff. Nov. 10, 2011.
          Section 600.821 ‑ Probate judges; practice of law; annual salary; county contribution and reimbursement; additional salary.
          Section 600.821a ‑ Probate judges' federal social security and medicare taxes; reimbursement to counties.
          Section 600.822 ‑ Probate judge; annual salary based on population; payment; increase or decrease in salary; representing party in contested proceeding; additional salary; total annual salary; state salary standardization payment; minimum annual salary.
          Section 600.824 ‑ Repealed. 2011, Act 217, Imd. Eff. Nov. 10, 2011.
          Section 600.825 ‑ Repealed. 1990, Act 185, Eff. Oct. 1, 1990.
          Section 600.826 ‑ Certain probate judges to assist other courts or probate judges for limited periods or specific assignments; legislative intent.
          Section 600.828 ‑ Reimbursement for actual and necessary expenses.
          Section 600.829 ‑ Probate judge; additional salary and reimbursement for expenses; payment of compensation and expenses; voucher; compensation provided pursuant to MCL 600.225(6).
          Section 600.831 ‑ Powers, duties, and compensation of probate judges of county having 2 or more probate judges; power vested in chief probate judge; selection, powers, and duties of probate judges in counties of 1,000,000 or more.
          Section 600.832 ‑ Seal, records, books, files, and papers; possession; maintenance.
          Section 600.833 ‑ Probate register; appointment; salary; oath; bond; term; appointment, compensation, term, powers, and oath of deputy probate registers.
          Section 600.834 ‑ Probate register or deputy probate register; powers in uncontested matter or hearing; entry of judgment prohibited; restriction on powers; orders and acts; trial or hearing of issues.
          Section 600.835 ‑ Official court reporters or certified recorders; salary; oath; expenses; order for payment; residence of reporter or recorder.
          Section 600.836 ‑ Allocating duties; combining title and powers.
          Section 600.837 ‑ Operation of probate court; appropriation; employer; authority; collective bargaining; appointment, supervision, discipline, and dismissal of employees; transfer of employees; effect of existing collective bargaining agreement; control of employees; chief judge as principal administrator; “county-paid employees of the probate court” defined.
          Section 600.838 ‑ Disqualification of probate judge.
          Section 600.839 ‑ Probate judge, probate register, or employee of probate court; prohibitions.
          Section 600.841 ‑ Probate court; jurisdiction and power.
          Section 600.843 ‑ Contesting jurisdiction based on residence of person or location of person's property.
          Section 600.845 ‑ Concurrent jurisdiction of circuit court.
          Section 600.846 ‑ Removal of action or proceeding to probate court.
          Section 600.847 ‑ Powers of probate court in exercise of jurisdiction.
          Section 600.848 ‑ Rehearings; modifying and setting aside orders, sentences, or judgments; order with respect to original hearing or rehearing of contested matter; exception.
          Section 600.849 ‑ Validity of order or decree.
          Section 600.851 ‑ Administration of oaths; certification.
          Section 600.852 ‑ Petition, inventory, accounting, proof of claim, or proof of service; declaration; false execution and filing; penalties.
          Section 600.854 ‑ Notice governed by supreme court rule.
          Section 600.855 ‑ Form; approval.
          Section 600.856 ‑ Change of venue; procedure; contested venue.
          Section 600.857 ‑ Jury trial.
          Section 600.858 ‑ Security for costs; award of costs in contested case.
          Section 600.859 ‑ Taking testimony; record; keeping index and original notes.
          Section 600.861 ‑ Repealed. 2016, Act 186, Eff. Sept. 27, 2016.
          Section 600.863 ‑ Repealed. 2016, Act 186, Eff. Sept. 27, 2016.
          Section 600.866 ‑ Appeals to be on record; trial de novo prohibited; notice of appeal; appeals governed by supreme court rule.
          Section 600.867 ‑ Stay of further proceedings in pursuance of judgment, order, or sentence; exception; application for delayed appeal.
          Section 600.871 ‑ Decedents' estates; fees; payment; final accounting; receipt.
          Section 600.872 ‑ Repealed. 1996, Act 374, Eff. Oct. 1, 1996.
          Section 600.873 ‑ Repealed. 1979, Act 69, Imd. Eff. July 25, 1979.
          Section 600.874 ‑ Probate court; charge and collection of fees; waiver of fee for conduct of marriage ceremony; remittance.
          Section 600.875 ‑ Charging estate; limitation; conditions.
          Section 600.876 ‑ Certified copies for which charges or fees prohibited.
          Section 600.877 ‑ Fees; time of payment.
          Section 600.878 ‑ Transcript fees.
          Section 600.879 ‑ Prohibited compensation, fees, or costs; violation as malfeasance in office.
          Section 600.880 ‑ Filing fees for civil action to probate register; exceptions; disposition.
          Section 600.880a ‑ Filing fee commencing guardianship to probate register; exception; disposition.
          Section 600.880b ‑ Fees paid to probate register; exceptions; disposition.
          Section 600.880c ‑ Fees for bringing appeal, registering trust, or depositing will; disposition.
          Section 600.880d ‑ Waiver or suspension of fees.
          Section 600.899 ‑ Repeal of MCL 701.1 to 701.18a, 701.20 to 701.45d, 701.50 to 701.55, and 712A.22.
     236‑1961‑9 ‑ CHAPTER 9 ATTORNEYS AND COUNSELORS (600.901...600.949)
          Section 600.901 ‑ State bar; membership; public body corporate.
          Section 600.904 ‑ State bar; regulation by supreme court.
          Section 600.907 ‑ State bar; subpoena, administration of oaths.
          Section 600.908 ‑ Granting immunity to witness in lawyer disciplinary proceeding.
          Section 600.909 ‑ License to practice law subject to support and visitation enforcement act.
          Section 600.910 ‑ Admission to bar; discipline; venue.
          Section 600.913 ‑ Admission of person to bar; oath; fee; certificate of admission; record of admission; transmitting certified copies of orders of admission, suspension, disbarment, contempt, or reinstatement.
          Section 600.916 ‑ Unauthorized practice of law.
          Section 600.919 ‑ Fees; solicitation.
          Section 600.922 ‑ Board of law examiners; membership, vacancies, officers.
          Section 600.925 ‑ Board of law examiners; applicants for admission; rules and regulations.
          Section 600.928 ‑ Board of law examiners; meetings, quorum.
          Section 600.931 ‑ Fees for admission to bar; compensation and expenses of board of law examiners.
          Section 600.934 ‑ Qualifications for admission to bar; "good moral character" defined; election to use multi-state bar examination scaled score; disclosure of score.
          Section 600.937 ‑ General education requirements.
          Section 600.940 ‑ Legal education requirements; military service.
          Section 600.943 ‑ Examination of schools and colleges.
          Section 600.946 ‑ Foreign attorneys; admission to bar, qualifications, extension of term.
          Section 600.947 ‑ Application to state bar by military spouse; requirements.
          Section 600.947a ‑ Admission of military spouse to state bar; events requiring notice to board of law examiners.
          Section 600.949 ‑ Investigation of applicants to state bar of Michigan; duty of law enforcement officers; fingerprinting required; disposition of fingerprint records.
     236‑1961‑10 ‑ CHAPTER 10 (600.1001...600.1058)
          Section 600.1001 ‑ Family division of circuit court; creation; organization.
          Section 600.1003 ‑ Family division of circuit court to be in each judicial circuit.
          Section 600.1004 ‑ Repealed. 1974, Act 297, Eff. Apr. 1, 1975.
          Section 600.1005 ‑ Family division of circuit court; power and authority of judge.
          Section 600.1007 ‑ Family division of circuit court; county clerk as clerk of the court.
          Section 600.1009 ‑ Reference to former juvenile division of probate court; construction.
          Section 600.1010 ‑ Repealed. 1974, Act 297, Eff. Apr. 1, 1975.
          Section 600.1011 ‑ Operation of family division and coordination of agency services; agreement; establishment of family court plan.
          Section 600.1013 ‑ Repealed. 2002, Act 682, Eff. Apr. 1, 2003.
          Section 600.1016 ‑ Repealed. 1974, Act 297, Eff. Apr. 1, 1975.
          Section 600.1017 ‑ Repealed. 1998, Act 298, Imd. Eff. July 28, 1998.
          Section 600.1019 ‑ Family court judges; training.
          Section 600.1021 ‑ Family division of circuit court; jurisdiction.
          Section 600.1022 ‑ Repealed. 1974, Act 297, Eff. Apr. 1, 1975.
          Section 600.1023 ‑ Cases involving members of same family; assignment of judge.
          Section 600.1025 ‑ Fees; applicability.
          Section 600.1027 ‑ Ancillary or limited guardianship; filing fee; disposition.
          Section 600.1028 ‑ Repealed. 1974, Act 297, Eff. Apr. 1, 1975.
          Section 600.1029 ‑ Proceedings not requiring fee.
          Section 600.1031 ‑ Copies of letters of authority or guardianship; publication of order.
          Section 600.1034 ‑ Repealed. 1974, Act 297, Eff. Apr. 1, 1975.
          Section 600.1035 ‑ Submission of contested issue in domestic relations action; history of coercive or violent relationship or presence of coercion or violence; inquiry and screening by mediator; "domestic relations action" defined.
          Section 600.1037 ‑ Repealed. 1974, Act 297, Eff. Apr. 1, 1975.
          Section 600.1040 ‑ Repealed. 1974, Act 297, Eff. Apr. 1, 1975.
          Section 600.1041 ‑ Suspension of order pending appeal.
          Section 600.1043 ‑ Assistance to be provided to family division.
          Section 600.1046 ‑ Repealed. 1974, Act 297, Eff. Apr. 1, 1975.
          Section 600.1049 ‑ Repealed. 1974, Act 297, Eff. Apr. 1, 1975.
          Section 600.1052 ‑ Repealed. 1974, Act 297, Eff. Apr. 1, 1975.
          Section 600.1055 ‑ Repealed. 1974, Act 297, Eff. Apr. 1, 1975.
          Section 600.1058 ‑ Repealed. 1974, Act 297, Eff. Apr. 1, 1975.
     236‑1961‑10A. ‑ CHAPTER 10A. DRUG TREATMENT COURTS (600.1060...600.1088)
          Section 600.1060 ‑ Definitions.
          Section 600.1061 ‑ Repealed. 1974, Act 297, Eff. Apr. 1, 1975.
          Section 600.1062 ‑ Drug treatment court; adoption by circuit or district court; memorandum of understanding; parties; adoption of juvenile drug treatment court by family division of circuit court; training; transfer of participant from other jurisdiction; certification by state court administrative office.
          Section 600.1063 ‑ Hiring or contracting with treatment providers.
          Section 600.1064 ‑ Admission to drug treatment court; confidentiality of information obtained from preadmission screening and evaluation assessment; criminal history contained in L.E.I.N.
          Section 600.1066 ‑ Placement of findings or statement in court file.
          Section 600.1067 ‑ Repealed. 1974, Act 297, Eff. Apr. 1, 1975.
          Section 600.1068 ‑ Individual charged in criminal case; factors for admission to drug treatment court.
          Section 600.1070 ‑ Admission of individual into drug treatment court; requirements.
          Section 600.1071 ‑ Repealed. 1972, Act 194, Eff. July 1, 1975.
          Section 600.1072 ‑ Monitoring, testing, and assessments to be provided to participants.
          Section 600.1073 ‑ Repealed. 1972, Act 194, Eff. July 1, 1975.
          Section 600.1074 ‑ Continuing and completing drug treatment court program; requirements.
          Section 600.1075 ‑ Repealed. 1972, Act 194, Eff. July 1, 1975.
          Section 600.1076 ‑ Completion or termination of drug treatment program; findings on the record or written statement in court file; applicable law; discharge and dismissal of proceedings; criteria; discharge and dismissal of domestic violence offense; circumstances; duties of court; effect of termination; court proceedings open to public; retention of nonpublic record by department of state police.
          Section 600.1077 ‑ Repealed. 1972, Act 194, Eff. July 1, 1975.
          Section 600.1078 ‑ Collection and maintenance of information.
          Section 600.1080 ‑ Disposition of funds.
          Section 600.1082 ‑ Drug treatment court advisory committee.
          Section 600.1084 ‑ DWI/sobriety court interlock program; certification of DWI/sobriety court by state court administrative office; consideration for placement; documentation of compliance with conditions; restricted license; informing secretary of state of certain occurrences; summary revocation or suspension of restricted license; definitions.
          Section 600.1086 ‑ Swift and sure sanctions court; adoption or institution by circuit court; statute or court rule; purposes; participants from other jurisdiction; validity of transfer.
          Section 600.1088 ‑ Transfer of case to another court.
     236‑1961‑10B. ‑ CHAPTER 10B. MENTAL HEALTH COURT (600.1090...600.1099a)
          Section 600.1090 ‑ Definitions.
          Section 600.1091 ‑ Mental health court; participants from other jurisdictions; certification by state court administrative office required.
          Section 600.1092 ‑ Hiring or contracting with treatment providers.
          Section 600.1093 ‑ Admission to mental health court.
          Section 600.1094 ‑ Admission to mental health court of individual charged in criminal case; conditions; mental health services before entry of plea; withdrawal of plea; additional rights of victim under William Van Regenmorter crime victim's rights act.
          Section 600.1095 ‑ Admission to mental health court; requirements; jurisdiction; fee.
          Section 600.1096 ‑ Services provided by mental health court; exit evaluation; confidentiality of information obtained from assessment, treatment, or testing.
          Section 600.1097 ‑ Participation in and completion of mental health court program; compliance with court orders; accusation of new crime; judge discretion to terminate; payment of costs; objection to written individual plan of services; notice.
          Section 600.1098 ‑ Successful completion or termination; findings on the record or statement in court file; applicable law; discharge and dismissal of proceedings; criteria; discharge and dismissal of domestic violence offense; circumstances; discharge and dismissal under subsection (3); duties of court upon successful completion of probation or court supervision; termination or failure of participant to complete program; duties of court; records closed to public inspection and exempt from disclosure.
     236‑1961‑10C ‑ CHAPTER 10C JUVENILE MENTAL HEALTH COURTS (600.1099b...600.1099m)
          Section 600.1099 ‑ Mental health court; collection of data; maintenance of files or databases; standards; disclosure.
          Section 600.1099a ‑ Mental health court; expenditure of funds by supreme court; quarterly reports; advisory committee; technical and training assistance.
          Section 600.1099b ‑ Definitions.
          Section 600.1099c ‑ Juvenile mental health court; adoption by family division of circuit court; eligible participants; certification by state court administrative office.
          Section 600.1099d ‑ Hiring or contracting with mental health professionals.
          Section 600.1099e ‑ Admission to juvenile mental health court; preadmission screening; confidentiality of information obtained from preadmission screening and assessment; criminal history contained in L.E.I.N.
          Section 600.1099f ‑ Juvenile alleged to have engaged in what constitutes a criminal act; conditions for admission to juvenile mental health court; withdrawal of admission of responsibility.
          Section 600.1099g ‑ Victim's rights; written statement on admissibility.
          Section 600.1099h ‑ Admission of juvenile into juvenile mental health court; requirements.
          Section 600.1099i ‑ Juvenile mental health court program; requirements; completion of the program; exit evaluation; confidentiality of information obtained while participating in the program; exemption from disclosure.
          Section 600.1099j ‑ Continued participation in the juvenile mental health court program; compliance with court orders; termination or discharge from participation in program; repayment of court costs; notification of objection to individual plan of services.
          Section 600.1099k ‑ Completion or termination of the juvenile mental health court program; findings on the record or written statement in court file; discharge and dismissal of proceedings; duties of court; court proceedings closed to public; exemption from disclosure.
          Section 600.1099l ‑ Collection and maintenance of information; standards for juvenile mental health courts; information exempt from disclosure.
          Section 600.1099m ‑ Disposition of funds; report; advisory committee; training and technical assistance.
     236‑1961‑11 ‑ CHAPTER 11 COURT STENOGRAPHERS (600.1101...600.1179)
          Section 600.1101 ‑ Court reporters or certified court recorders; number.
          Section 600.1104 ‑ Court reporter or recorder; appointment; oath of office; appointment for more than 1 circuit.
          Section 600.1105 ‑ Court reporter or recorder; term; suspension.
          Section 600.1106 ‑ Court reporter or recorder; vacancy; notice; temporary absence; payment of reporter or recorder pro tempore.
          Section 600.1107 ‑ Appointment of assistant or additional reporter or recorder; power; compensation.
          Section 600.1111 ‑ Reporter or recorder; duties; supervision.
          Section 600.1114 ‑ Reporter or recorder; compensation; order.
          Section 600.1115 ‑ Reporter or recorder; apportionment of salary in circuit composed of more than 1 county.
          Section 600.1116 ‑ Reporter or recorder; membership in retirement or social security plan.
          Section 600.1121 ‑ Salary; first circuit.
          Section 600.1122 ‑ Salary; second circuit.
          Section 600.1123 ‑ Repealed. 1996, Act 374, Eff. Oct. 1, 1996.
          Section 600.1124 ‑ Salary; fourth circuit.
          Section 600.1125 ‑ Salary; fifth circuit.
          Section 600.1126 ‑ Salary; sixth circuit.
          Section 600.1127 ‑ Salary; seventh circuit.
          Section 600.1128 ‑ Salary; eighth circuit.
          Section 600.1129 ‑ Salary; ninth circuit.
          Section 600.1130 ‑ Salary; tenth circuit.
          Section 600.1131 ‑ Salary; eleventh circuit.
          Section 600.1132 ‑ Salary; twelfth circuit.
          Section 600.1133 ‑ Salary; thirteenth circuit.
          Section 600.1134 ‑ Salary; fourteenth circuit.
          Section 600.1135 ‑ Salary; fifteenth circuit.
          Section 600.1136 ‑ Salary; sixteenth circuit.
          Section 600.1137 ‑ Salary; seventeenth circuit.
          Section 600.1138 ‑ Salary; eighteenth circuit.
          Section 600.1139 ‑ Salary; nineteenth circuit.
          Section 600.1140 ‑ Salary; twentieth circuit.
          Section 600.1141 ‑ Salary; twenty-first circuit.
          Section 600.1142 ‑ Salary; twenty-second circuit.
          Section 600.1143 ‑ Salary; twenty-third circuit.
          Section 600.1144 ‑ Salary; twenty-fourth circuit.
          Section 600.1145 ‑ Salary; twenty-fifth circuit.
          Section 600.1146 ‑ Salary; twenty-sixth circuit.
          Section 600.1147 ‑ Salary; twenty-seventh circuit.
          Section 600.1148 ‑ Salary; twenty-eighth circuit.
          Section 600.1149 ‑ Salary; twenty-ninth circuit.
          Section 600.1150 ‑ Salary; thirtieth circuit.
          Section 600.1151 ‑ Salary; thirty-first circuit.
          Section 600.1152 ‑ Salary; thirty-second circuit.
          Section 600.1153 ‑ Salary; thirty-third circuit.
          Section 600.1154 ‑ Salary; thirty-fourth circuit.
          Section 600.1155 ‑ Salary; thirty-fifth circuit.
          Section 600.1156 ‑ Salary; thirty-sixth circuit.
          Section 600.1157 ‑ Salary; thirty-seventh circuit.
          Section 600.1158 ‑ Salary; thirty-eighth circuit.
          Section 600.1159 ‑ Salary; thirty-ninth circuit.
          Section 600.1160 ‑ Salary; fortieth circuit.
          Section 600.1161 ‑ Salary; forty-first circuit.
          Section 600.1162 ‑ Salary; forty-second circuit.
          Section 600.1162a ‑ Salary; forty-third circuit.
          Section 600.1162b ‑ Salary; forty-fourth circuit.
          Section 600.1162c ‑ Salary; forty-fifth circuit.
          Section 600.1162d ‑ Salary; forty-sixth circuit.
          Section 600.1162e ‑ Salary; forty-seventh circuit.
          Section 600.1162f ‑ Salary; forty-eighth circuit.
          Section 600.1162g ‑ Salary; forty-ninth circuit.
          Section 600.1162h ‑ Salary; fiftieth judicial circuit.
          Section 600.1162i ‑ Judicial circuit stenographer; salary.
          Section 600.1165 ‑ Repealed. 1980, Act 57, Imd. Eff. Apr. 1, 1980.
          Section 600.1168 ‑ Salary supplement.
          Section 600.1171 ‑ Expenses.
          Section 600.1175 ‑ Wayne and Kent counties; offices.
          Section 600.1179 ‑ Assignment of reporter or recorder.
     236‑1961‑12 ‑ CHAPTER 12 VETERANS TREATMENT COURTS (600.1200...600.1297)
          Section 600.1200 ‑ Definitions.
          Section 600.1201 ‑ Veterans court; compliance; characteristics; adoption or institution of veterans treatment court; memorandum of understanding; training; participants from other jurisdiction; validity of transfer; certification by state court administrative office.
          Section 600.1202 ‑ Hiring or contracting with treatment providers.
          Section 600.1203 ‑ Admission to veterans treatment court.
          Section 600.1204 ‑ Findings or statement.
          Section 600.1205 ‑ Admission of individual charged in criminal case; conditions.
          Section 600.1206 ‑ Admission to veterans treatment court; conditions; length of jurisdiction; collaboration; fee; information contained in L.E.I.N. pertaining to criminal history.
          Section 600.1207 ‑ Veterans treatment court; responsibilities to individual.
          Section 600.1208 ‑ Duties of individual; notification of new crime; payment of fines, fees, and costs.
          Section 600.1209 ‑ Veterans treatment court program; finding or statement upon completion or termination of program; discharge or dismissal of proceedings; duties of court upon successful completion of probation or court supervision; termination or failure to successfully complete program; duties of court.
          Section 600.1210 ‑ Collection of data.
          Section 600.1211 ‑ Funds; report.
          Section 600.1212 ‑ State drug treatment court advisory committee; monitoring; recommendations.
          Section 600.1213‑600.1239 ‑ Repealed. 1968, Act 326, Eff. Nov. 15, 1968.
          236‑1961‑12‑JURY‑COMMISSIONERS ‑ JURY COMMISSIONERS (600.1241...600.1250)
               Section 600.1241‑600.1250 ‑ Repealed. 1968, Act 326, Eff. Nov. 15, 1968.
          236‑1961‑12‑UPPER‑PENINSULA ‑ UPPER PENINSULA (600.1255...600.1260)
               Section 600.1255‑600.1260 ‑ Repealed. 1968, Act 326, Eff. Nov. 15, 1968.
          236‑1961‑12‑WAYNE‑COUNTY ‑ WAYNE COUNTY (600.1265...600.1297)
               Section 600.1265‑600.1297 ‑ Repealed. 1968, Act 326, Eff. Nov. 15, 1968.
     236‑1961‑13 ‑ CHAPTER 13 JURORS (600.1300...600.1376)
          Section 600.1300 ‑ Definitions.
          Section 600.1301 ‑ Jury board; appointment; qualifications; terms; existing boards; vacancies.
          Section 600.1301a ‑ Courts in which selection of juries governed by chapter; exceptions.
          Section 600.1301b ‑ Modified system of jury selection; development of plan; goals; review, approval, adoption, and implementation of plan; exceptions.
          Section 600.1302 ‑ Jury board; election of president and secretary; salary of members; quorum.
          Section 600.1303 ‑ Jury board; authorization and salaries of assistants.
          Section 600.1303a ‑ Jury board; oath; filing.
          Section 600.1304 ‑ Selection of jurors; list.
          Section 600.1304a ‑ Use of electronic and mechanical devices by jury; other method.
          Section 600.1305 ‑ Jury board; meetings; records; use as evidence.
          Section 600.1306, 600.1307 ‑ Repealed. 1978, Act 11, Eff. Feb. 8, 1981.
          Section 600.1307a ‑ Qualifications of juror; exemptions; effect of payment for jury service; “felony” defined.
          Section 600.1308 ‑ Jurors; estimate of number needed.
          Section 600.1309 ‑ Jurors; list of those who have served.
          Section 600.1310 ‑ Voter registration lists and combined driver's license and personal identification cardholder list; procurement; alternatives; costs.
          Section 600.1311 ‑ Determination of key number.
          Section 600.1312 ‑ Key number; first jury list; compilation.
          Section 600.1313 ‑ Juror qualifications questionnaire; contents; completion; mailing; removal of deceased person from list.
          Section 600.1314 ‑ Excusal of exempt persons; investigations.
          Section 600.1315 ‑ Juror qualifications questionnaires; retention; confidentiality.
          Section 600.1316 ‑ Jurors; appearance before board; notice; evening sessions.
          Section 600.1317 ‑ Jurors; personal attendance excused.
          Section 600.1318 ‑ Jurors; oaths, administration.
          Section 600.1319 ‑ Record of persons examined.
          Section 600.1320 ‑ Preliminary screening of prospective jurors; excused persons; removal of deceased person's name from list; hardship.
          Section 600.1321 ‑ Second jury list; sealing; jurisdiction of district court district.
          Section 600.1322 ‑ Juror names; depositing; withdrawal; record.
          Section 600.1323 ‑ Names not used; sealing.
          Section 600.1324 ‑ Jurors; selection; information; contents; district court district.
          Section 600.1325 ‑ Repealed. 1969, Act 326, Eff. Sept. 1, 1969.
          Section 600.1326 ‑ Grand jurors; selection; term.
          Section 600.1327 ‑ Jurors; selection; time; notice; witnesses.
          Section 600.1328 ‑ Jurors; selection; procedure.
          Section 600.1329 ‑ Selection of jurors; legality; challenges; grounds.
          Section 600.1330 ‑ Board box; closing, custody.
          Section 600.1331 ‑ Lists of jurors; delivery to clerk.
          Section 600.1332 ‑ Jurors; summons for service; method; record; evidence.
          Section 600.1333 ‑ Jurors; excuse or postponement of services; application.
          Section 600.1334 ‑ Jurors; temporary excuse; duty to report.
          Section 600.1335 ‑ Grounds for excusing person from jury service; postponing jury service of student.
          Section 600.1336 ‑ Jurors; excess; discharge; effect.
          Section 600.1337 ‑ Jurors; unqualified or exempt; discharge.
          Section 600.1338 ‑ Jurors; excused; removal of name from list.
          Section 600.1339 ‑ Jurors; service postponed; disposition.
          Section 600.1340 ‑ Report of court clerk.
          Section 600.1341 ‑ Additional jurors; procedure.
          Section 600.1342 ‑ Jurors; new list; court order.
          Section 600.1343 ‑ Jurors; term of service.
          Section 600.1344 ‑ Juror; mileage and compensation; payment of jury fee where action removed from circuit court to lower court; fraudulent issuance of certificate of attendance as misdemeanor; penalty; "sufficient funds" defined.
          Section 600.1345 ‑ Attempts to influence board; report.
          Section 600.1346 ‑ Acts punishable as contempts.
          Section 600.1347 ‑ Jurors; bribery; penalty; embracery; civil liability.
          Section 600.1348 ‑ Jurors; threats, discharge, or discipline by employer; requiring additional hours of work; misdemeanor; penalty.
          Section 600.1349 ‑ Jurors; nonliability for verdict; exception.
          Section 600.1350 ‑ Selection and impaneling of juries for condemnation and grade separation cases.
          Section 600.1351 ‑ Repealed. 1970, Act 118, Imd. Eff. July 23, 1970.
          Section 600.1352 ‑ Trial by jury of 6 in civil cases; verdict.
          Section 600.1353 ‑ Court rules.
          Section 600.1354 ‑ Noncompliance with chapter as grounds for requesting continuance or claiming invalidity of verdict; data processing error as grounds for questioning list selected.
          Section 600.1355 ‑ Practices governed by supreme court rules.
          Section 600.1371 ‑ “One day, one trial system” defined.
          Section 600.1372 ‑ Applicability of MCL 600.1371 to 600.1376; adoption of 1 day, 1 trial jury system.
          Section 600.1374 ‑ Repealed. 2004, Act 12, Eff. June 1, 2004.
          Section 600.1375 ‑ Combined driver's license and personal identification cardholder list; first jury list; costs.
          Section 600.1376 ‑ Plan for selection of persons for jury service with aid of mechanical or electronic means; adoption; requirements.
     236‑1961‑14 ‑ CHAPTER 14 GENERAL PROVISIONS (600.1401...600.1494)
          Section 600.1401 ‑ Seal unnecessary on bonds, deeds and contracts.
          Section 600.1403 ‑ Nonage as defense.
          Section 600.1404 ‑ Educational loans; definitions; minors, enforceability.
          Section 600.1405 ‑ Rights of third party beneficiaries; contracts included; time promise becomes legally binding; exceptions; promisee's rights; retroactive construction of section.
          Section 600.1410 ‑ Legal impediment to marriage as bar to action.
          Section 600.1412 ‑ Eastern Orthodox faith; recognition as major faith.
          Section 600.1414 ‑ Style of process.
          Section 600.1416 ‑ Courts of record; seals.
          Section 600.1417 ‑ Repealed. 1996, Act 374, Eff. Oct. 1, 1996.
          Section 600.1418 ‑ Courts of record; discontinuance, vacancy, new commission.
          Section 600.1419 ‑ Continuances and postponements to assure adequate representation; “nonmeeting day” defined.
          Section 600.1420 ‑ Courts; sittings to be public, exceptions.
          Section 600.1422 ‑ Judicial officers; fees.
          Section 600.1425 ‑ Sunday court.
          Section 600.1427 ‑ Writs, process, proceedings, and records; use of English language; manner and medium; signature.
          Section 600.1428 ‑ Records management policies and procedures; record retention and disposal schedule; "record" defined.
          Section 600.1430 ‑ Appearance in court by attorney or in person; exception.
          Section 600.1432 ‑ Mode of administering oaths; commencement of oath; administration of oath or affirmation by electronic or electromagnetic means.
          Section 600.1434 ‑ Opposition to oath; affirmation.
          Section 600.1436 ‑ Witness; competency as affected by religion.
          Section 600.1438 ‑ Oath by mental incompetent.
          Section 600.1440 ‑ Oath, affidavit, or affirmation; administration; certification by military officer; force and effect of instrument sworn or affirmed before military officer; form of certificate; oath or affirmation administered by electronic or electromagnetic means of communication.
          Section 600.1442 ‑ Oaths or affidavits; court appointee; stipulation.
          Section 600.1445 ‑ Physical examination of person ordered by court, board or commission, or other public body or officer.
          Section 600.1450 ‑ Judicial meetings; court administration.
          Section 600.1451 ‑ Judicial meetings; presiding officer, secretary.
          Section 600.1452 ‑ Judicial meetings; expenses of attendance, payment.
          Section 600.1455 ‑ Courts of record; powers.
          Section 600.1461 ‑ Newspaper; definition; publication of notices.
          Section 600.1465 ‑ Funds deposited with county officer unavailable for payment; appropriation for restitution; audit of claims; allowance; limitation; right of action.
          Section 600.1471 ‑ Law clerks; employment; qualifications; compensation; period of employment; duties.
          Section 600.1475 ‑ Collection on judgment; restitution on reversal; interest.
          Section 600.1481 ‑ Judicial assistant; appointment; oath; certificate; qualifications; duties; compensation; term; public officer; civil service regulation or compulsory retirement inapplicable; removal.
          Section 600.1482 ‑ Medical malpractice claim; applicable provisions; definitions.
          Section 600.1483 ‑ Claim for damages alleging medical malpractice; limitation on noneconomic damages; exceptions; itemizing damages into economic and noneconomic loss; “noneconomic loss” defined; adjusting limitations on noneconomic loss.
          Section 600.1485 ‑ Indigent civil legal assistance.
          Section 600.1486 ‑ Hiring member of immediate family as court employee or process server.
          Section 600.1487 ‑ Contract for good or service.
          Section 600.1487[1] ‑ Repealed. 2006, Act 225, Imd. Eff. June 26, 2006.
          Section 600.1490 ‑ Definitions; court reporter, court recorder, stenomask reporter, or owner of firm; familial relationship with party or attorney; disclosure required; financial interest.
          Section 600.1491 ‑ Court reporter, court recorder, stenomask reporter, or owner of firm; prohibited conduct.
          Section 600.1492 ‑ Court reporter, court recorder, stenomask reporter; duties.
          Section 600.1493 ‑ Enforcement of MCL 600.1490, 600.1491, and 600.1492; violation.
          Section 600.1494 ‑ Applicability of MCL 600.1490 to 600.1493; exception.
     236‑1961‑15 ‑ CHAPTER 15 TIME AND PLACE OF HOLDING CIRCUIT COURTS (600.1501...600.1531)
          Section 600.1501 ‑ Terms of court; continuance; adjournment; sessions.
          Section 600.1511 ‑ Terms of court; Ingham county circuit court; place of sitting.
          Section 600.1513 ‑ Terms of court; Calhoun county.
          Section 600.1515 ‑ Second judicial circuit; site of hearings, trials, or proceedings; disposition of records and files; naturalization of new citizens; educational ceremonies.
          Section 600.1517 ‑ Designation of places where regular terms of circuit court and family division sessions may be held; hearings.
          Section 600.1521 ‑ Terms of court; special terms in other counties of circuit; triable issues.
          Section 600.1522 ‑ Terms of court; special terms, transfer of files and papers.
          Section 600.1531 ‑ Alternative time and place of court; notice.
     236‑1961‑16 ‑ CHAPTER 16 VENUE (600.1601...600.1659)
          Section 600.1601 ‑ Venue.
          Section 600.1605 ‑ Venue; real actions; replevin.
          Section 600.1611 ‑ Venue; action on probate bond.
          Section 600.1615 ‑ Venue; actions against governmental units.
          Section 600.1621 ‑ Venue; determination; exceptions.
          Section 600.1625 ‑ Repealed. 1976, Act 375, Eff. Jan. 1, 1977.
          Section 600.1627 ‑ Venue; county where cause of action arose; exceptions; suits against surety of public officers or their appointees.
          Section 600.1629 ‑ Provisions applicable in action based on tort; grounds for motion for change in venue; determination of venue in product liability action.
          Section 600.1631 ‑ Venue; action by attorney general; other actions.
          Section 600.1635 ‑ Venue; transportation lines; plaintiff's residence.
          Section 600.1641 ‑ Venue; joinder of causes of action; separation.
          Section 600.1645 ‑ Improper venue; judgment.
          Section 600.1651 ‑ Improper venue; transfer of action to proper county.
          Section 600.1653 ‑ Motion for change of venue in action based on tort; awarding expenses and costs.
          Section 600.1655 ‑ Venue; change; conditions; expense of trial.
          Section 600.1659 ‑ Transfer of judgments in action affecting real or tangible personal property.
     236‑1961‑17 ‑ CHAPTER 17 CONTEMPTS (600.1701...600.1745)
          Section 600.1701 ‑ Neglect or violation of duty or misconduct; power to punish by fine or imprisonment.
          Section 600.1711 ‑ Summary punishment; hearing.
          Section 600.1715 ‑ Contempt; punishment; fine; probation; performance of act or duty.
          Section 600.1721 ‑ Payment of damages; effect.
          Section 600.1725 ‑ Witnesses; refusal to testify; penalty.
          Section 600.1731 ‑ Publication as to court of record; hearing by judge of another court.
          Section 600.1735 ‑ Arrest on bench warrant; duties of sheriff.
          Section 600.1741 ‑ Arrest on bench warrant; illness of arrested person.
          Section 600.1745 ‑ Indictment for contemptuous conduct; sentence.
     236‑1961‑18 ‑ CHAPTER 18 PROCESS AND ARRESTS (600.1801...600.1865)
          Section 600.1801 ‑ Process; service and return; service on sheriff or deputies.
          Section 600.1805 ‑ Process; expiration or vacancy in office of sheriff; effect.
          Section 600.1809 ‑ Process; amendment of return.
          Section 600.1811 ‑ Process; appointment of substitute server.
          Section 600.1815 ‑ Capias ad respondendum; abolishment.
          Section 600.1821 ‑ Arrest; exemptions.
          Section 600.1825 ‑ Arrest; privileged persons.
          Section 600.1831 ‑ Civil process; exemptions.
          Section 600.1835 ‑ Civil process; privileged persons.
          Section 600.1841 ‑ Civil process; service on Great Lakes or border waters.
          Section 600.1845 ‑ Confinement in jail; liability for release, penalty.
          Section 600.1851 ‑ Repealed. 1967, Act 178, Eff. Nov. 2, 1967.
          Section 600.1852 ‑ Service of process outside this state; order.
          Section 600.1855 ‑ Service of process; public bodies, duties of officers.
          Section 600.1861 ‑ Service of process; by service on public officer, copy to nongovernmental defendant.
          Section 600.1865 ‑ Chapter and Mich. Const., Art. IV, § 11, inapplicable to issuance of service of citation pursuant to MCL 257.742.
     236‑1961‑19 ‑ CHAPTER 19 COMMENCEMENT OF ACTION AND SERVICE OF PROCESS (600.1901...600.1974)
          Section 600.1901 ‑ Civil action; commencement; filing of complaint.
          Section 600.1902 ‑ “Victim” defined; civil action against victim of criminal sexual conduct or assault with intent to commit criminal sexual conduct; dismissal; period of limitations; applicability of section.
          Section 600.1905 ‑ Summons; issuance; duplicate; form; contents; amendment of process or proof of service.
          Section 600.1908 ‑ Process; persons to make service.
          Section 600.1910 ‑ Proof of service; methods; failure to make proof of service.
          Section 600.1912 ‑ Process; personal service on individual.
          Section 600.1913 ‑ Process; substituted service.
          Section 600.1917 ‑ Process; service on partnership or limited partnership.
          Section 600.1918 ‑ Civil action; service of process on person doing business under assumed name.
          Section 600.1920 ‑ Process; service on corporation; insurers.
          Section 600.1923 ‑ Process; service on partnership association or unincorporated voluntary association.
          Section 600.1925 ‑ Process; service on public, municipal or governmental corporation, boards, or bodies.
          Section 600.1930 ‑ Process; service on individual's agent or public officer.
          Section 600.1940 ‑ Process; personal jurisdiction not required; service of process.
          Section 600.1945 ‑ Process; order for substituted service; contents; unknown defendants.
          Section 600.1947 ‑ Notice of pendency of action; publication.
          Section 600.1950 ‑ Newspaper; definition.
          Section 600.1951 ‑ Mailing of service; manner.
          Section 600.1955 ‑ Substituted service; proof.
          Section 600.1960 ‑ Substituted service; jurisdiction on defendant's interest.
          Section 600.1965 ‑ Pleader; service of papers; default; effect.
          Section 600.1968 ‑ Service of papers; attorneys; contempt.
          Section 600.1970 ‑ Service of papers; delivery to attorney; party; mailing.
          Section 600.1971 ‑ Service of papers; proof of service; filing.
          Section 600.1972 ‑ Service of papers; inability to make; direction of court.
          Section 600.1973 ‑ Service of papers; numerous parties.
          Section 600.1974 ‑ Filing with court; definition.
     236‑1961‑19A ‑ CHAPTER 19A ELECTRONIC ACCESS TO COURTS (600.1985...600.1993)
          Section 600.1985 ‑ Definitions.
          Section 600.1986 ‑ Electronic filing system fee; collection; waiver; governmental entity as party; automated payment service fee.
          Section 600.1987 ‑ Electronic filing system fee; other fee.
          Section 600.1988 ‑ Fee; limitation.
          Section 600.1989 ‑ Electronic filing system fee; deposit into judicial electronic filing fund; use.
          Section 600.1990 ‑ Electronic filing system fee as recoverable taxable cost.
          Section 600.1991 ‑ Application by court for access to and use of electronic filing system; acceptance by supreme court; use of money from judicial electronic filing fund; selection of qualified vendor.
          Section 600.1992 ‑ Filing of electric document not required.
          Section 600.1993 ‑ Electronic filing system fee; collection; limitation.
     236‑1961‑20 ‑ CHAPTER 20 PARTIES (600.2001...600.2051)
          Section 600.2001 ‑ Married women; actions by and against.
          Section 600.2005 ‑ Married women; tort; action against both spouses.
          Section 600.2011 ‑ Indians; judicial rights and privileges.
          Section 600.2021 ‑ Foreign corporations; actions based on forbidden acts; exceptions.
          Section 600.2031 ‑ Counties; actions by or against.
          Section 600.2041 ‑ Real party in interest; actions on official or personal bonds; taxpayer's suit.
          Section 600.2045 ‑ Guardian ad litem for unborn persons.
          Section 600.2051 ‑ Capacity to sue or be sued; assumed name; partnerships; unincorporated voluntary associations; corporations; state; governmental units; officers.
     236‑1961‑21 ‑ CHAPTER 21 EVIDENCE (600.2101...600.2169)
          Section 600.2101 ‑ Cases tried without jury; objections to testimony or evidence; exclusion of testimony from record; taking of excluded testimony; return of excluded testimony to court of appeals or supreme court.
          Section 600.2102 ‑ Affidavit taken in other state or country; authentication.
          Section 600.2103 ‑ Judicial records of other states or countries; use as evidence; authentication.
          Section 600.2104 ‑ Judicial records of foreign countries; copies as evidence.
          Section 600.2105 ‑ Judicial records of foreign countries; proof by common law methods.
          Section 600.2106 ‑ Court order, judgment, or decree of court of record; certified copy as evidence.
          Section 600.2107 ‑ Public records; certified transcript as evidence.
          Section 600.2108 ‑ Secretary of state; certificate of nonexistence of record.
          Section 600.2109 ‑ Recorded conveyance and instruments; certified copies.
          Section 600.2110 ‑ Recorded conveyances and instruments; record in county other than situs; certified copies.
          Section 600.2111 ‑ Certificate of lost paper as evidence of loss.
          Section 600.2112 ‑ Certificates of justices of the peace of other states as evidence.
          Section 600.2113 ‑ Constitution, laws, and resolutions; official publication as evidence.
          Section 600.2114 ‑ Repealed. 1967, Act 178, Eff. Nov. 2, 1967.
          Section 600.2114a ‑ Issues of foreign law; notice; evidence; duties of court; review on appeal.
          Section 600.2115 ‑ Repealed. 1967, Act 178, Eff. Nov. 2, 1967.
          Section 600.2116 ‑ Laws, bylaws, regulations, resolutions, and ordinances of city, village, or township as evidence.
          Section 600.2117 ‑ Device by way of seal as evidence of seal.
          Section 600.2118 ‑ Repealed. 1967, Act 178, Eff. Nov. 2, 1967.
          Section 600.2118a ‑ Foreign records and laws; evidence; copies, certification.
          Section 600.2119 ‑ Judgment; record of certified copy as evidence.
          Section 600.2120, 600.2121 ‑ Repealed. 1974, Act 297, Eff. Apr. 1, 1975.
          Section 600.2122 ‑ Certified as evidence; United States land office records.
          Section 600.2123 ‑ Certified copies as evidence; records of board of control of Saint Mary's Falls ship canal.
          Section 600.2124 ‑ Certified copies as evidence; United States weather record.
          Section 600.2125 ‑ Proof of publication; notice of application to court or judicial officer.
          Section 600.2126 ‑ Proof of publication; notice of sale of real property.
          Section 600.2127 ‑ Proof of publication; presumptive evidence.
          Section 600.2128 ‑ Proof of publication; prima facie evidence.
          Section 600.2129 ‑ Proof of publication; copy of record of document; certification; court orders; seal.
          Section 600.2130 ‑ Schedules, classifications, tariffs, and supplements filed with regulatory commissions; copies as evidence; presumption.
          Section 600.2131 ‑ Written instruments; proof; acknowledgment.
          Section 600.2132 ‑ Marriage certificates and records as evidence.
          Section 600.2133 ‑ Marriage license or certificate; record as evidence.
          Section 600.2134 ‑ Purchase of public lands; certificates as evidence.
          Section 600.2135 ‑ Breed of horses; evidence.
          Section 600.2136 ‑ Library record, book, or paper; copy or reproduction admissible as evidence; fee; false certification; penalty.
          Section 600.2137 ‑ Reproduction or copy admissible in evidence.
          Section 600.2138 ‑ Filed or recorded documents; copy or replacement; certification; admissibility as evidence; transcript or certified copy; filing or inserting correction, alteration, indorsement, or entry.
          Section 600.2139 ‑ Seal; presumptive evidence of consideration.
          Section 600.2140 ‑ Corporate existence; proof.
          Section 600.2141 ‑ Copartnership; proof.
          Section 600.2142 ‑ Seal; prima facie proof of lawful execution of instruments by corporations, other firms.
          Section 600.2143 ‑ Subscribing witness to instrument need not be called; exception.
          Section 600.2144 ‑ Signature or handwriting; proof.
          Section 600.2145 ‑ Open account or account stated; proof, counterclaim.
          Section 600.2146 ‑ Writing or record made in regular course of business; reproduction admissible in evidence; other circumstances; lack of entry; reproduction as evidence.
          Section 600.2147 ‑ Business record prepared or entered in regular course of business; reproduction as evidence; delivery of copy to adverse party.
          Section 600.2148 ‑ Reproduced records of business firms; disposal of original record; admissibility of reproduction in evidence; “person” defined.
          Section 600.2149 ‑ Loss of instrument; proof and disproof.
          Section 600.2150 ‑ Repealed. 1962, Act 174, Eff. Jan. 1, 1964.
          Section 600.2151 ‑ Admission of member of corporation as evidence.
          Section 600.2152 ‑ Mental competency of testator; presumption.
          Section 600.2153 ‑ Public officers; administration of oaths for certain purposes.
          Section 600.2154 ‑ Witness; obligation to answer through revealing civil liability; self-incrimination.
          Section 600.2155 ‑ Statement, writing, or action expressing sympathy, compassion, commiseration, or benevolence; admissibility in action for malpractice; "family" defined.
          Section 600.2156 ‑ Minister, priest, or Christian Science practitioner; nondisclosure of confessions.
          Section 600.2157 ‑ Physician-patient privilege; waiver.
          Section 600.2157a ‑ Definitions; consultation between victim and sexual assault or domestic violence counselor; admissibility.
          Section 600.2157b ‑ Confidential communication to crime stoppers organization; definitions.
          Section 600.2158 ‑ Crime; interest or relationship of witness, effect.
          Section 600.2159 ‑ Parties as witnesses; depositions; comment on failure of criminal defendant to testify.
          Section 600.2160 ‑ Repealed. 1967, Act 263, Eff. Nov. 2, 1967.
          Section 600.2161 ‑ Cross examination of opposite party or agent.
          Section 600.2162 ‑ Husband or wife as witness for or against other.
          Section 600.2163 ‑ Repealed. 1998, Act 323, Imd. Eff. Aug. 3, 1998.
          Section 600.2163a ‑ Definitions; prosecutions and proceedings to which section applicable; use of dolls or mannequins; support person; notice; videorecorded statement; special arrangements to protect welfare of witness; videorecorded deposition; section additional to other protections or procedures; violation as misdemeanor; penalty.
          Section 600.2164 ‑ Expert witnesses; fees; contempt for excessive fees; number; application of section.
          Section 600.2164a ‑ Expert witness; testimony at trial by video communication equipment; motion; payment of cost.
          Section 600.2165 ‑ Disclosure of students' records or communications by school teacher or employee.
          Section 600.2166 ‑ Admissibility of evidence in action by or against person incapable of testifying.
          Section 600.2167 ‑ Repealed. 2014, Act 124, Imd. Eff. May 20, 2014.
          Section 600.2169 ‑ Qualifications of expert witness in action alleging medical malpractice; determination; disqualification of expert witness; testimony on contingency fee basis as misdemeanor; limitations applicable to discovery.
     236‑1961‑21A ‑ CHAPTER 21A UNIFORM UNSWORN FOREIGN DECLARATIONS ACT (600.2181...600.2190)
          Section 600.2181 ‑ Short title.
          Section 600.2182 ‑ Definitions.
          Section 600.2183 ‑ Applicability.
          Section 600.2184 ‑ Unsworn declaration; effect same as sworn declaration.
          Section 600.2185 ‑ Presentation of unsworn declaration; medium.
          Section 600.2186 ‑ Unsworn declaration; form.
          Section 600.2187 ‑ Uniformity of law.
          Section 600.2188 ‑ Effect of federal law.
          Section 600.2190 ‑ Effective date of chapter.
     236‑1961‑22. ‑ CHAPTER 22. UNIFORM INTERSTATE DEPOSITIONS AND DISCOVERY ACT (600.2201...600.2209)
          Section 600.2201 ‑ Chapter to be known as "uniform interstate depositions and discovery act."
          Section 600.2202 ‑ Definitions.
          Section 600.2203 ‑ Foreign subpoena; submission to circuit court clerk; issuance; contents.
          Section 600.2204 ‑ Service; compliance with court rules.
          Section 600.2205 ‑ Applicable court rules and statutes.
          Section 600.2206 ‑ Protective order or order to enforce, quash, or modify subpoena; compliance with court rules; submission to circuit court.
          Section 600.2207 ‑ Uniformity of law.
          Section 600.2208 ‑ Applicability of chapter.
          Section 600.2209 ‑ Effective date of chapter.
     236‑1961‑23 ‑ CHAPTER 23 AMENDMENTS (600.2301...600.2331)
          Section 600.2301 ‑ Amendment of process or pleadings before judgment.
          Section 600.2305 ‑ Answer to amended pleading.
          Section 600.2311 ‑ Amendment of process or pleadings after judgment.
          Section 600.2315 ‑ Defects not affecting judgment.
          Section 600.2321 ‑ Immaterial defects; amendments to correct.
          Section 600.2325 ‑ Amendment only on order of court.
          Section 600.2331 ‑ Imperfection in appeal.
     236‑1961‑24 ‑ CHAPTER 24 COSTS (600.2401...600.2461)
          Section 600.2401 ‑ Taxation of costs; regulation by supreme court.
          Section 600.2405 ‑ Costs; items taxable.
          Section 600.2411 ‑ Special costs in action against public officers.
          Section 600.2415 ‑ Costs; liability of next of friend or guardian.
          Section 600.2421 ‑ Civil actions by or in name of people; liability for costs; warrant.
          Section 600.2421a ‑ Meanings of words and phrases in MCL 600.2421c to 600.2421f.
          Section 600.2421b ‑ Definitions.
          Section 600.2421c ‑ Awarding costs and fees; determining frivolous position of state; motion; matters to be established; reduction or denial of award; amount of costs and fees; applicability of section.
          Section 600.2421d ‑ Judicial review of final action in contested case; award of costs and fees; finding.
          Section 600.2421e ‑ Annual report; payment of costs and fees; applicability of MCL 600.2421a to 600.2421d.
          Section 600.2421f ‑ Recovery of same costs under law or court rule prohibited.
          Section 600.2421g ‑ Applicability of MCL 600.2421a to 600.2421f to civil actions.
          Section 600.2425 ‑ Costs; abatement of public nuisance; private citizen plaintiff; intervention by attorney general or prosecuting attorney.
          Section 600.2431 ‑ Costs; foreclosure of mortgage by advertisement; attorney's fee.
          Section 600.2435 ‑ Costs; supplementary proceedings.
          Section 600.2441 ‑ Costs; costs additional in civil actions in supreme court and circuit court.
          Section 600.2445 ‑ Costs on appeal to circuit court, court of appeals, or supreme court; damages for delay and vexation.
          Section 600.2451 ‑ Taxation of costs in supreme court and court of appeals; notice.
          Section 600.2455 ‑ Taxation of costs in circuit court, district court, and municipal courts of record; notice.
          Section 600.2461 ‑ Costs; duties of taxing officer.
     236‑1961‑25 ‑ CHAPTER 25 FEES (600.2501...600.2591)
          Section 600.2501 ‑ Fees; allowance.
          Section 600.2504 ‑ Fees; special allowance.
          Section 600.2507 ‑ Documents; state officers; request for searches and obtaining certified copies; fees.
          Section 600.2510 ‑ “Page” defined; compliance with format prescribed by state court administrative office.
          Section 600.2513 ‑ Allowable fees, compensation, or reward for service.
          Section 600.2516 ‑ Fees; for services actually rendered.
          Section 600.2519 ‑ Fees; violation; misdemeanor; civil liability; forfeiture of office.
          Section 600.2522 ‑ Fees; taxation for services actually rendered.
          Section 600.2525 ‑ Fees; receipt; liability for refusal.
          Section 600.2528 ‑ Repealed. 1993, Act 189, Imd. Eff. Oct. 8, 1993.
          Section 600.2529 ‑ Fees paid to clerk of circuit court; payment in full; payment of fees to county treasurer; deposit and use to fund certain services; waiving or suspending fees; affidavit of indigency or inability to pay; court order to pay all or part of fee to other party; payment of fee not required.
          Section 600.2530 ‑ Deposit of fees in friend of the court fund; exception; appropriation by county board of commissioners; remitting sums collected to state; appropriation by legislature; remittance to law enforcement agency.
          Section 600.2530a ‑ Repealed. 1992, Act 234, Eff. Mar. 31, 1993.
          Section 600.2531 ‑ Oath of office; administration without fee.
          Section 600.2534 ‑ Publication of legal notice, order, citation, summons, advertisement, or other matter; rates.
          Section 600.2537 ‑ Repealed. 1993, Act 189, Imd. Eff. Oct. 8, 1993.
          Section 600.2538 ‑ Payments of support or maintenance collected by friend of the court or state disbursement unit; fee; notice; contempt for failure or refusal to pay fee; centralized receipt and disbursement of support; creation of attorney general's operations fund; “state disbursement unit” or “SDU” defined.
          Section 600.2540 ‑ Compensation of juror for attendance on inquest.
          Section 600.2543 ‑ Circuit court reporters or recorders; fees for transcripts; fees as part of taxable costs.
          Section 600.2546 ‑ Certified copies, exemplifications of records, pleadings, and proceedings; fee.
          Section 600.2549 ‑ Depositions and certified copies; fees taxable as costs.
          Section 600.2552 ‑ Witness fees; traveling expenses; attorneys as witnesses; incarcerated witness; inquests; per-mile rate of reimbursement.
          Section 600.2555 ‑ Process server; traveling fees.
          Section 600.2558 ‑ Fees of sheriff; increase; mileage; liability.
          Section 600.2559 ‑ Fees for service of process; fee for process with incorrect address; mileage; fee for advertising; liability; charging fee in excess of law; tax costs; "order for the seizure of property" defined.
          Section 600.2561 ‑ Coroners; compensation or fees.
          Section 600.2564 ‑ Repealed. 2003, Act 238, Eff. Apr. 1, 2004.
          Section 600.2567 ‑ Register of deeds; fees.
          Section 600.2567a ‑ Fee for recording instrument; amount and payment; additional to other fees; remittance and disposition of fees; limitation; applicability of section; “county plan” defined.
          Section 600.2568 ‑ Automation fund.
          Section 600.2570 ‑ Fees of appraisers; mileage.
          Section 600.2573 ‑ Repealed. 1974, Act 297, Eff. Apr. 1, 1975.
          Section 600.2576 ‑ Counties over 1,000,000; proceedings relating to realty; fees; dispositions.
          Section 600.2579 ‑ Supreme court crier; fees.
          Section 600.2582 ‑ Service on corporation and securities commission; fee.
          Section 600.2591 ‑ Frivolous civil action or defense to civil action; awarding costs and fees to prevailing party; definitions.
     236‑1961‑26 ‑ CHAPTER 26 BONDS (600.2601...600.2665)
          Section 600.2601 ‑ Bonds; form; defect; amendment; new bond.
          Section 600.2605 ‑ Stay of proceedings without bond; conditions.
          Section 600.2607 ‑ Stay pending appeal of judgment; amount of bond; limitation; rescission of limitation.
          Section 600.2611 ‑ Bond not required of state or municipal corporation; appeal.
          Section 600.2615 ‑ Bond not required of state or municipal corporation; process.
          Section 600.2621 ‑ Single corporate surety; sufficiency.
          Section 600.2625 ‑ Oath to sureties or bail.
          Section 600.2631 ‑ Cash or securities in lieu of bail or bond; deposit; receipts; discharge; interest; substitution.
          Section 600.2641 ‑ Change in parties; effect; new bonds.
          Section 600.2645 ‑ Liability of officer if sureties insufficient; recovery of penalty by state or county.
          Section 600.2651 ‑ Joint defendants; appeal bond; judgment against sureties.
          Section 600.2655 ‑ Security for costs; judgment against surety.
          Section 600.2661 ‑ Actions on probate bonds.
          Section 600.2665 ‑ Attorney not to post bond; probate fiduciary.
     236‑1961‑27 ‑ CHAPTER 27 NOTICE LIS PENDENS (600.2701...600.2735)
          Section 600.2701 ‑ Notice lis pendens; recording; copy as evidence.
          Section 600.2711 ‑ Notice lis pendens; filing by defendant.
          Section 600.2715 ‑ Notice lis pendens; duration; extension.
          Section 600.2721 ‑ Notice lis pendens; index by register of deeds.
          Section 600.2725 ‑ Notice lis pendens; cancellation; costs.
          Section 600.2731 ‑ Notice lis pendens; cancellation; bond.
          Section 600.2735 ‑ Notice lis pendens; suits in federal courts.
     236‑1961‑28. ‑ CHAPTER 28. JUDGMENT LIENS (600.2801...600.2819)
          Section 600.2801 ‑ Definitions.
          Section 600.2803 ‑ Attachment; conditions.
          Section 600.2805 ‑ Notice of judgment lien; certification; service.
          Section 600.2807 ‑ Property owned as tenants by the entirety; priority; exceptions; sale or refinance of property subject to judgment lien; limitation on proceeds.
          Section 600.2809 ‑ Judgment lien; expiration; rerecording; tolling or suspension of time period; judgment lien extinguished.
          Section 600.2811 ‑ Recording discharge or partial discharge of judgment lien.
          Section 600.2813 ‑ Failure of judgment creditor to record discharge of judgment lien; liability; filing of affidavit by judgment debtor.
          Section 600.2815 ‑ Person with same or similar name as judgment debtor.
          Section 600.2817 ‑ Judgment lien; additional and separate from remedy or interest created by law or contract.
          Section 600.2819 ‑ Foreclosure.
     236‑1961‑29 ‑ CHAPTER 29 PROVISIONS CONCERNING SPECIFIC ACTIONS (600.2901...600.2978)
          Section 600.2901 ‑ Actions abolished; alienation of affections, criminal conversation, seduction, and breach of contract to marry.
          Section 600.2902 ‑ Actions abolished; certain real actions.
          Section 600.2903 ‑ Judgment in tort; renewal; continuance of remedies.
          Section 600.2904 ‑ Repealed. 1964, Act 170, Eff. July 1, 1965.
          Section 600.2905 ‑ Civil actions by state; laws applicable.
          Section 600.2906 ‑ Confession of judgment.
          Section 600.2907 ‑ Malicious prosecution or action; civil liability, penalty.
          Section 600.2907a ‑ Violation of MCL 565.25; liability to owner of encumbered property; penalty.
          Section 600.2908 ‑ Repealed. 1972, Act 284, Eff. Jan. 1, 1973.
          Section 600.2909 ‑ Stockholders; individual liability for corporate debts; enforcement; labor debts.
          Section 600.2910 ‑ Action for seduction.
          Section 600.2911 ‑ Action for libel or slander.
          Section 600.2912 ‑ Actions for malpractice; member of state licensed profession.
          Section 600.2912a ‑ Action alleging malpractice; burden of proof.
          Section 600.2912b ‑ Action alleging medical malpractice; notice; mailing; notice period; statement; access to medical records; tacking successive notice periods; response; failure to receive response; health professional or facility not intending to settle.
          Section 600.2912c ‑ Action alleging medical malpractice; filing affidavit certifying noninvolvement; dismissal of claim; reinstatement of party; discovery.
          Section 600.2912d ‑ Action alleging medical malpractice; complaint to be accompanied by affidavit of merit; filing extension; failure to allow access to medical records.
          Section 600.2912e ‑ Action alleging medical malpractice; filing answer to complaint; filing affidavit of meritorious defense; failure to allow access to medical records.
          Section 600.2912f ‑ Waiver of privilege; permissible communication; disclosure not as violation of law.
          Section 600.2912g ‑ Arbitration.
          Section 600.2912h ‑ Settlement agreement.
          Section 600.2913 ‑ Minor maliciously or wilfully destroying property or causing bodily harm or injury to person; recovery of damages from parents.
          Section 600.2914 ‑ Discharge in bankruptcy; cancellation of judgment, procedure; notice to judgment creditor; judgments from other states; “judgment” defined; judgments under MCL 257.513.
          Section 600.2915 ‑ Actions for taxes due other states; reciprocity.
          Section 600.2916 ‑ Lethal gases for fumigation; liability; damages; means of ingress; locking; posting; permission to enter; notice; violation as felony; penalty.
          Section 600.2917 ‑ Liability of library, merchant, agent, or independent contractor for conduct involving person suspected of larceny of goods or library materials, or of violating MCL 750.356c or MCL 750.356d; definitions.
          Section 600.2917a ‑ Detention of individual believed by owner or lessee of theatrical facility to have violated MCL 750.465a.
          Section 600.2918 ‑ Damages for forcible entry and detainer; damages for unlawful interference with possessory interest; exceptions; opening of probate estate; forcible entry or possession by occupant; action for possession; claim for injunctive relief; joinder; waiver; commencement of action; limitations; "owner" defined.
          Section 600.2919 ‑ Damage or waste to land; damages; injunction; contempt.
          Section 600.2919a ‑ Recovery of damages, costs, and attorney's fees by person damaged; remedy cumulative.
          Section 600.2920 ‑ Unlawful taking or detention of goods or chattels; civil action to recover possession and damages; conditions; surrender or recovery of books or papers pertaining to office.
          Section 600.2921 ‑ Survival of actions; death of injured person during pendency of action.
          Section 600.2922 ‑ Death by wrongful act, neglect, or fault of another; liability; action by personal representative; limitation; notice; approval or rejection of proposed settlement; award and distribution of damages; presentation of claim for damages; advising attorney for personal representative of material facts; applicability of MCL 700.3924 to distribution of proceeds.
          Section 600.2922a ‑ Wrongful or negligent act resulting in miscarriage, stillbirth, or physical injury; liability; exceptions; “physician or other licensed health professional” defined.
          Section 600.2922b ‑ Use of deadly force or other than deadly force by individual in self-defense; immunity from civil liability.
          Section 600.2922c ‑ Individual sued for using deadly force or force other than deadly force; award of attorney fees and costs; conditions.
          Section 600.2923 ‑ Action on official or other bond; assignment of specific breaches; pendancy of suit; notice by surety; damages paid equal or less than liability of surety; execution; levy; judgments in excess of liability; unsatisfied executions.
          Section 600.2924 ‑ Bill of discovery.
          Section 600.2925 ‑ Repealed. 1974, Act 318, Imd. Eff. Dec. 15, 1974.
          Section 600.2925a ‑ Right of contribution where judgment not recovered; limitation on recovery; effect of settlement; defenses; intervention; subrogation; right of indemnity; breach of fiduciary obligation; liability of secretary of state.
          Section 600.2925b ‑ Determining pro rata shares of tortfeasors.
          Section 600.2925c ‑ Enforcement of contribution; absence of judgment as bar to contribution; discharge of other tort-feasors; judgment binding in determining right to contribution.
          Section 600.2925d ‑ Effect of release, covenant not to sue, or covenant not to enforce judgment.
          Section 600.2926 ‑ Jurisdiction to appoint receivers; termination.
          Section 600.2926a ‑ Cemetery receivers and conservators; appointments; term; accounting; compensation and expenses.
          Section 600.2927 ‑ Mortgaged property; nonpayment of taxes or insurance as waste; appointment of receiver; conditions.
          Section 600.2928 ‑ Land of infants and incompetents; disposition; discharge of incumbrance; effect of will or conveyance; proceeds of sale; dower; court orders; infant or incompetent as ward of court; proceedings; delivery of guardianship property.
          Section 600.2929 ‑ Lands held in trust; sale by fiduciary, orders of court.
          Section 600.2930 ‑ Life estate; sale on order of court; bond; confirmation; effect of conveyance, will, or order of court; proceedings.
          Section 600.2931 ‑ Repealed. 2016, Act 489, Eff. Apr. 6, 2017.
          Section 600.2932 ‑ Quieting title; interest of plaintiff; action by mortgagee; establishment of title; tenancy in common; actions.
          Section 600.2933 ‑ Repealed. 2016, Act 489, Eff. Apr. 6, 2017.
          Section 600.2934 ‑ Quieting title; lands owned by corporation after expiration of term; complaint; stockholders and creditors of corporation as defendants; service; judgment; damages; costs; actions.
          Section 600.2935 ‑ Quieting title; recording of judgment.
          Section 600.2936 ‑ Probate in chancery of foreign will; proof by copy; legal representative's bill of peace.
          Section 600.2937 ‑ Obstructions and encroachments on public highways, streets and alleys; circuit court; relief.
          Section 600.2938 ‑ Obscene matter; injunction; adjudication; temporary or preliminary injunction; effect of injunction; distribution of obscene matter after summons and complaint; delegation of authority; criminal prosecution; proceedings.
          Section 600.2939 ‑ Gaming; action by loser; oath of parties; prosecution according to common law; forfeiture; limitation; securities; lands enuring of benefit.
          Section 600.2940 ‑ Nuisance; abatement; circuit court; injunction; private nuisance; damages; warrant to abate and remove nuisance; expense; actions.
          Section 600.2941 ‑ Artesian or flowing well; certain condition deemed nuisance; abatement; damages; unreasonable or unnecessary waste; order or judgment; reopening.
          Section 600.2942 ‑ Public securities validation; action to contest validity; counterclaim; third party complaint; continuances; amendment; notice to appear; service; publication of order to appear; parties; other actions; intervention; final judgment; appeal; upholding validity of securities; definitions; short title; proceedings.
          Section 600.2943 ‑ Quieting title; relief to defendant on rehearing.
          Section 600.2944 ‑ Access to adjoining property for repairs or improvements.
          Section 600.2945 ‑ Definitions.
          Section 600.2946 ‑ Product liability action; admissible evidence.
          Section 600.2946a ‑ Determination of damages; limitation.
          Section 600.2947 ‑ Product liability action; liability of manufacturer or seller.
          Section 600.2948 ‑ Death or injury; warnings as evidence.
          Section 600.2949 ‑ Repealed. 1995, Act 249, Eff. Mar. 28, 1996.
          Section 600.2949a ‑ Knowledge of defective product.
          Section 600.2949b ‑ Automated motor vehicle; liability of manufacturer, subcomponent system producer, or motor vehicle mechanic or motor vehicle repair facility; applicability of MCL 600.2945 to 600.2949a; definitions.
          Section 600.2950 ‑ Personal protection order; restraining or enjoining spouse, former spouse, individual with child in common, individual in dating relationship, or person residing or having resided in same household from certain conduct; respondent required to carry concealed weapon; omitting address of residence from documents; issuance, contents, effectiveness, duration, and service of personal protection order; entering order into law enforcement information network; notice; failure to comply with order; false statement to court; enforcement; respondent less than 18 years of age; ownership interest in animal; definitions.
          Section 600.2950a ‑ Personal protection order restraining or enjoining individual from engaging in conduct prohibited under MCL 750.411h, 750.411i, or 750.411s; facts alleging stalking; conduct; respondent required to carry concealed weapon; omitting address of residence from documents; reasons for issuing or refusing to grant order; mutual order prohibited; effectiveness, issuance, contents, and duration of order; duties of court clerk; entering order into L.E.I.N.; service; notice to law enforcement agency; enforcement; refusal or failure to comply; false statement to court; purchase or possession of firearm; person less than 18 years ; issuance to prisoner prohibited; definitions.
          Section 600.2950b ‑ Forms; liability of individual providing assistance.
          Section 600.2950c ‑ Assistance with personal protection order; domestic violence victim advocate.
          Section 600.2950h ‑ Definitions.
          Section 600.2950i ‑ Foreign protection order; validity; affirmative defenses.
          Section 600.2950j ‑ Foreign protection order; subject to full faith and credit and enforcement; child custody or support provision.
          Section 600.2950k ‑ Foreign protection order; issuance against petitioner and respondent; conditions; “spouse or intimate partner” defined.
          Section 600.2950l ‑ Foreign protection order.
          Section 600.2950m ‑ Foreign protection order; violation as misdemeanor; penalty.
          Section 600.2950n ‑ Order to transfer billing and rights to wireless telephone number to petitioner; conditions; forms.
          Section 600.2950o ‑ Order issued under MCL 600.2950n; service; inability of wireless telephone service provider to effectuate order; notice; suspension of order; assumption of financial responsibility by petitioner; application of requirements for establishment of service; liability of provider and employees.
          Section 600.2951 ‑ “Approved signaling device” and “pistol” defined; use of approved signaling device; strict liability for damages; exception.
          Section 600.2952 ‑ Failure of maker to pay amount of dishonored check, draft, or order; liability; written demand for payment; delivery and text; effect of payment before trial; jurisdiction of action.
          Section 600.2953 ‑ Retail fraud; liability; civil damages; demand for payment; text; noncompliance; effect of payment; jurisdiction; civil action against parent; formal police report; violation by merchant precluding recovery.
          Section 600.2953a ‑ Motion picture recording violation.
          Section 600.2954 ‑ Maintaining civil action against individual engaging in prohibited conduct; “victim” defined.
          Section 600.2955 ‑ Scientific or expert opinion or evidence; admissibility.
          Section 600.2955a ‑ Impaired ability to function due to influence of intoxicating liquor or controlled substance as absolute defense; definitions.
          Section 600.2955b ‑ Plaintiff's action for individual's bodily injury or death during commission of felony; dismissal with prejudice; stay of civil action until final disposition; period of limitations; applicability; definitions.
          Section 600.2956 ‑ Several and joint liability.
          Section 600.2956a ‑ Certificate of employability as evidence of due care.
          Section 600.2957 ‑ Determination and allocation of fault; action against nonparty; amendment of pleading; assessment of fault against nonparty.
          Section 600.2958 ‑ Plaintiff's contributory fault not as bar to recovery of damages.
          Section 600.2959 ‑ Comparative fault; reduced damages.
          Section 600.2960 ‑ Burden of proof; cause of action.
          Section 600.2961 ‑ Definitions; determining when commission due; payment of commissions; liability; attorney fees and costs; jurisdiction; contract waiver void; applicability of section.
          Section 600.2962 ‑ Malpractice action against certified public accountant.
          Section 600.2962[1] ‑ Definitions; unauthorized receipt of cable or satellite television service; action to enjoin; damages; actual damages not required; separate causes of action.
          Section 600.2962a ‑ Definitions; injunction; damages; civil action; court actions; actual damages or convictions not prerequisite to action; additional penalties or remedies; separate causes of action.
          Section 600.2963 ‑ Commencement of civil action or filing appeal in civil action by prisoner; payment of filing fees and costs; claim of indigency; failure to pay fees and costs.
          Section 600.2964 ‑ Social security or credit card number on check as condition of acceptance; requirement prohibited; exceptions; prima facie evidence of identity; violation; penalty; “sale at retail” defined.
          Section 600.2965 ‑ Recovery of damages by firefighter or police officer; preclusion abolished.
          Section 600.2966 ‑ Injury to firefighter or police officer; governmental immunity.
          Section 600.2967 ‑ Recovery of damages by firefighter or police officer; circumstances as proof; construction of section; definitions.
          Section 600.2968 ‑ Improper gift or service to student athlete as interference; liability to institution of higher education; definitions.
          Section 600.2969 ‑ Repealed. 1999, Act 239, Eff. Jan. 1, 2003.
          Section 600.2970 ‑ Repealed. 1999, Act 240, Eff. Jan. 1, 2003.
          Section 600.2971 ‑ Wrongful birth or wrongful life claims; prohibitions; exceptions.
          Section 600.2972 ‑ Allegation of domestic violence; consideration of motion to seal court records; “domestic violence” defined.
          Section 600.2973 ‑ Field crop produced for crop research or testing; intentional damage or destruction; damage award; definitions.
          Section 600.2974 ‑ Limitation of civil liability for weight gain or obesity; requirements for cause of action; definitions.
          Section 600.2975 ‑ Publishing instructions for manufacture or creation of methamphetamine; commencement of action; court order; relief; exception; definitions.
          Section 600.2975a ‑ Entry of judgment for damages; notice to department.
          Section 600.2976 ‑ Seller or end user who stores, secures, uses, transports, or protects anhydrous ammonia; immunity from tort liability; applicability; definitions.
          Section 600.2977 ‑ Liquefied petroleum gas business; protection from liability; exception; definitions.
          Section 600.2978 ‑ Court action by victim of female genital mutilation; remedies; definitions.
          Section 600.3001 ‑ Cumulative successor asbestos-related liability of corporation; definitions; limitations; determination of fair market value of total gross assets; increase; adjustment; prospective application of provision; severability.
          Section 600.3010 ‑ Short title of chapter.
          Section 600.3011 ‑ Definitions.
          Section 600.3012 ‑ Asbestos action; duties of plaintiff before initial date set for trial; duty to supplement information and materials; failure to comply with section; dismissal.
          Section 600.3013 ‑ Motion requiring plaintiff to file additional trust claims; duties of plaintiff; written response by plaintiff; determination and action by court; scheduling asbestos action for trial; compliance with section.
          Section 600.3014 ‑ Trust claims materials and trust governance documents; presumption; discovery from asbestos trust; use and basis of trust materials.
          Section 600.3015 ‑ Additional asbestos trust claim filed after judgment; jurisdiction of trial court to reopen and adjust judgment; time for filing.
          Section 600.3016 ‑ Applicability of chapter.
     236‑1961‑31 ‑ CHAPTER 31 FORECLOSURE OF MORTGAGES AND LAND CONTRACTS (600.3101...600.3185)
          Section 600.3101 ‑ Jurisdiction of circuit court to foreclose mortgages of real estate and land contracts; exception.
          Section 600.3105 ‑ Mortgage; land contract; foreclosure proceeding; unsatisfied execution on judgment at law; separate proceeding; consolidation.
          Section 600.3110 ‑ Foreclosure of interest or installment; payment before judgment.
          Section 600.3115 ‑ Foreclosure proceeding; sale, time.
          Section 600.3120 ‑ Foreclosure proceeding; judgment of sale; payment of principal, interest, and costs.
          Section 600.3125 ‑ Sale of land on foreclosure; authorized persons; public sale; time; place; MCL 600.6091 applicable.
          Section 600.3130 ‑ Sale of land on foreclosure; deed.
          Section 600.3135 ‑ Proceeds of sale; application; disposition and investment of surplus.
          Section 600.3140 ‑ Mortgage foreclosure sale; redemption; amount stated in recorded affidavit; fee; portions of premises.
          Section 600.3145 ‑ Redemption from sale; additional sums for taxes and insurance premiums.
          Section 600.3150 ‑ Original judgment in foreclosure cases; determination of personal liability; execution for amount of deficiency; delivery of possession.
          Section 600.3155 ‑ Upset price at sale.
          Section 600.3160 ‑ Persons other than mortgagor or vendee securing debt.
          Section 600.3165 ‑ Sale of premises sufficient to satisfy amount due; judgment as security; default; sale of whole premises.
          Section 600.3170 ‑ Trust mortgage property; authority of trustee to bid in at foreclosure for bondholders, effect of acquisition on rights of parties; management after acquisition; powers and duties of trustee; disposal; report; accounting; construction of section; supplementation by court rule.
          Section 600.3175 ‑ Discharge of mortgage on real property, land contract or tax lien; action; evidence of payment; lapse of 15 years; judgment.
          Section 600.3180 ‑ Actions equitable in nature.
          Section 600.3185 ‑ Mortgage foreclosure; defendant as service member or deployed in overseas service; actions by court; mortgage and land contract entered into before effective date of act; definitions.
     236‑1961‑32 ‑ CHAPTER 32 FORECLOSURE OF MORTGAGES BY ADVERTISEMENT (600.3201...600.3285)
          Section 600.3201 ‑ Foreclosure by advertisement of mortgage containing power of sale; exception.
          Section 600.3204 ‑ Foreclosure by advertisement; circumstances; installments as separate and independent mortgage; redemption; chain of title.
          Section 600.3205 ‑ Repealed. 2014, Act 125, Eff. June 19, 2014.
          Section 600.3205a‑600.3205d ‑ Repealed. 2012, Act 521, Eff. June 30, 2013.
          Section 600.3205e ‑ Repealed. 2014, Act 125, Eff. June 19, 2014.
          Section 600.3206 ‑ Repealed. 2014, Act 125, Eff. June 19, 2014.
          Section 600.3208 ‑ Notice of foreclosure; publication; posting.
          Section 600.3212 ‑ Notice of foreclosure by advertisement; contents.
          Section 600.3216 ‑ Sale; time and place.
          Section 600.3220 ‑ Sale; adjournment; notice; posting; publication.
          Section 600.3224 ‑ Sale of distinct parcels.
          Section 600.3228 ‑ Sale; purchase by mortgagee or assigns.
          Section 600.3232 ‑ Deed of sale; endorsement; deposit with register; recording; entry upon redemption.
          Section 600.3236 ‑ Deed of sale; effect upon failure to redeem; prior liens.
          Section 600.3237 ‑ Interior inspection during redemption period; notice; contents; methods for achieving actual notice.
          Section 600.3238 ‑ Interior and exterior inspection of property; notice; commencement of summary proceedings by purchaser for possession of property; judgment; "damage" defined.
          Section 600.3240 ‑ Redemption of premises; payment; amount; redemption of senior lien; defenses; recordation; redemption periods; amount stated in recorded affidavit; county having population of more than 750,000 and less than 1,500,000; limitation on amount charged by register of deeds; use of property for agricultural purposes; presumption.
          Section 600.3241 ‑ Abandonment of premises; presumption.
          Section 600.3241a ‑ Abandonment of premises; residential property not exceeding 4 units; presumption.
          Section 600.3244 ‑ Redemption; destruction of deed; record.
          Section 600.3248 ‑ Redemption; refusal to certify payment; civil liability.
          Section 600.3252 ‑ Disposition of surplus money.
          Section 600.3256 ‑ Affidavits to perpetuate evidence of sale; endorsement or annexation to one instrument.
          Section 600.3260 ‑ Affidavits to perpetuate evidence of sale; persons to take.
          Section 600.3264 ‑ Affidavits to perpetuate evidence of sale; record; evidence.
          Section 600.3268 ‑ Marginal notes to record of mortgages.
          Section 600.3272 ‑ Repealed. 2004, Act 538, Eff. Mar. 30, 2005.
          Section 600.3276 ‑ Posting of notices; mortgagee's right of entry.
          Section 600.3278 ‑ Physical injury to property; liability; intent to move from property; damages; joinder with action for possession of premises.
          Section 600.3280 ‑ Foreclosure by advertisement; deficiency; defenses.
          Section 600.3285 ‑ Validity of foreclosure; violation of subsection (2); penalty; filing of action by attorney general; applicability of section to mortgage entered into before effective date of act; definitions.
     236‑1961‑33 ‑ CHAPTER 33 PARTITION (600.3301...600.3372)
          Section 600.3301 ‑ Partition of lands; jurisdiction of circuit court; actions equitable in nature.
          Section 600.3304 ‑ Partition of lands; joint tenants; tenants in common.
          Section 600.3308 ‑ Partition of lands; estate in possession; inapplicable to reversions or remainders.
          Section 600.3312 ‑ Mineral rights.
          Section 600.3316 ‑ Undivided interest in estate in possession or in expectancy deemed fee simple.
          Section 600.3320 ‑ Guardian; authority to agree to division; report; infants; infant as married woman; delivery of guardianship property to probate court guardian; disharge of circuit court guardian.
          Section 600.3324 ‑ Lands held in trust; parties; division among heirs or devisees.
          Section 600.3328 ‑ Partition against state; service of papers; appearance.
          Section 600.3332 ‑ Indivisible premises; division of part of premises; minimum price.
          Section 600.3336 ‑ Owelty; adjustment of equities.
          Section 600.3340 ‑ Sales under partition; settlement of value of inchoate, contingent, or vested rights.
          Section 600.3344 ‑ Release of interest by married woman; payment from proceeds of sale; effect on rights.
          Section 600.3348 ‑ Receiver; appointment; protection from waste, trespass, or injury.
          Section 600.3352 ‑ Claims barred by statute of limitations; acquiescence.
          Section 600.3356 ‑ Creditor with lien; transfer; impairment.
          Section 600.3360 ‑ Division of property among cestuis que trust in lieu of sale; authority from court.
          Section 600.3364 ‑ Division of property among cestuis que trust in lieu of sale; procedure when all parties do not consent.
          Section 600.3368 ‑ Division of property among cestuis que trust in lieu of sale; procedure when all parties consent.
          Section 600.3372 ‑ Division of property among cestuis que trust in lieu of sale; consent of guardian of minor, insane, or incompetent person.
          Section 600.3501 ‑ Voluntary dissolution of corporations; actions equitable in nature; stockholders and creditors as parties defendant; hearing.
          Section 600.3505 ‑ Voluntary dissolution of corporations; dissolution; receiver; temporary receiver.
          Section 600.3510 ‑ Receiver; bond; powers; duties; administration of estate; common law assignments.
          Section 600.3515 ‑ Sales, transfers, and levies subsequent to application for dissolution; validity.
          Section 600.3520 ‑ Repealed. 2002, Act 433, Imd. Eff. June 10, 2002.
          Section 600.3525 ‑ Chapter inapplicable to library; lyceums; religious corporation; academy; select school; burying ground corporations.
     236‑1961‑36 ‑ CHAPTER 36 PROCEEDINGS AGAINST CORPORATIONS (600.3601...600.3645)
          Section 600.3601 ‑ Restraint of unauthorized exercise of corporate rights, privileges, or franchises; injunction before answer; continuance.
          Section 600.3605 ‑ Circuit courts; power; jurisdiction; plaintiffs; visitorial powers vested in corporate body or public officer.
          Section 600.3610 ‑ Sequestration of corporate property; distribution of assets upon final judgment.
          Section 600.3615 ‑ Repealed. 2002, Act 433, Imd. Eff. June 10, 2002.
          Section 600.3620 ‑ Creditor's bill against directors or stockholders; jurisdiction of circuit court; accounts; receivers; determination of liability; distribution of property.
          Section 600.3625 ‑ Debt; enforcement of payment; stock subscriptions; determination of liability.
          Section 600.3630 ‑ Discovery of corporate assets; answer by officer, agent, or stockholder; answers and examinations of witnesses; use of evidence.
          Section 600.3635 ‑ Injunction against other proceedings by creditors; notice to creditors to exhibit claims; failure to exhibit claims and become parties.
          Section 600.3640 ‑ Inapplicability of chapter; library; lyceum; religious corporation; academy; select school; burying ground corporation; insurance or fraternal benefit association.
          Section 600.3645 ‑ Actions equitable in nature.
     236‑1961‑38 ‑ CHAPTER 38 PUBLIC NUISANCES (600.3801...600.3841)
          Section 600.3801 ‑ Nuisance; injunction; abatement; guilt; "controlled substance" defined.
          Section 600.3805 ‑ Action to abate; parties.
          Section 600.3810 ‑ Owner; definition; authority of court; closing of premises; vehicle, boat, or aircraft; party defendant; service of summons and complaint; opportunity to be heard.
          Section 600.3815 ‑ Admissible evidence; unnecessary proof; judgment and order; abatement of nuisance by forfeiture or sale.
          Section 600.3820 ‑ Contempt; punishment; procedure; bail.
          Section 600.3825 ‑ Order of abatement; execution of court order; duties of officer; use of building or place ordered closed; contempt; determination of amount due victim.
          Section 600.3830 ‑ Removal and sale of property; fees; closing of building; loss of property exemptions; liability of officers.
          Section 600.3835 ‑ Proceeds from sale of personal property; application.
          Section 600.3840 ‑ Delivery of premises to owner; conditions; bond; abatement; liability of sureties; appeal; stay of order of abatement.
          Section 600.3841 ‑ Report by agency of seizure and forfeiture activities under chapter; audit; "reporting agency" defined.
     236‑1961‑40 ‑ CHAPTER 40 ATTACHMENT AND GARNISHMENT (600.4001...600.4065)
          Section 600.4001 ‑ Attachment; ex parte application; service of writ; jurisdiction.
          Section 600.4011 ‑ Garnishment; property or obligation applicable to satisfaction of claim; jurisdiction; state and governmental units as garnishees; ex parte application for writ of garnishment; service; conditions to commencement of garnishment proceeding; immunity of sheriff or other public officer; fee; conveyance of money or property.
          Section 600.4012 ‑ Garnishment of periodic payments; duration; priority; service; duties of plaintiff; entry of default; request for default judgment; duties of court; recovery of amount by garnishee; fee; inapplicability; "periodic payments" defined.
          Section 600.4015 ‑ Actions as cause of discipline or discharge of principal defendant from employment; reinstatement; civil action.
          Section 600.4021 ‑ Attachment; venue.
          Section 600.4025 ‑ Venue; garnishment.
          Section 600.4027 ‑ Writ of garnishment; filing; additional garnishee defendants; actions.
          Section 600.4031 ‑ Exemptions; attachment and garnishment; partial exemptions.
          Section 600.4035 ‑ Attachment; effect; personalty; realty.
          Section 600.4041 ‑ Attachment on realty; discharge.
          Section 600.4045 ‑ Attachment or garnishment; dissolution by bond.
          Section 600.4051 ‑ False answer by garnishee or agent; civil liability.
          Section 600.4061 ‑ Garnishment against state; employees designated to receive process; procedures.
          Section 600.4061a ‑ Interception of state tax refund or credit.
          Section 600.4065 ‑ Evidence in criminal proceedings; disclosure.
     236‑1961‑43 ‑ CHAPTER 43 HABEAS CORPUS (600.4301...600.4387)
          Section 600.4301 ‑ Habeas corpus; provisions of chapter; applicability.
          Section 600.4304 ‑ Habeas corpus; power to issue writ.
          Section 600.4307 ‑ Habeas corpus; right to bring action.
          Section 600.4310 ‑ Habeas corpus; persons not entitled to writ.
          Section 600.4313 ‑ Habeas corpus; refusal to consider; malfeasance of judge.
          Section 600.4316 ‑ Habeas corpus; granting of writ.
          Section 600.4319 ‑ Habeas corpus; custody of child.
          Section 600.4322 ‑ Habeas corpus; “prisoner” defined.
          Section 600.4325 ‑ Habeas corpus; person served; duty to bring body of prisoner.
          Section 600.4328 ‑ Habeas corpus; sickness or infirmity of prisoner.
          Section 600.4331 ‑ Habeas corpus; refusal or neglect to obey; arrest; close custody; proceeding against sheriff; prisoner to be brought before court; power of county.
          Section 600.4334 ‑ Arrest in support of writ.
          Section 600.4337 ‑ Warrant for prisoner in lieu of habeas corpus; issuance.
          Section 600.4340 ‑ Arrest of person having custody of prisoner; warrant.
          Section 600.4343 ‑ Arrest of person having custody of prisoner; execution of warrant.
          Section 600.4346 ‑ Arrest of person having custody of prisoner; procedure.
          Section 600.4349 ‑ Custody of prisoner.
          Section 600.4352 ‑ Discharge of prisoner; enforcement of order; obedience by sheriff or other custodian.
          Section 600.4355 ‑ Remanding of prisoner.
          Section 600.4358 ‑ Discharge of prisoner in civil cases.
          Section 600.4361 ‑ Remanding or commitment of prisoner.
          Section 600.4364 ‑ Recommitment of prisoner; causes.
          Section 600.4367 ‑ Recommitment of prisoner; violation of section; penalty.
          Section 600.4370 ‑ Concealment of prisoner; misdemeanor.
          Section 600.4373 ‑ Concealment of prisoner; aiding; misdemeanor.
          Section 600.4376 ‑ Concealment of prisoner; misdemeanor; penalty.
          Section 600.4379 ‑ Refusal to deliver copy of authority for detention of prisoner; time; civil liability.
          Section 600.4385 ‑ Habeas corpus for witness; issuance; transfer of prisoner.
          Section 600.4387 ‑ Habeas corpus; liability of officer for disobedience to writ.
     236‑1961‑44 ‑ CHAPTER 44 MANDAMUS (600.4401...600.4431)
          Section 600.4401 ‑ Action for mandamus against state officer; commencement; rule for joinder of claims or consolidation of actions; rule for referral of action to circuit court.
          Section 600.4411 ‑ Mandamus; violation; penalty.
          Section 600.4421 ‑ Mandamus; payment of fine; bar to action.
          Section 600.4431 ‑ Mandamus; damages; costs; public officer.
     236‑1961‑45 ‑ CHAPTER 45 QUO WARRANTO (600.4501...600.4545)
          Section 600.4501 ‑ Quo warranto; attorney general; private party.
          Section 600.4505 ‑ Usurpation of office; determination; judgment for relator; proceedings.
          Section 600.4511 ‑ Usurpation of office; damages.
          Section 600.4515 ‑ Usurpation of office; ouster; costs; fine.
          Section 600.4521 ‑ Judgment against corporation; dissolution; fine.
          Section 600.4525 ‑ Judgment against corporation; collection of fine and costs.
          Section 600.4531 ‑ Judgment against corporation; restraint; receiver; accounting; distribution of assets; duty of attorney general.
          Section 600.4535 ‑ Judgment; filing of record of judgment; notice; publication.
          Section 600.4541 ‑ Forfeited property; recovery by attorney general.
          Section 600.4545 ‑ Election fraud or error; circuit court; time for filing action; plaintiffs; defendant; procedure.
     236‑1961‑47 ‑ CHAPTER 47 (600.4701...600.4710)
          Section 600.4701 ‑ Definitions.
          Section 600.4702 ‑ Property subject to seizure and forfeiture; exception; encumbrances; substituted proceeds of crime.
          Section 600.4703 ‑ Order of seizure; seizure without process; order authorizing filing of lien notice; return of property to victim; property in custody of seizing agency; powers of seizing agency; disposition of seized money; title to property subject to forfeiture.
          Section 600.4703a ‑ Seizure of computer or computer information storage device; copy provided to court; retention as confidential record; “computer” and “computer storage device” defined.
          Section 600.4704 ‑ Notice generally.
          Section 600.4705 ‑ Motion to return property or discharge lien; grounds; hearing; burden of proof; order; filing lien against vehicle and returning vehicle to owner; admissibility of testimony in criminal prosecution.
          Section 600.4706 ‑ Return of personal property to owner; discharge of lien against real property or motor vehicle; time limitation.
          Section 600.4706a ‑ Notice that property returned or lien discharged.
          Section 600.4707 ‑ Notice of seizure of property or filing of lien and intent to begin forfeiture and disposal proceedings; time limitation; filing claim; civil action for forfeiture; burden of proof.
          Section 600.4708 ‑ Sale of property; disposition of proceeds or other things of value; priority; appointment, compensation, and authority of receiver.
          Section 600.4709 ‑ Jurisdiction.
          Section 600.4710 ‑ Report by agency of seizure and forfeiture activities under uniform forfeiture reporting act; audit; "reporting agency" defined.
          Section 600.4801 ‑ Definitions.
          Section 600.4803 ‑ Penalty, fee, or costs; failure to pay as subject to late penalty; waiver; disposition of late penalty; “funding unit” defined.
          Section 600.4805 ‑ Penalty; recovery.
          Section 600.4811 ‑ Penalty; amount not specified, action.
          Section 600.4815 ‑ Fines and costs; execution.
          Section 600.4821 ‑ Execution on forfeited recognizance; redemption of real estate.
          Section 600.4825 ‑ Penalty; township officers; notice to prosecuting attorney.
          Section 600.4831 ‑ Penalty; prosecution by prosecuting attorney.
          Section 600.4835 ‑ Penalty; remission by circuit court.
          Section 600.4841 ‑ Collections; payment to county treasurer.
          Section 600.4845 ‑ Moneys from fines and penalties; duties of county treasurer.
          Section 600.4851 ‑ County law library fund; maximum sums credited from library fund; payment upon order of circuit judge or presiding judge; annual report.
     236‑1961‑49 ‑ CHAPTER 49 (600.4901...600.4923)
          Section 600.4901 ‑ “Panel” defined.
          Section 600.4903 ‑ Mediation of action alleging medical malpractice; time for referring action to mediation; hearing by mediation panel.
          Section 600.4905 ‑ Mediation panel; selection and qualifications of members; judge as member; grounds for disqualification as mediator.
          Section 600.4907 ‑ Mediation clerk; designation; setting time and place for mediation hearing; notice; adjournments.
          Section 600.4909 ‑ Mediation fee.
          Section 600.4911 ‑ Submission of documents and brief or summary to mediation clerk; penalty for failure to submit materials.
          Section 600.4913 ‑ Right of party to attend mediation hearing; personal appearance to demonstrate unusual conditions; testimony prohibited; rules of evidence inapplicable; factual information; limitation on oral presentation; requests and inquiries by panel; admissibility of statements, briefs, or summaries.
          Section 600.4915 ‑ Evaluation by panel; notice; contents of evaluation; determination that action or defense is frivolous; posting cash or surety bond; payment of costs and attorney fees; separate awards; treating claims as single claim.
          Section 600.4917 ‑ Filing written acceptance or rejection of evaluation; failure to file as acceptance; disclosure of acceptance or rejection; notice; rules applicable in mediations involving multiple parties.
          Section 600.4919 ‑ Entry of judgment; action to proceed to trial upon rejection; placing copies of evaluation, acceptances, and rejections in sealed envelope; filing envelope with clerk of court; opening envelope; evaluation not exceeding jurisdictional limitation of district court.
          Section 600.4921 ‑ Payment of actual costs; adjustment of verdict; scope of actual costs; condition prohibiting award of costs.
          Section 600.4923 ‑ Delay of trial date scheduled in advance of date set for mediation hearing; applicability of section.
     236‑1961‑49A ‑ CHAPTER 49A (600.4951...600.4969)
          Section 600.4951 ‑ Mediation of civil action based on tort; exception; time for referring action to mediation; hearing.
          Section 600.4953 ‑ Mediation panel; selection and qualifications of member; judge as member; grounds for disqualification as mediator.
          Section 600.4955 ‑ Mediation clerk; designation; setting time and place for mediation hearing; notice; adjournments.
          Section 600.4957 ‑ Mediation fee.
          Section 600.4959 ‑ Submission of documents and brief or summary to mediation clerk; penalty for failure to submit materials.
          Section 600.4961 ‑ Right of party to attend mediation hearing; personal appearance to demonstrate unusual conditions; testimony prohibited; rules of evidence inapplicable; factual information; limitation on oral presentation; requests and inquiries by panel; admissibility of statements, briefs, or summaries.
          Section 600.4963 ‑ Evaluation by panel; notice; indicating award not unanimous; determination that action or defense is frivolous; posting cash or surety bond; payment of costs and attorney fees; separate awards; treating claims as single claim.
          Section 600.4965 ‑ Filing written acceptance or rejection of evaluation; failure to file as rejection; disclosure of acceptance or rejection; notice; provisions applicable to mediations involving multiple parties.
          Section 600.4967 ‑ Entry of judgment; action to proceed to trial upon rejection; placing copies of evaluation, acceptances, and rejections in sealed envelope; filing envelope with clerk of court; opening envelope; evaluation not exceeding jurisdictional limitation of district court.
          Section 600.4969 ‑ Payment of actual costs; adjustment of verdict; scope of actual costs; condition prohibiting award of costs.
     236‑1961‑50 ‑ CHAPTER 50 ARBITRATIONS (600.5001...600.5035)
          Section 600.5001 ‑ Repealed. 2012, Act 370, Eff. July 1, 2013.
          Section 600.5005 ‑ Repealed. 2012, Act 370, Eff. July 1, 2013.
          Section 600.5011 ‑ Repealed. 2012, Act 370, Eff. July 1, 2013.
          Section 600.5015 ‑ Repealed. 2012, Act 370, Eff. July 1, 2013.
          Section 600.5021 ‑ Repealed. 2012, Act 370, Eff. July 1, 2013.
          Section 600.5025 ‑ Repealed. 2012, Act 370, Eff. July 1, 2013.
          Section 600.5031 ‑ Repealed. 2012, Act 370, Eff. July 1, 2013.
          Section 600.5033 ‑ Repealed. 2012, Act 370, Eff. July 1, 2013.
          Section 600.5035 ‑ Repealed. 2012, Act 370, Eff. July 1, 2013.
     236‑1961‑50A ‑ CHAPTER 50A HEALTH CARE ARBITRATION (600.5040...600.5065)
          Section 600.5040‑600.5065 ‑ Repealed. 1993, Act 78, Eff. Apr. 1, 1994.
     236‑1961‑50B. ‑ CHAPTER 50B. DOMESTIC RELATIONS ARBITRATION (600.5070...600.5082)
          Section 600.5070 ‑ Scope of chapter.
          Section 600.5071 ‑ Stipulation to binding arbitration; agreement.
          Section 600.5072 ‑ Court order to participate in arbitration; conditions; domestic violence exclusion; waiver; child abuse or neglect exclusion.
          Section 600.5073 ‑ Arbitrator; appointment; qualifications; immunity; list of qualified arbitrators.
          Section 600.5074 ‑ Arbitrator; powers and duties; sworn statement listing party's place of employment, sources of income, and assets and liabilities; release.
          Section 600.5075 ‑ Disqualification of arbitrator.
          Section 600.5076 ‑ Meeting with arbitrator; order to produce material information.
          Section 600.5077 ‑ Record of arbitration hearing.
          Section 600.5078 ‑ Award; error or omissions.
          Section 600.5079 ‑ Enforcement of arbitration award or order; filing judgment, order, or motion to settle judgment with circuit court; sanctions.
          Section 600.5080 ‑ Vacation or modification of award concerning child support, custody, or parenting time; standards and procedures regarding review of arbitration awards.
          Section 600.5081 ‑ Vacation or modification of arbitration award; application; grounds; rehearing; other standards and procedures relating to review of arbitration awards.
          Section 600.5082 ‑ Appeal.
     236‑1961‑52 ‑ CHAPTER 52 ASSIGNMENTS FOR THE BENEFIT OF CREDITORS (600.5201...600.5265)
          Section 600.5201 ‑ Common law assignments for the benefit of creditors; requirements for validity; bond of assignee; filing; approval; attachment or execution on assigned property; acknowledgment; inventory.
          Section 600.5205 ‑ Property conveyed; general powers of assignee.
          Section 600.5211 ‑ Specific powers of assignee.
          Section 600.5215 ‑ Appraisal of property; sale; notice.
          Section 600.5221 ‑ Proof of claims; notice; filing; list of creditors.
          Section 600.5225 ‑ Proof of claims; contents; verification.
          Section 600.5231 ‑ Contest of claims; procedure, costs; filing fee.
          Section 600.5235 ‑ Set-off of mutual debts and credits.
          Section 600.5241 ‑ Circuit courts; jurisdiction; supervisory powers; specific powers; examination; assignor and others; assignee; orders; circuit court commissioner.
          Section 600.5245 ‑ Assignee; accounts; reports; completion of duties; extension of time; notice.
          Section 600.5251 ‑ Payment of claims; order; method; time.
          Section 600.5255 ‑ Compensation of assignee; application; notice to creditors.
          Section 600.5261 ‑ Civil action for enforcement of trust; grounds; appointment of receiver or assignee; summary examination; powers, duties, and compensation of receiver.
          Section 600.5265 ‑ Nature of proceedings.
     236‑1961‑53 ‑ CHAPTER 53 RECEIVERSHIP FOR WAGE EARNERS (600.5301...600.5375)
          Section 600.5301 ‑ Assignment of future wages; notice to creditor and employer; exception.
          Section 600.5305 ‑ List of creditors; contents of petition.
          Section 600.5311 ‑ Exemptions.
          Section 600.5315 ‑ Exemptions by agreement; support of children.
          Section 600.5321 ‑ Distribution of balance.
          Section 600.5325 ‑ Clerk as agent of listed creditors; title to funds.
          Section 600.5331 ‑ Fixing amount of claim; disputed claim; costs; intervention.
          Section 600.5335 ‑ Payment of wages by employer.
          Section 600.5341 ‑ Garnishment; effect.
          Section 600.5345 ‑ Duration of assignment proceedings.
          Section 600.5351 ‑ Secured creditors.
          Section 600.5355 ‑ Notices; manner of giving; change of employment.
          Section 600.5361 ‑ Debts incurred after filing petition; not included.
          Section 600.5365 ‑ Statute of limitations tolled during pendency of proceedings.
          Section 600.5371 ‑ Court fees upon petition; defrayment of incidental expenses.
          Section 600.5375 ‑ Repealed. 1969, Act 209, Eff. Jan. 1, 1970.
     236‑1961‑54 ‑ CHAPTER 54 ASSIGNMENT OF ACCOUNTS RECEIVABLE (600.5401...600.5445)
          Section 600.5401‑600.5445 ‑ Repealed. 1962, Act 174, Eff. Jan. 1, 1964.
     236‑1961‑54A. ‑ CHAPTER 54A. BANKRUPTCY (600.5451...600.5451)
          Section 600.5451 ‑ Bankruptcy; exemptions from property of estate; exception; exempt property sold, damaged, destroyed, or acquired for public use; amounts adjusted by state treasurer; definitions.
     236‑1961‑55 ‑ CHAPTER 55 PRISONER LITIGATION REFORM (600.5501...600.5531)
          Section 600.5501 ‑ Civil action concerning prison conditions; jurisdiction.
          Section 600.5503 ‑ Exhaustion of administrative remedies; dismissal; appointment of counsel; prohibition.
          Section 600.5505 ‑ Applicability of MCL 600.2963; conditions for dismissal.
          Section 600.5507 ‑ Claim of indigency; limitations; exceptions; disclosure of previous civil actions and appeals; conditions for dismissal.
          Section 600.5509 ‑ Complaint; review by court; dismissal; reply; waiver; requirement; reasons for decision by court.
          Section 600.5511 ‑ Action for mental or emotional injury suffered while in custody; showing of physical injury; payment of damages to prisoner; satisfaction of outstanding restitution orders; notification to crime victims.
          Section 600.5513 ‑ Revocation of prisoner's good time or disciplinary credit; conditions.
          Section 600.5515 ‑ Participation of prisoner in pretrial or hearing proceedings.
          Section 600.5517 ‑ Prospective relief; conditions; limitation.
          Section 600.5519 ‑ Preliminary injunctive relief.
          Section 600.5521 ‑ Prospective relief; termination or modification.
          Section 600.5523 ‑ Immediate termination of prospective relief; court findings; limitations.
          Section 600.5525 ‑ Consent decree.
          Section 600.5527 ‑ Prospective relief; ruling on motion; automatic stay; postponement of stay for good cause; appeal.
          Section 600.5529 ‑ Repealed. 2018, Act 54, Eff. June 4, 2018.
          Section 600.5531 ‑ Definitions.
          Section 600.5601‑600.5679 ‑ Repealed. 1972, Act 120, Eff. July 1, 1972.
          Section 600.5701 ‑ Definitions.
          Section 600.5704 ‑ Jurisdiction.
          Section 600.5706 ‑ Venue.
          Section 600.5708 ‑ Rules.
          Section 600.5711 ‑ Entry.
          Section 600.5714 ‑ Summary proceedings to recover possession of premises; holding over by tenant or occupant of public housing or by tenant of mobile home park.
          Section 600.5716 ‑ Demand for possession or payment; form and contents.
          Section 600.5718 ‑ Demand for possession or payment; service; definitions.
          Section 600.5720 ‑ Judgment for possession of premises for alleged termination of tenancy; grounds for not entering; retaliatory termination of tenancy; presumptions; burden.
          Section 600.5726 ‑ Recovery of possession following forfeiture of executory contract for purchase of premises; accelerated indebtedness.
          Section 600.5728 ‑ Prerequisites to recovery of possession under MCL 600.5726; contents of notice of forfeiture.
          Section 600.5730 ‑ Service of notice of forfeiture.
          Section 600.5732 ‑ Powers of court having jurisdiction over summary proceedings.
          Section 600.5735 ‑ Summons; hearing.
          Section 600.5738 ‑ Jury trial.
          Section 600.5739 ‑ Joinder of claims and counterclaims for money judgment; separate disposition of claim for possession; damages for labor expended by either landlord or tenant.
          Section 600.5741 ‑ Entry and enforcement of judgment for possession; determination of amount due; award of costs.
          Section 600.5744 ‑ Issuance of writ of restitution; conditions; foreclosure of equitable right of redemption.
          Section 600.5747 ‑ Judgment for defendant for costs.
          Section 600.5750 ‑ Summary proceedings not exclusive of other remedies; merging or barring of claims; damages.
          Section 600.5753 ‑ Appeal.
          Section 600.5756 ‑ Filing fees; disposition.
          Section 600.5757 ‑ Fee for certain writs and for judgment debtor discovery subpoena.
          Section 600.5759 ‑ Costs.
     236‑1961‑57a ‑ CHAPTER 57a (600.5771...600.5785)
          Section 600.5771 ‑ Definitions.
          Section 600.5773 ‑ Termination of tenancies in mobile home parks; jurisdiction; venue.
          Section 600.5775 ‑ “Just cause” required for termination of tenancy; “just cause” defined; change of rental payments or terms or conditions of tenancy.
          Section 600.5777 ‑ In-person conference with owner or operator of mobile home park.
          Section 600.5779 ‑ Payment of rent and other charges during pendency of action.
          Section 600.5781 ‑ Sale of mobile home on site; conditions.
          Section 600.5783 ‑ Judgment for possession; right of tenant to sell mobile home on site; conditions.
          Section 600.5785 ‑ Contested action to terminate tenancy; liquidated damages.
     236‑1961‑58 ‑ CHAPTER 58 LIMITATION OF ACTIONS (600.5801...600.5869)
          Section 600.5801 ‑ Limitation on actions; time periods; defendant claiming title under deed, court-ordered sale, tax deed, or will; other cases.
          Section 600.5803 ‑ Foreclosure of mortgages.
          Section 600.5805 ‑ Injuries to persons or property; period of limitations; "adjudication," "criminal sexual conduct," and "dating relationship" defined.
          Section 600.5807 ‑ Damages for breach of contract; specific performance; period of limitations; bond; deed; mortgage; surety bond; appeal bond; public obligations; other actions.
          Section 600.5809 ‑ Action to enforce noncontractual money obligations; limitations.
          Section 600.5811 ‑ Common carriers; charges and overcharges; definitions.
          Section 600.5813 ‑ Other personal actions.
          Section 600.5815 ‑ Scope of limitations; legal and equitable; laches.
          Section 600.5821 ‑ Recovery of land or public ground; period of limitations; personal actions; maintenance, care, and treatment of persons in state institutions.
          Section 600.5823 ‑ Counterclaims.
          Section 600.5825 ‑ Effect of limits running in favor of some joint obligors but not all.
          Section 600.5827 ‑ Accrual of claim.
          Section 600.5829 ‑ Accrual of claim; right of entry or recovery of possession of land.
          Section 600.5831 ‑ Accrual of claim; mutual and open account current.
          Section 600.5833 ‑ Accrual of claim; breach of warranty of quality or fitness.
          Section 600.5834 ‑ Accrual of claim; common carriers; charges; overcharges.
          Section 600.5835 ‑ Accrual of claim; life insurance; presumption of death.
          Section 600.5836 ‑ Accrual of claim; installment contracts.
          Section 600.5837 ‑ Accrual of claim; alimony.
          Section 600.5838 ‑ Claim based on malpractice; accrual; commencement of action; burden of proof; limitations.
          Section 600.5838a ‑ Claim based on medical malpractice; accrual; definitions; commencement of action; burden of proof; applicability of subsection (2); limitations.
          Section 600.5838b ‑ Action for legal malpractice; commencement; limitation; definitions.
          Section 600.5839 ‑ Period of limitations on actions against licensed architect, professional engineer, contractor, or licensed professional surveyor; definitions; applicability.
          Section 600.5841 ‑ Accrual of claim; to person other than person bringing action.
          Section 600.5843 ‑ Accrual of claim; regaining possession of land; subsequent loss; effect.
          Section 600.5851 ‑ Disabilities of infancy or insanity; tacking of successive disabilities prohibited; year of grace; removing disability of infancy; claim alleging medical malpractice accruing to person 8 years old or less or 13 years old or less; disability of imprisonment; “release from imprisonment” defined.
          Section 600.5851a ‑ Court action by minor victim of female genital mutilation; recovery of damages; limitation; "female genital mutilation" defined.
          Section 600.5851b ‑ Court action by minor victim of criminal sexual conduct; exception to period of limitations; right to bring action under MCL 600.5851; "adjudication" and "criminal sexual conduct" defined.
          Section 600.5852 ‑ Death before period of limitations has run or within 30 days thereafter; commencement of action; death or legal incapacitation of personal representative; limitation on commencement of action.
          Section 600.5853 ‑ Absence from state.
          Section 600.5854 ‑ War; inability to prosecute; period of limitation.
          Section 600.5855 ‑ Fraudulent concealment of claim or identity of person liable; discovery.
          Section 600.5856 ‑ Tolling of statute of limitations or repose.
          Section 600.5861 ‑ Cause of action accruing without state; limitation on commencement of action.
          Section 600.5865 ‑ Endorsement or memorandum of payment; evidence.
          Section 600.5866 ‑ Revival of barred claim; written acknowledgment of obligor.
          Section 600.5867 ‑ Presumption as to possession of land; exception.
          Section 600.5868 ‑ Entry and possession.
          Section 600.5869 ‑ Rights governed by law under which right accrued.
     236‑1961‑60 ‑ CHAPTER 60 ENFORCEMENT OF JUDGMENTS (600.6001...600.6098)
          Section 600.6001 ‑ Persons to whom execution issued.
          Section 600.6002 ‑ Execution; indorsement; date; return; death or incapacity of officer serving execution; certificate; jurisdiction as to joint or joint and several obligors.
          Section 600.6003 ‑ Execution on transcript of judgment by district, municipal, or common pleas court.
          Section 600.6004 ‑ Execution against realty; contents.
          Section 600.6005 ‑ Successive or alias executions; several executions.
          Section 600.6006 ‑ Execution; new.
          Section 600.6007 ‑ Execution; precedence.
          Section 600.6008 ‑ Execution; set-off; balance on appeal.
          Section 600.6009 ‑ Execution; officer's security; recovery of expense.
          Section 600.6010 ‑ Execution; return; misconduct of officer; civil liability.
          Section 600.6011 ‑ Effect of order to stay proceedings on execution.
          Section 600.6012 ‑ Execution; property bound from time of levy.
          Section 600.6013 ‑ Interest on money judgment.
          Section 600.6017 ‑ Execution; personalty.
          Section 600.6018 ‑ Execution; realty.
          Section 600.6021 ‑ Judgments; nonissuance of execution.
          Section 600.6022 ‑ Persons whose property is exempt.
          Section 600.6023 ‑ Property exempt from levy and sale under execution; lien excluded from exemption; homestead exemption; rents and profits.
          Section 600.6023a ‑ Property held jointly by husband and wife; exemption under judgment entered against 1 spouse.
          Section 600.6024 ‑ Exemptions from sale on execution; taxation; exception; purchase money mortgage sale; effect of sale of property.
          Section 600.6025 ‑ Execution; exemptions; inventory; appraisal; expenses.
          Section 600.6026 ‑ Selection from inventory; selection of homestead; survey; sale of property levied upon; deed.
          Section 600.6027 ‑ Homestead valued at more than $3,500; procedure.
          Section 600.6031 ‑ Execution sale; notice.
          Section 600.6032 ‑ Execution sale; personalty.
          Section 600.6033 ‑ Execution; property partially exempt; bond.
          Section 600.6034 ‑ Execution; property subject to chattel mortgage.
          Section 600.6035 ‑ Levy on perishable property; sale; order of court; notice.
          Section 600.6036 ‑ Execution; growing grain or unharvested crops.
          Section 600.6037 ‑ Execution; corporate shares; seizure by officer; furnishing certificates of shares held by defendant; writ; record of transfer; restraint on transfer; dividends after levy.
          Section 600.6038 ‑ Execution; franchise of corporation authorized to receive toll; notice; adjournment; person deemed highest bidder; rights of purchaser; transfer; injury to franchise; recovery of penalties; powers, duties, and liabilities; redemption.
          Section 600.6041 ‑ Execution; fees and charges of sale.
          Section 600.6042 ‑ Postponement of sale; public declaration; notice.
          Section 600.6043 ‑ Execution; where more than one levy.
          Section 600.6044 ‑ Execution; surplus; disposition.
          Section 600.6045 ‑ Execution; refusal of highest bidder to take property; effect.
          Section 600.6046 ‑ Execution; officer not to purchase or be interested.
          Section 600.6047 ‑ Payment by debtor of judgment debtor.
          Section 600.6051 ‑ Execution against real estate; effect; notice; invalid after 5 years.
          Section 600.6052 ‑ Notice of time and place of sale.
          Section 600.6053 ‑ Execution; time, place, adjournment.
          Section 600.6054 ‑ Execution; irregular sale; taking down or defacement of notice; liability; irregularities not to invalidate.
          Section 600.6055 ‑ Execution; certificates, contents; filing; disposition; recording; use as evidence.
          Section 600.6056 ‑ Separate exposure of lots, tracts, or parcels for sale; sale of undivided interest.
          Section 600.6057 ‑ Execution; leasehold interest; rights of purchaser; conveyance; deposit; recording; filing notice of levy; effect; payment of rent.
          Section 600.6058 ‑ Repealed. 2004, Act 538, Eff. Mar. 30, 2005.
          Section 600.6059 ‑ Execution; homestead; sale in case surplus not paid.
          Section 600.6060 ‑ Execution; not made on equity of redemption on certain judgment; endorsement on execution; direction to officer.
          Section 600.6061 ‑ Execution; rights of purchaser.
          Section 600.6062 ‑ Redemption of real estate; time; persons entitled to make; effect on sale and certificate; amount stated in recorded affidavit.
          Section 600.6063 ‑ Acquisition by creditor of interest vested in original purchaser by sale; terms.
          Section 600.6064 ‑ Acquisition by creditor of interest vested in original purchaser by sale; purchase by other creditors; acquisition by original purchaser, execution plaintiff, or mortgagee.
          Section 600.6065 ‑ Acquisition of interest of original purchaser; evidence of right of creditor to purchase.
          Section 600.6066 ‑ Acquisition of interest of original purchaser; transfer of title; automation fund.
          Section 600.6067 ‑ Right to deed; assignments.
          Section 600.6068 ‑ Vesting of title; action for injury to realty by grantee in deed; action for waste, injury, or removal of realty or fixtures for benefit of person acquiring rights.
          Section 600.6069 ‑ Conveyance of premises; time; effect; executor, administrator, or person equitably entitled; real estate held in trust.
          Section 600.6070 ‑ Redemption; discharge of levy, judgment, or mortgage; fee.
          Section 600.6071 ‑ Contribution among several judgment debtors; order of contribution; enforcement; lien of original judgment; affidavit; recording.
          Section 600.6072 ‑ Eviction of purchaser; recovery of purchase price; further execution for benefit of purchaser; validity of original judgment.
          Section 600.6075 ‑ Civil arrest; grounds.
          Section 600.6076 ‑ Civil arrest; prerequisite.
          Section 600.6077 ‑ Warrant to arrest judgment debtor.
          Section 600.6078 ‑ Hearing; detention of judgment debtor.
          Section 600.6079 ‑ Civil arrest; discharge.
          Section 600.6080 ‑ Civil arrest; bail.
          Section 600.6081 ‑ Civil arrest; bail; bond; forfeiture; release.
          Section 600.6082 ‑ Imprisonment; segregation from criminals; payment of board.
          Section 600.6083 ‑ Imprisonment; sheriff's liability for escape.
          Section 600.6084 ‑ Imprisonment; discharge; effect.
          Section 600.6085 ‑ Removal or concealment of property to avoid execution; misdemeanor.
          Section 600.6086 ‑ Transfer of property by judgment debtor after commitment; validity.
          Section 600.6091 ‑ Sale of real estate pursuant to judgment; notice; procedure; fees.
          Section 600.6092 ‑ Judgment against absent, concealed, or nonresident defendant; sequestration of realty or personalty; delivery of possession of property; satisfaction out of estate and effects sequestered.
          Section 600.6093 ‑ Recovery of judgment against township, village, city, or county.
          Section 600.6094 ‑ Recovery of judgment for damages against school district or intermediate school district.
          Section 600.6094a ‑ Judgment under MCL 600.6093 or 600.6094; limitation.
          Section 600.6095 ‑ Collection of judgment; against state institution.
          Section 600.6096 ‑ Judgment or claim against department; payment from unencumbered appropriation; identifying information; application of amount to certain liabilities; order of priority; disclosure; definitions.
          Section 600.6097 ‑ Judgment against municipality; issuance of certificates of indebtedness or bonds to pay judgment; amount; interest; sale; duration; bonds not subject to MCL 117.5; “municipality” defined.
          Section 600.6098 ‑ Review of verdict in action alleging medical malpractice or personal injury action; duties of judge; reinstatement of original verdict; affirming orders and judgments granting additur or remittitur.
     236‑1961‑61 ‑ CHAPTER 61 PROCEEDINGS SUPPLEMENTARY TO JUDGMENT (600.6101...600.6143)
          Section 600.6101 ‑ Proceedings supplementary to judgment.
          Section 600.6104 ‑ Powers of judge after rendition of judgment for money.
          Section 600.6107 ‑ Installment payments from income; reasonable value of services to relative; earning ability; modification of order; moneys awarded in matrimonial action; statute of limitations.
          Section 600.6110 ‑ Subpoena requiring appearance of judgment debtor or person having money or property of judgment debtor; affidavit; examination; adjournment; immunity.
          Section 600.6113 ‑ Special proceedings; hearings; attendance, mileage, and expenses of judgment debtor.
          Section 600.6116 ‑ Transfer of debtor's property; duration of restraint.
          Section 600.6119 ‑ Transfer of property by third party; prohibition; violation; contempt; liability; transfer of property apparently belonging to others; duration of restraint.
          Section 600.6122 ‑ Transfer of property by third party; rights of judgment creditor; negotiable instruments.
          Section 600.6125 ‑ Injunction; vacation; bond.
          Section 600.6128 ‑ Trying title to debt or property; third party claimant; jury.
          Section 600.6131 ‑ Prima facie case; burden of proof; proceedings before sale on execution; transfer of property within 1 year prior to commencement of action.
          Section 600.6134 ‑ Fraudulent transfers.
          Section 600.6137 ‑ Payment by debtor of judgment debtor.
          Section 600.6140 ‑ Orders affecting alienability of land; recording.
          Section 600.6143 ‑ Scope of chapter.
     236‑1961‑62 ‑ CHAPTER 62 INSTALLMENT JUDGMENTS (600.6201...600.6251)
          Section 600.6201 ‑ Order permitting payment of judgment in installments; showing.
          Section 600.6205 ‑ Payment of judgment in installments; notice; petition; affidavit; garnishment.
          Section 600.6211 ‑ Judgment; payment by installments; service of notice; hearing; garnishment.
          Section 600.6215 ‑ Cross-examination; order to pay; stay of garnishment.
          Section 600.6221 ‑ Altering amounts and times of installment payments.
          Section 600.6225 ‑ Force and effect of agreement for payment of judgment in installments.
          Section 600.6231 ‑ Garnishment without order prohibited and void; notice of order.
          Section 600.6235 ‑ Judgment; payment by installments; statute of limitations.
          Section 600.6241 ‑ Execution of powers and duties.
          Section 600.6245 ‑ Judgment; payment by installments; collection of judgment; other methods.
          Section 600.6251 ‑ Judgment; payment by installments; record; affidavit for transcript; contents.
     236‑1961‑63 ‑ CHAPTER 63 (600.6301...600.6312)
          Section 600.6301 ‑ Definitions.
          Section 600.6303 ‑ Payment of plaintiff's expense or loss by collateral source; notice to contractual lien holder; failure to exercise right of subrogation; contracts to which subsection (3) applicable; “collateral source” defined; benefits from collateral source as payable or receivable.
          Section 600.6304 ‑ Personal injury action involving fault of more than 1 party to action; instructing jury to answer special interrogatories; findings of court; determining percentages of fault; determining award of damages; release from liability; amount of damages; reducing award of damages; reallocation of uncollectible amount; liability of governmental agency; “fault” defined.
          Section 600.6305 ‑ Verdict or judgment; specific findings; basis of calculation of future damages.
          Section 600.6306 ‑ Entering order of judgment; order; judgment amounts; "gross present cash value" defined; reduced judgment amount.
          Section 600.6306a ‑ Verdict in favor of plaintiff in medical malpractice action; order of judgment; amounts; percentage of fault; reduced judgment amount; joint and severable liability; "gross present cash value" defined.
          Section 600.6307 ‑ Purchase of annuity contract.
          Section 600.6309 ‑ Plan for structured payment of future damages; determination as to future collectibility of annuity contract or qualified assignment; owner of annuity contract; making qualified assignment; effect of qualified assignment; recipients of structured payments guaranteed by annuity contract.
          Section 600.6311 ‑ Certain provisions inapplicable to plaintiff 60 years of age or older.
          Section 600.6312 ‑ Joint and several liability.
     236‑1961‑64 ‑ CHAPTER 64 COURT OF CLAIMS (600.6401...600.6475)
          Section 600.6401 ‑ Court of claims; short title.
          Section 600.6404 ‑ Court of claims; assignment; jurisdiction; pending matters; transfer; disability, disqualification, or inability of judge to attend to matter; death of judge; term; assignment of judge to serve remainder of term; selection of chief judge.
          Section 600.6407 ‑ Sessions; space and equipment.
          Section 600.6410 ‑ Court of appeals clerk as clerk of court of claims; filing cause of action; assignment of judge by blind draw; copies of records, proceedings, and testimony; fees of clerk, reporter, or recorder; no charge to state; service of process.
          Section 600.6413 ‑ Court of claims in court of appeals district.
          Section 600.6416 ‑ Court of claims; representation of state by attorney general or assistants.
          Section 600.6419 ‑ Court of claims; exclusive jurisdiction; exceptions; claims less than $1,000.00; powers and jurisdiction; counterclaims; res judicata; setoff, recoupment, or cross declaration; writs of execution or garnishment; judgment as final; no jurisdiction of claim for compensation under MCL 418.101 to 418.941 and MCL 419.101 to 419.104; jurisdiction of circuit court over certain actions and proceedings; "the state or any of its departments or officers" defined.
          Section 600.6419a ‑ Repealed. 2013, Act 164, Imd. Eff. Nov. 12, 2013.
          Section 600.6420 ‑ Delegation of authority for claim by state employee of $500.00 or less; certification of loss or damage.
          Section 600.6421 ‑ Trial by jury; joinder of cases; court of claims' jurisdiction; subsection (4) inapplicable to matters transferred to court of claims.
          Section 600.6422 ‑ Court of claims; practice and procedure; fees.
          Section 600.6425 ‑ Court of claims; depositions.
          Section 600.6428 ‑ Court of claims; witnesses; power to compel attendance.
          Section 600.6431 ‑ Court of claims; notice of intention to file claim; contents; time; verification; copies.
          Section 600.6434 ‑ Pleadings; verification and service of complaint; copies.
          Section 600.6437 ‑ Court of claims; judgment on stipulated facts.
          Section 600.6440 ‑ Court of claims; remedy in federal court as bar to jurisdiction.
          Section 600.6443 ‑ Court of claims; trial by court without jury; new trial.
          Section 600.6446 ‑ Appeals to court of appeals; procedure; notice of entry of final order or judgment; time for appeal as of right.
          Section 600.6449 ‑ Costs; security for costs on appeal.
          Section 600.6452 ‑ Court of claims; filing of claim; time; limitation of actions; right of attorney general to petition for administration of estate or appoint guardian of minor or disabled.
          Section 600.6455 ‑ Interest rate on judgments; effect of settlement offer; rejection of offer.
          Section 600.6458 ‑ Court of claims; judgment against state; payment.
          Section 600.6461 ‑ Court of claims; clerk's report to legislature; state treasurer and budget director.
          Section 600.6464 ‑ Court of claims; judgment; discharge.
          Section 600.6467 ‑ Court of claims; state agencies to furnish information upon request.
          Section 600.6470 ‑ Court of claims; fraud in connection with claim; forfeiture.
          Section 600.6475 ‑ Court of claims; actions involving negligent operation of motor vehicles or aircraft; defense of governmental function.
     236‑1961‑65 ‑ CHAPTER 65 COURTS OF LIMITED JURISDICTION (600.6501...600.6537)
          Section 600.6501 ‑ Chapter applicable to district court, municipal court, and common pleas court of Detroit; exception.
          Section 600.6502 ‑ Matters governed by statutes and supreme court rules; exception; references to justice courts or justices of the peace.
          Section 600.6511 ‑ Jurisdiction in civil actions at law against school districts.
          Section 600.6521 ‑ Jurisdiction over actions at law; one form of action.
          Section 600.6525 ‑ Municipal court; verdict in civil action.
          Section 600.6536 ‑ Appeal; payment of costs.
          Section 600.6537 ‑ Original jurisdiction over civil infraction actions.
     236‑1961‑66 ‑ CHAPTER 66 JURISDICTION, POWERS AND DUTIES OF JUSTICES OF THE PEACE (600.6601...600.6661)
          Section 600.6601‑600.6661 ‑ Repealed. 1974, Act 297, Eff. Apr. 1, 1975.
          Section 600.6701‑600.6755 ‑ Repealed. 1974, Act 297, Eff. Apr. 1, 1975.
          Section 600.6801‑600.6841 ‑ Repealed. 1974, Act 297, Eff. Apr. 1, 1975.
     236‑1961‑69 ‑ CHAPTER 69 PLEADINGS IN JUSTICE COURT (600.6901...600.6953)
          Section 600.6901‑600.6953 ‑ Repealed. 1974, Act 297, Eff. Apr. 1, 1975.
     236‑1961‑70 ‑ CHAPTER 70 TRIALS IN JUSTICE COURT (600.7001...600.7061)
          Section 600.7001‑600.7061 ‑ Repealed. 1974, Act 297, Eff. Apr. 1, 1975.
     236‑1961‑71 ‑ CHAPTER 71 JUDGMENTS IN JUSTICE COURT (600.7101...600.7137)
          Section 600.7101‑600.7137 ‑ Repealed. 1974, Act 297, Eff. Apr. 1, 1975.
     236‑1961‑72 ‑ CHAPTER 72 EXECUTIONS IN JUSTICE COURT (600.7201...600.7271)
          Section 600.7201‑600.7271 ‑ Repealed. 1974, Act 297, Eff. Apr. 1, 1975.
     236‑1961‑73 ‑ CHAPTER 73 REPLEVIN IN JUSTICE COURT (600.7301...600.7379)
          Section 600.7301‑600.7379 ‑ Repealed. 1974, Act 297, Eff. Apr. 1, 1975.
     236‑1961‑74 ‑ CHAPTER 74 ATTACHMENT IN JUSTICE COURT (600.7401...600.7447)
          Section 600.7401‑600.7447 ‑ Repealed. 1974, Act 297, Eff. Apr. 1, 1975.
     236‑1961‑75 ‑ CHAPTER 75 GARNISHMENT IN JUSTICE COURT (600.7501...600.7585)
          Section 600.7501‑600.7585 ‑ Repealed. 1974, Act 297, Eff. Apr. 1, 1975.
     236‑1961‑76 ‑ CHAPTER 76 FEES OF JUSTICES, JURORS, CONSTABLES AND WITNESSES (600.7601...600.7651)
          Section 600.7601‑600.7651 ‑ Repealed. 1970, Act 37, Imd. Eff. June 24, 1970;—1974, Act 297, Eff. Apr. 1, 1975.
     236‑1961‑77 ‑ CHAPTER 77 APPEALS FROM JUSTICE COURT (600.7701...600.7741)
          Section 600.7701 ‑ Appeal to circuit court.
          Section 600.7703‑600.7741 ‑ Repealed. 1991, Act 144, Imd. Eff. Nov. 25, 1991.
     236‑1961‑78 ‑ CHAPTER 78 CONTEMPTS IN JUSTICE COURT (600.7801...600.7831)
          Section 600.7801‑600.7831 ‑ Repealed. 1974, Act 297, Eff. Apr. 1, 1975.
     236‑1961‑79 ‑ CHAPTER 79 GENERAL PROVISIONS AS TO JUSTICE COURTS (600.7901...600.7975)
          Section 600.7901‑600.7975 ‑ Repealed. 1974, Act 297, Eff. Apr. 1, 1975.
     236‑1961‑80 ‑ CHAPTER 80 THE BUSINESS COURT (600.8001...600.8047)
          Section 600.8001 ‑ Repealed. 2012, Act 333, Eff. Jan. 1, 2013.
          Section 600.8003 ‑ Repealed. 2012, Act 333, Eff. Jan. 1, 2013.
          Section 600.8005 ‑ Repealed. 2012, Act 333, Eff. Jan. 1, 2013.
          Section 600.8007 ‑ Repealed. 2012, Act 333, Eff. Jan. 1, 2013.
          Section 600.8009 ‑ Repealed. 2012, Act 333, Eff. Jan. 1, 2013.
          Section 600.8011 ‑ Repealed. 2012, Act 333, Eff. Jan. 1, 2013.
          Section 600.8013 ‑ Repealed. 2012, Act 333, Eff. Jan. 1, 2013.
          Section 600.8015 ‑ Repealed. 2012, Act 333, Eff. Jan. 1, 2013.
          Section 600.8017 ‑ Repealed. 2012, Act 333, Eff. Jan. 1, 2013.
          Section 600.8019 ‑ Repealed. 2012, Act 333, Eff. Jan. 1, 2013.
          Section 600.8021 ‑ Repealed. 2012, Act 333, Eff. Jan. 1, 2013.
          Section 600.8023 ‑ Repealed. 2012, Act 333, Eff. Jan. 1, 2013.
          Section 600.8025 ‑ Repealed. 2012, Act 333, Eff. Jan. 1, 2013.
          Section 600.8027 ‑ Repealed. 2012, Act 333, Eff. Jan. 1, 2013.
          Section 600.8029 ‑ Repealed. 2006, Act 232, Imd. Eff. June 26, 2006.
          Section 600.8031 ‑ Definitions; business or commercial disputes.
          Section 600.8033 ‑ Business court; operation; plan; administrative order; purpose.
          Section 600.8035 ‑ Business court; jurisdiction; venue; assignment.
          Section 600.8037 ‑ Business court; judges.
          Section 600.8039 ‑ Commencement of action; electronic filing; standards; availability of written opinions; practice and procedure.
          Section 600.8041 ‑ Appeal.
          Section 600.8043 ‑ Judges; training.
          Section 600.8045 ‑ Fees.
          Section 600.8047 ‑ Case pending on pilot business court docket.
     236‑1961‑81 ‑ CHAPTER 81 DISTRICT COURT: ESTABLISHMENT; DISTRICTS (600.8101...600.8181)
          Section 600.8101 ‑ District court; establishment; court of record; judicial districts; city located in more than one district.
          Section 600.8102 ‑ Election divisions; effect.
          Section 600.8103 ‑ Districts, classes; definition.
          Section 600.8104 ‑ “District funding unit” or “district control unit” defined; responsibilities; agreement to share expenses; supplying law books and legal reference resources.
          Section 600.8105 ‑ District court in thirty-sixth district; functioning.
          Section 600.8111 ‑ First district; Monroe county.
          Section 600.8112 ‑ Second district; Lenawee and Hillsdale counties; creation of second-a district and second-b district.
          Section 600.8113 ‑ Third, third-a, and third-b districts.
          Section 600.8114 ‑ Fourth district; Cass county.
          Section 600.8115 ‑ Fifth district.
          Section 600.8116 ‑ Seventh district.
          Section 600.8117 ‑ Eighth district; Kalamazoo county.
          Section 600.8118 ‑ Tenth district; Calhoun county and city of Battle Creek.
          Section 600.8119 ‑ Twelfth district; Jackson county.
          Section 600.8120 ‑ Fourteenth, fourteenth-a, fourteenth-b, and fifteenth districts.
          Section 600.8121 ‑ Sixteenth district to thirty-fifth district.
          Section 600.8121a ‑ Thirty-sixth district.
          Section 600.8122 ‑ Thirty-seventh district to forty-second district.
          Section 600.8123 ‑ Forty-third district to fifty-second district.
          Section 600.8124 ‑ Fifty-third district; Livingston County.
          Section 600.8125 ‑ Fifty-fourth-a district, fifty-fourth-b district, and fifty-fifth district; consolidation by resolution; juror selection requirements.
          Section 600.8126 ‑ Fifty-sixth district; creation of fifty-sixth-a district and fifty-sixth-b district.
          Section 600.8127 ‑ Fifty-seventh district; Allegan county.
          Section 600.8128 ‑ Fifty-eighth district.
          Section 600.8128a ‑ Fifty-ninth district.
          Section 600.8129 ‑ Sixtieth district.
          Section 600.8130 ‑ Sixty-first to sixty-third district.
          Section 600.8131 ‑ Sixty-fourth-a district and sixty-fourth-b district.
          Section 600.8132 ‑ Sixty-fifth-a district; sixty-fifth-b district.
          Section 600.8133 ‑ Sixty-sixth district; Shiawassee county.
          Section 600.8134 ‑ Sixty-seventh and sixty-eighth districts.
          Section 600.8135 ‑ Seventieth district.
          Section 600.8136 ‑ Seventy-first-a and seventy-first-b districts.
          Section 600.8137 ‑ Seventy-second district; St. Clair county.
          Section 600.8138 ‑ Seventy-third-a and seventy-third-b districts.
          Section 600.8139 ‑ Seventy-fourth district; Bay county.
          Section 600.8140 ‑ Seventy-fifth district; Midland county.
          Section 600.8141 ‑ Seventy-sixth district; Isabella county.
          Section 600.8142 ‑ Seventy-seventh district; Mecosta and Osceola counties.
          Section 600.8143 ‑ Seventy-eighth district.
          Section 600.8144 ‑ Seventy-ninth district; Lake and Mason counties.
          Section 600.8145 ‑ Eightieth district; Clare and Gladwin counties.
          Section 600.8146 ‑ Eighty-first district.
          Section 600.8147 ‑ Eighty-second district.
          Section 600.8148 ‑ Eighty-third district.
          Section 600.8149 ‑ Eighty-fourth district; Wexford and Missaukee counties.
          Section 600.8150 ‑ Eighty-fifth district; Manistee and Benzie counties.
          Section 600.8151 ‑ Eighty-sixth district; Grand Traverse, Antrim, and Leelanau counties.
          Section 600.8152 ‑ Eighty-seventh-A district; eighty-seventh-B district; eighty-seventh-C district; Otsego, Kalkaska, and Crawford counties.
          Section 600.8153 ‑ Eighty-eighth district; Alpena and Montmorency counties.
          Section 600.8154 ‑ Eighty-ninth district; Cheboygan and Presque Isle counties.
          Section 600.8155 ‑ Ninetieth district; Emmet and Charlevoix counties.
          Section 600.8156 ‑ Ninety-first district; Chippewa county.
          Section 600.8157 ‑ Ninety-second district; Mackinac and Luce counties.
          Section 600.8158 ‑ Ninety-third district; Schoolcraft and Alger counties.
          Section 600.8159 ‑ Ninety-fourth district; Delta county.
          Section 600.8160 ‑ Ninety-fifth-a district and ninety-fifth-b district.
          Section 600.8161 ‑ Ninety-sixth district; Marquette county.
          Section 600.8162 ‑ Ninety-seventh district.
          Section 600.8163 ‑ Ninety-eighth district; Ontonagon and Gogebic counties.
          Section 600.8164 ‑ Repealed. 1972, Act 169, Imd. Eff. June 15, 1972.
          Section 600.8171 ‑ Changes in districts; supreme court recommendations.
          Section 600.8175 ‑ Additional district judgeships; creation; approval by district control unit; resolution; filing; valid approval of judgeship; notice to elections division; state's obligation; election; first term.
          Section 600.8176 ‑ Creation of new district and judgeship; conditions; notification of elections division; resolution; exercise of option; obligation of state; election and term of judgeship; approval of district control unit not required.
          Section 600.8177 ‑ Consolidation of district of third class with district of second class; procedure.
          Section 600.8178 ‑ Failure to adopt resolution approving consolidation; submission of question to vote of electors; procedure.
          Section 600.8180 ‑ Consolidation of twelfth and thirteenth districts; expenses and capital improvements; judges' salaries; costs of state requirements; filing copies of resolutions and agreements; notification of elections division; transfer of employees; rights and benefits of employees.
          Section 600.8181 ‑ Record of proceedings; reports.
     236‑1961‑82 ‑ CHAPTER 82 DISTRICT JUDGES (600.8201...600.8288)
          Section 600.8201 ‑ District judges; qualifications.
          Section 600.8202 ‑ District judge; annual salary; additional salary; compensation and expenses; increase or decrease in salary; Michigan judges retirement system; evening and Saturday sessions.
          Section 600.8203 ‑ District judges; practice of law prohibited.
          Section 600.8204 ‑ District judges; nonpartisan election.
          Section 600.8212 ‑ Temporary service as district judge in adjoining district.
          Section 600.8221 ‑ Presiding judge; election; term; vacancies; authority.
          Section 600.8222 ‑ District judges; meetings.
          Section 600.8231 ‑ Statewide and regional meetings; purpose; expenses.
          Section 600.8251 ‑ Places of sitting of district court; "population" defined.
          Section 600.8261 ‑ Court facilities.
          Section 600.8262 ‑ Magistrates' facilities.
          Section 600.8263 ‑ Rental of facilities; contracts.
          Section 600.8271 ‑ Operation of district court; appropriation; employer; authority; collective bargaining; appointment, supervision, discipline, or dismissal of employees; transfer of employees; effect of existing collective bargaining agreement; control of employees; applicability of subsections (2) to (11) to employees in thirty-sixth district; employees of abolished courts; chief judge as principal administrator; “locally-funded employees of the district court” defined.
          Section 600.8272 ‑ Repealed. 1996, Act 374, Eff. Oct. 1, 1996.
          Section 600.8273 ‑ Employee of former judicial council serving in thirty-sixth district court as employee of Detroit judicial council or city of Detroit.
          Section 600.8274 ‑ Detroit judicial council; creation; employees of former state judicial council in thirty-sixth district court; employer; authority; collective bargaining; appointment, supervision, discipline, or dismissal of employees; chief judge as principal administrator; transfer of employees; effect of existing collective bargaining agreement; annual leave; state employees' retirement system.
          Section 600.8275 ‑ Employee of state judicial council serving in thirty-sixth district court; member of state employees' retirement system; submission of reports and contributions.
          Section 600.8281 ‑ Clerk of court and deputy clerks; appointment; term.
          Section 600.8283 ‑ Court security.
          Section 600.8286‑600.8288 ‑ Repealed. 1981, Act 146, Eff. Jan. 1, 1983.
     236‑1961‑83 ‑ CHAPTER 83 DISTRICT COURT: JURISDICTION; POWERS (600.8301...600.8396)
          Section 600.8301 ‑ Exclusive jurisdiction in civil actions; jurisdiction over civil infraction actions.
          Section 600.8302 ‑ Equitable jurisdiction and authority; injunctive order; order rescinding or reforming contract; equitable claims; judgment or order; jurisdiction and authority of district and circuit courts.
          Section 600.8303 ‑ Forfeiture proceedings under chapter 47.
          Section 600.8304 ‑ District court; jurisdiction.
          Section 600.8306 ‑ Power with respect to attachment and garnishment; conditions upon which relief available; compliance with rules; garnishment proceedings as auxiliary actions; fees.
          Section 600.8307 ‑ Actions as cause of discipline or discharge of principal defendant from employment; reinstatement; civil action.
          Section 600.8308 ‑ Unlawful taking or detention of goods or chattels; civil action to recover possession; power of district court, municipal court, and common pleas court; conditions; delivery before judgment.
          Section 600.8311 ‑ District court; jurisdiction.
          Section 600.8312 ‑ Venue.
          Section 600.8313 ‑ Prosecution of violations; exception.
          Section 600.8314 ‑ Probation departments.
          Section 600.8315 ‑ Actions prohibited; exception.
          Section 600.8316 ‑ Marriages; authority to perform; fee; indigent parties; waiver.
          Section 600.8317 ‑ Powers of district court.
          Section 600.8318 ‑ Pleadings and procedures; rules.
          Section 600.8319 ‑ Basis and exercise of jurisdiction.
          Section 600.8320 ‑ Definitions; multiple district plans; assignment as district judge.
          Section 600.8321 ‑ Civil process; service.
          Section 600.8322 ‑ Bailiff of common pleas court as bailiff of thirty-sixth district court; court officer; rotation of process; surety bond; powers; bearing of arms; term; vacancy; peace officer; record of financial transaction; audit; compensation; contributions to retirement system in which bailiff member; payment to Wayne county retirement system; review of retirement fund; copies of actuarial reports.
          Section 600.8323 ‑ District court; witnesses, fees; payment.
          Section 600.8326 ‑ Service of process; schedule of fees; mileage rate.
          Section 600.8331 ‑ Proceedings to be recorded.
          Section 600.8341 ‑ Appeals on record.
          Section 600.8342 ‑ Appeals from district court; appeals to court of appeals from circuit court or recorder's court; appeals based on pleas of guilty or nolo contendere.
          Section 600.8343 ‑ Judgments of abolished courts.
          Section 600.8344 ‑ Register of actions as replacement for destroyed paper upon which judgment entered; applicability of section.
          Section 600.8345 ‑ Causes transferred from abolished courts.
          Section 600.8351 ‑ Jurors; selection; compensation; failure to respond to jury duty.
          Section 600.8353 ‑ Civil jury; number; verdict.
          Section 600.8355 ‑ Criminal jury; number; verdict.
          Section 600.8361 ‑ Repealed. 1984, Act 278, Eff. Jan. 1, 1985.
          Section 600.8371 ‑ Filing fees paid to clerk of district court; disposition; waiver or suspension; exception; filing fee for civil action; fee in trial by jury; motion filing fees.
          Section 600.8372, 600.8373 ‑ Repealed. 1993, Act 189, Imd. Eff. Oct. 8, 1993.
          Section 600.8375 ‑ Assessment of costs.
          Section 600.8379 ‑ Fines and costs assessed in district court; payment; disposition; definitions.
          Section 600.8381 ‑ Fines and costs; conviction; civil infraction determination, guilty plea, or civil infraction admission; disposition; court filing fee report; definitions.
          Section 600.8391 ‑ Traffic bureau; establishment; administration; purpose; authority over personnel; location and number of offices; appeals.
          Section 600.8392 ‑ State civil infraction bureau.
          Section 600.8395 ‑ Parking violations bureau; establishment; purpose; operating expense; operation by downtown development authority; definition.
          Section 600.8396 ‑ Municipal ordinance violations bureau.
     236‑1961‑84 ‑ CHAPTER 84 SMALL CLAIMS DIVISION (600.8401...600.8427)
          Section 600.8401 ‑ Small claims division; creation; judge; jurisdiction.
          Section 600.8401a ‑ Instruction sheets.
          Section 600.8402 ‑ Commencement of action; filing, form, and contents of affidavit; notice; name of plaintiff; removal; waiver.
          Section 600.8403 ‑ Affidavit forms; availability; preparation.
          Section 600.8404 ‑ Service of affidavit and notice on defendant; form and contents of notice; evening and Saturday court hours.
          Section 600.8405 ‑ Service; manner; proof.
          Section 600.8406 ‑ Appearances; copy of affidavit and notice of hearing; application for new notice; jurisdiction to render judgment; continuance.
          Section 600.8407 ‑ Filing of claim in small claims division; restrictions.
          Section 600.8408 ‑ Parties; representation; request for trial before district court judge; removal; waiver.
          Section 600.8409 ‑ Attachment or garnishment prohibited; execution; judgment, enforcement; instruction sheets.
          Section 600.8410 ‑ Settlement; payment of judgment; execution, attachment, or garnishment; warning; examination of assets; payment of judgment in full; copy of judgment.
          Section 600.8410a ‑ Writ of garnishment as to periodic payments issued by small claims division of district court; duration.
          Section 600.8411 ‑ Removal; waiver; hearings; manner of conducting; no jury or verbatim record.
          Section 600.8412 ‑ Waiver of rights.
          Section 600.8413 ‑ Judgments; conclusiveness; form.
          Section 600.8415 ‑ Venue of actions.
          Section 600.8416 ‑ Location of small claims division; filing of claims after regular court hours; scheduling of small claims hearings; hearings after regular court hours.
          Section 600.8418 ‑ Judgments; certification.
          Section 600.8419 ‑ Forms and stationery.
          Section 600.8420 ‑ Fees; disposition.
          Section 600.8421 ‑ Costs to prevailing party.
          Section 600.8422 ‑ Counterclaim; continuance.
          Section 600.8423 ‑ Separate action by defendant; transmittal fee; transfer of cause.
          Section 600.8424 ‑ Actions for fraud, libel, slander, assault, battery, or other intentional torts; governmental agency as party.
          Section 600.8425 ‑ Limitation on claim or recovery; amendment increasing amount claimed.
          Section 600.8426 ‑ Name in which defendant sued; validity of judgment.
          Section 600.8427 ‑ Conduct of small claims hearing by district court judge or magistrate; appeal.
     236‑1961‑85 ‑ CHAPTER 85 MAGISTRATES (600.8501...600.8555)
          Section 600.8501 ‑ District court magistrates; number; appointment; approval; qualifications; thirty-sixth district.
          Section 600.8503 ‑ District court of first or second class; clerk or deputy clerk as magistrate.
          Section 600.8507 ‑ Magistrates; qualifications; term; oath; bond; temporarily absent or incapacitated magistrate; ordering temporary service of magistrate of another county; reimbursement; service of magistrate in another county; service of magistrate pursuant to multiple district plan.
          Section 600.8509 ‑ Repealed. 1969, Act 333, Imd. Eff. Nov. 4, 1969.
          Section 600.8511 ‑ District court magistrate; jurisdiction and duties.
          Section 600.8512 ‑ Authority of district court magistrate; special training course in traffic law and sanctions; limitation on authority.
          Section 600.8512a ‑ Powers of district court magistrate generally.
          Section 600.8513 ‑ Additional powers of district court magistrate; judicial immunity.
          Section 600.8514 ‑ Administration of oaths; examination of witnesses; findings of fact and conclusions of law; recommending judgment; functions of magistrate.
          Section 600.8515 ‑ Appeals.
          Section 600.8521 ‑ Magistrates; compensation.
          Section 600.8525 ‑ Practice of law prohibited.
          Section 600.8535 ‑ Disposition of fines and costs.
          Section 600.8541 ‑ Superintending control of district judge; limitation; functions and duties of district judge in chambers.
          Section 600.8545 ‑ Small claims division; duties.
          Section 600.8551 ‑ Magistrates to sit at county seat, city, or other determined location.
          Section 600.8555 ‑ Repealed. 2005, Act 326, Imd. Eff. Dec. 27, 2005.
     236‑1961‑86 ‑ CHAPTER 86 RECORDERS AND STENOGRAPHERS (600.8601...600.8635)
          Section 600.8601 ‑ Certified recorder or reporter; number; functions and duties.
          Section 600.8602 ‑ Appointment of recorder or reporter; appointment of additional recorders or reporters; functions and duties.
          Section 600.8611 ‑ Repealed. 2005, Act 326, Imd. Eff. Dec. 27, 2005.
          Section 600.8615 ‑ Annual salary of district court recorders or reporters.
          Section 600.8621 ‑ Court recorders and reporters; salaries; payment; contributions; recording devices.
          Section 600.8625 ‑ Recorders or reporters; expenses; sworn statement; order.
          Section 600.8626 ‑ Residence of recorder or reporter.
          Section 600.8631 ‑ Fees for transcripts; fees as part of taxable costs.
          Section 600.8635 ‑ Reduction of record to writing; costs; transcript of trial or other proceeding ordered other than for filing.
     236‑1961‑87 ‑ CHAPTER 87 MUNICIPAL CIVIL INFRACTIONS (600.8701...600.8735)
          Section 600.8701 ‑ Definitions.
          Section 600.8703 ‑ Municipal civil infraction; commencement; political subdivision as plaintiff; jurisdiction of courts; time and place of appearance.
          Section 600.8705 ‑ Citation; numbering; form; contents; modification; treatment as under oath.
          Section 600.8707 ‑ Citation; preparation; issuance; service; municipal ordinance violation notice.
          Section 600.8709 ‑ Citation; contents; trailway municipal civil infraction.
          Section 600.8711 ‑ Citation; admission; denial of responsibility; filing of sworn complaint; failure to appear; warrant for arrest.
          Section 600.8713 ‑ Materially false statement; penalty.
          Section 600.8715 ‑ Citation; appearance; response to allegations; acceptance of admission; sanctions; admission of responsibility with explanation; effect; denial of responsibility; hearing.
          Section 600.8717 ‑ Request for formal hearing.
          Section 600.8719 ‑ Informal hearing.
          Section 600.8721 ‑ Formal hearing.
          Section 600.8723 ‑ Failure to appear; default judgment.
          Section 600.8725 ‑ Issuance of citation; fee prohibited; violation.
          Section 600.8727 ‑ Municipal civil infraction; civil fine, costs, justice system assessments, damages, and expenses.
          Section 600.8729 ‑ Payment of fine, costs, assessment, damages, or expenses; default as civil contempt.
          Section 600.8731 ‑ Violation involving land, building, or other structure; nonpayment of civil fine, costs, or installment; lien.
          Section 600.8733 ‑ Trailway municipal civil infraction; seizure and impoundment of vehicle; lien; bond; payments; forfeiture and application of bond; enforcement of lien by foreclosure sale; notice; distribution of proceeds.
          Section 600.8735 ‑ Municipal civil infraction; additional costs.
     236‑1961‑88 ‑ CHAPTER 88 STATE CIVIL INFRACTIONS (600.8801...600.8835)
          Section 600.8801 ‑ Applicability of chapter; definitions.
          Section 600.8803 ‑ State civil infraction; commencement of action; state as plaintiff; jurisdiction; time; place; venue; rights of minor.
          Section 600.8805 ‑ Citation; numbering; parts; modification; complaint treated as under oath.
          Section 600.8807 ‑ Issuance of citation by law enforcement officer.
          Section 600.8808 ‑ Citation issued to nonresident of state; leaving deposit with officer or court; failure to appear; default judgment.
          Section 600.8809 ‑ Citation; contents.
          Section 600.8811 ‑ Civil infraction; citation; necessity of sworn complaint.
          Section 600.8813 ‑ Citation; materially false statement knowingly made by officer; felony; penalty.
          Section 600.8815 ‑ Citation; response to allegations.
          Section 600.8819 ‑ Informal hearing.
          Section 600.8821 ‑ Formal hearing.
          Section 600.8823 ‑ Failure of defendant to appear at scheduled appearance, informal hearing, or formal hearing; failure of officer to appear at informal hearing; failure of prosecutor to appear at formal hearing.
          Section 600.8825 ‑ Acceptance of fee by law enforcement officer prohibited.
          Section 600.8827 ‑ Sanctions.
          Section 600.8829 ‑ Default in payment of fines, costs, assessment, or installment.
          Section 600.8831 ‑ Fines ordered under MCL 600.8827; application to libraries.
          Section 600.8835 ‑ Additional costs.
     236‑1961‑91 ‑ CHAPTER 91 STATE JUDICIAL COUNCIL (600.9101...600.9109)
          Section 600.9101‑600.9107 ‑ Repealed. 1996, Act 374, Eff. Oct. 1, 1996.
          Section 600.9108 ‑ State judicial council; pay raises and benefit plan changes prohibited.
          Section 600.9109 ‑ Payroll services.
     236‑1961‑99 ‑ CHAPTER 99 REPEALS, SAVINGS CLAUSE AND EFFECTIVE DATE (600.9901...600.9948)
          Section 600.9901 ‑ Repeal.
          Section 600.9905 ‑ Savings clause; special cases and proceedings; law applicable.
          Section 600.9906 ‑ Special nonsevering clause as to court fees and retirement funds.
          Section 600.9911 ‑ Effective date of act.
          Section 600.9921 ‑ Courts abolished; extension of term of certain judges.
          Section 600.9922 ‑ Transfer of duties and powers to district court; circuit court referees.
          Section 600.9923 ‑ Municipal judges in third class districts.
          Section 600.9924 ‑ Transfer of files, records, funds, and pending cases of abolished courts to district court; powers and jurisdiction of district court; orders and judgments appealable; exceptions; effect of reconstituting district court districts into single district.
          Section 600.9924a ‑ Destruction of documents or records; exceptions; right to move for order setting aside conviction.
          Section 600.9925 ‑ Primary election in 1968.
          Section 600.9926 ‑ Election in 1968; terms.
          Section 600.9926a ‑ Repealed. 1982, Act 149, Imd. Eff. May 6, 1982.
          Section 600.9927 ‑ Election of 1968; terms; determination.
          Section 600.9928 ‑ Municipal courts; third class district; retention in certain cities.
          Section 600.9930 ‑ Municipal courts; abolition; function of district court; judges; transfer of cases; employees; municipal judge as district judge; retention of municipal court; resolutions; filing.
          Section 600.9931 ‑ Detroit recorder's court; abolishment; merger; incumbent judges; transfer of files, records, and pending cases; jurisdiction; appropriation by Wayne county; appointment, supervision, discipline, or dismissal of employees; personal property of court; reimbursement.
          Section 600.9932 ‑ Judge of municipal court of record; chief judge; recorder; salary; additional salary; increase; cost-of-living allowance or other cash.
          Section 600.9934 ‑ Commencement of district court function in forty-fifth-a and forty-fifth-b districts; abolition of municipal courts; judges of forty-fifth-a and forty-fifth-b districts; terms; affidavit of candidacy; designation of judge on ballot.
          Section 600.9935 ‑ Twenty-fourth, twenty-fifth, and twenty-seventh districts; commencement of district courts and abolition of municipal courts; municipal or associate municipal judges as judges of district courts; election to district court; affidavit of candidacy; designation on ballot; terms of district judges; certain elections canceled or rendered null and void.
          Section 600.9936 ‑ Fortieth district and fourth division of fifty-second district; commencement of district courts and abolition of municipal courts; municipal or associate municipal judges as judges of district court; election to district court; affidavit of candidacy; designation on ballot; terms of district judges.
          Section 600.9937 ‑ Twenty-sixth, twenty-eighth, thirtieth, thirty-first, thirty-second-a, and sixty-second-b districts; commencement of district courts and abolition of municipal courts; municipal judge as district court judge; reduction of district judges by 1; election to district court; affidavit of candidacy; designation on ballot; election and terms of district judges.
          Section 600.9938 ‑ Twenty-third and fifty-ninth districts; commencement of district courts and abolition of municipal courts; municipal judges as district court judges; election to district court; affidavit of candidacy; designation on ballot; terms of district judges; election and term of district judge in fifty-ninth district.
          Section 600.9938a ‑ Thirty-eighth district; function and establishment of district court.
          Section 600.9939 ‑ Causes of action transferred to district court valid and subsisting; orders and judgments appealable; rights and privileges applicable to employees of abolished municipal courts.
          Section 600.9940 ‑ District court; thirty-second-b district; abolishment of municipal courts; expiration of terms of incumbent municipal judges; election and term of district court judge; causes of action, orders, and judgments; rights and privileges of employees of abolished municipal courts; resolution approving establishment of district court and district judgeship; adoption and filing; notice to state court administrator; second district court judgeship; effect of approval; expenses and capital improvements; obligation of state.
          Section 600.9941 ‑ District court in thirty-sixth district; commencement; abolition of common pleas court and traffic and ordinance division of recorder's court; election of district judges; incumbent judge of common pleas court as judge of district court; affidavit of candidacy; elections to fill new district judgeships; terms.
          Section 600.9943 ‑ District court in thirty-sixth district; administrative duties and powers; facilities.
          Section 600.9944 ‑ Repealed. 1996, Act 374, Eff. Oct. 1, 1996.
          Section 600.9945 ‑ District court in thirty-sixth district; definitions; ownership and use of personal property; reimbursement of state for property removed and for compensation of employees; payments to state in quarterly installments; appropriation of funds for operating and maintaining court; cost of new facilities; revenue generated by parking violation bureau; audits; applicability of subsections (1) and (3) through (9).
          Section 600.9946 ‑ Expired. 1981, Act 2, Eff. June 30, 1985.
          Section 600.9947 ‑ Appropriation of funds; purpose; applicability of section; trial court operational expenses; monitor of ratio of court operational expenses to court revenues; report; offset to funds to which county or district funding unit entitled under subsection (1); “court revenues” defined; receipt of funds by county or political subdivision.
          Section 600.9948 ‑ Repealed. 2002, Act 92, Eff. Mar. 31, 2003.
Act 65 of 2017 ‑ TRIAL COURT FUNDING ACT (600.11101 - 600.11105)
     Section 600.11101 ‑ Short title.
     Section 600.11102 ‑ "Commission" defined.
     Section 600.11103 ‑ Trial court funding commission; creation; membership; qualifications; appointment; duration of service; vacancy; meeting; chairperson; compensation; expenses; removal of member; quorum; procedures and requirements; business conducted at public meeting; writings subject to freedom of information act.
     Section 600.11104 ‑ Duties of commission.
     Section 600.11105 ‑ Repeal of act.

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