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Section 168.677

Act 116 of 1954

168.677 Precinct election inspector; qualifications; application; contents; candidates ineligible; appointment.

Sec. 677.

  (1) Except as otherwise provided in subsection (4), a precinct election inspector must be a qualified and registered elector of this state, must have a good reputation, and must have sufficient education and clerical ability to perform the duties of the office. A person must not be appointed to a board of election inspectors unless the person has filed an application with a city or township clerk in that county where the individual wishes to serve as election inspector.
  (2) The application must be in his or her own handwriting and must contain the applicant's name, home address, ward and precinct registration if any, date of birth, political party affiliation, education, employment, and other experience qualifications. The application must provide a certification that the applicant is not a member or a known active advocate, as that term is defined in section 674, of a political party other than the one entered on the application. The form of the application under this section must be approved by the state director of elections. The clerk shall maintain a file of applications filed under this section and make the applications available for public inspection at the clerk's office during normal business hours.
  (3) A person must not be knowingly appointed or permitted to act as a precinct election inspector if the person or any member of his or her immediate family is a candidate for nomination or election to any office at the election or who has been convicted of a felony or election crime. A person must not be permitted to act as an election inspector if he or she has failed to attend a school of instruction or failed to take an examination as provided in section 683. This section does not prohibit the candidate for or delegate to a political party convention from acting as an election inspector in a precinct other than the precinct in which he or she resides. An election must not be invalidated merely because of the violation of the provisions of this section.
  (4) Except as otherwise provided in this subsection and subject to subsection (5), a person who is 16 or 17 years of age may be appointed to a board of election inspectors. Before a person may be appointed under this subsection, the first 3 members of the board required to be appointed under section 672 must meet the requirements of subsections (1) to (3). A person who is appointed under this subsection must meet the requirements of subsections (1) to (3) other than being a qualified and registered elector of this state. A person who is appointed under this subsection is not eligible to be designated as chairperson of the board under section 674.
  (5) If a person seeking appointment to a board of election inspectors under subsection (4) is attending a K-12 school and if an election falls on a school day, the person shall provide to the clerk, along with the application filed under subsections (1) and (2), a written document from his or her school specifically acknowledging that person's application for appointment to the board of election inspectors and specifically excusing that person from school on the date of service, if the appointment is made.

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