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Michigan Compiled Laws Complete Through PA 38 of 2023
House: Adjourned until Tuesday, June 6, 2023 1:30:00 PM
Senate: Adjourned until Tuesday, June 6, 2023 10:00:00 AM

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Committee Meeting
Meetings by bodies of elected members delegated by the House or Senate to consider and make recommendations concerning disposition of bills, resolutions, and other related matters referred to them. Committees are appointed by the Speaker of the House or the Senate Majority Leader and are organized according to subject matter.

Committee(s) Judiciary and Public Safety
ChairSen. Roger Victory
Clerk NameJackie Mosher
Clerk Phone517.373.5312
LocationRoom 1100, Binsfeld Office Building, 201 Townsend Street, Lansing, MI 48933
DateTuesday, 11/29/2022 Cancelled
Time08:30 AM Cancelled
Time Notes
AgendaHB 4898 (Rep. Graham Filler) Probate: other; general amendments to the estates and protected individuals code; provide for.

HB 4899 (Rep. Graham Filler) Vehicles: title; transfer of ownership of vehicle to surviving spouse or heir after owner's death; modify maximum value and adjust for cost of living.

HB 4900 (Rep. Kyra Bolden) Probate: other; uniform transfers to minors act; modify amount of transfer allowed.

HB 4901 (Rep. Kyra Bolden) Watercraft: other; watercraft eligible for issuance of certificate of title transferring deceased owner's interest; increase maximum value of, subject to Consumer Price Index.

HB 4243 (Rep. Julie Alexander) Crimes: controlled substances; crime of manufacturing, delivering, or possession of with intent to deliver heroin or fentanyl; modify to reflect changes in sentencing guidelines.

HB 4244 (Rep. Sarah Anthony) Crimes: controlled substances; sentencing guidelines for delivering, manufacturing, or possessing with intent to deliver heroin or fentanyl; amend.

HB 4245 (Rep. David LaGrand) Criminal procedure: probation; probation for certain major controlled substances offenses; allow.

HB 4240 (Rep. Jeff Yaroch) Criminal procedure: forfeiture; disposition of funds from civil asset forfeiture; clarify.

HB 4241 (Rep. Douglas Wozniak) Criminal procedure: forfeiture; disposal of funds from seized vehicles; clarify.

HB 4071 (Rep. Bronna Kahle) Crimes: abuse; abuse of a vulnerable child as second degree child abuse; include.

HB 4072 (Rep. Julie Calley) Criminal procedure: sentencing guidelines; sentencing guidelines for abuse of vulnerable child; enact.

SB 1114 (Sen. Michael D. MacDonald) Family law: marriage and divorce; minimum entered into by a person under 18 years of age; void.

SB 1115 (Sen. Sylvia Santana) Family law: marriage and divorce; minimum age of consent for marriage; establish at 18.

SB 1116 (Sen. Sylvia Santana) Family law: marriage and divorce; minimum without publicity for persons under 18 years of age; prohibit.

SB 1117 (Sen. Michael D. MacDonald) Children: other; certain obligations of minor children released upon marriage; clarify.

SB 1118 (Sen. Wayne A. Schmidt) Probate: other; references to a “married minor” in the estates and protected individuals code; eliminate.

SB 1119 (Sen. Rosemary Bayer) Family law: marriage and divorce; right for emancipated minor to marry; revoke.

SB 1120 (Sen. Marshall Bullock) Family law: marriage and divorce; action to annul a marriage based on legal age of consent; modify.

SB 1121 (Sen. Mark Huizenga) Children: other; marriage license as documentation of emancipation; prohibit.

SB 1122 (Sen. Erika Geiss) Children: other; reference to marriage of minor child in safe families for children act; remove.

SB 1123 (Sen. Michael D. MacDonald) Crimes: criminal sexual conduct; references to married minors in the Michigan penal code; modify.

And any other business properly before the committee.

In the spirit of compliance with the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA), individuals with a disability should feel free to contact the Senate Business Office by phone [(517) 373-1675] or email senbusinessoffice@senate.michigan.gov if requesting special services to effectively participate in the meeting.

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