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Act 451 of 1994
Part 615

Section 324.61501SectionDefinitions.
Section 324.61502SectionConstruction of part.
Section 324.61503SectionSupervisor of wells; assistants; commission as appeal board; hearing; compensation and expenses; office.
Section 324.61503aSectionGas lease; duties of lessee; monthly revenue statements and payments; initiation; deferment.
Section 324.61503bSectionPostproduction costs.
Section 324.61503cSectionViolation of MCL 324.61503a or MCL 324.61503b; penalty; injunction or damages; separate offenses; recovery of postproduction costs and attorney fees; notice.
Section 324.61504SectionWaste prohibited.
Section 324.61505SectionSupervisor of wells; jurisdiction; authority; enforcement of part.
Section 324.61505aSectionDrilling permit for well beneath lake bottomlands for exploration or production of oil or gas; condition.
Section 324.61506SectionSupervisor of wells; powers and duties generally.
Section 324.61506aSectionNotice of violation.
Section 324.61506bSectionConditions prohibiting issuance of permit or authorization to drill oil or gas well; waiver; exception.
Section 324.61506cSectionToll-free telephone number; maintenance; use.
Section 324.61507SectionPrevention of waste; procedure; hearing; rules; orders.
Section 324.61508SectionRules of order or procedure in hearings or other proceedings; entering in book; copy of rule or order as evidence; availability of writings to public.
Section 324.61509SectionHearings; subpoena; witnesses and production of books; incriminating testimony.
Section 324.61510SectionFailure to comply with subpoena; refusal to testify; attachment; contempt; fees and mileage of witnesses.
Section 324.61511SectionFalse swearing as perjury; penalty.
Section 324.61512SectionAllocation or distribution of allowable production in well, field, or pool; basis.
Section 324.61513SectionProration or distribution of allowable production among wells; basis; drilling unit; unnecessary wells; pooling of properties; location of well; exceptions; minimum allowable production; allowable production pursuant to rules or orders.
Section 324.61513aSectionPooling of properties not required.
Section 324.61514SectionCertificates of clearance or tenders; issuance.
Section 324.61515SectionHandling or disposition of illegal oil or gas; penalty.
Section 324.61516SectionRule or order; public hearings required; emergency rules or orders without public hearing; requirements for public hearings held pertaining to pooling of properties.
Section 324.61517SectionActions against department or commission; jurisdiction of Ingham county circuit court; injunction or restraining order; actions pertaining to pooling of properties.
Section 324.61518SectionEnforcement of part and rules; representation by attorney general; complaint; proceedings; powers of supervisor; exception.
Section 324.61519SectionFailure of owner or operator to obtain permit or to construct, operate, maintain, case, plug, or repair well; notice of determination; liability; claims.
Section 324.61520SectionAbandoning well without properly plugging; violation of part or rule; penalty; liability of owner; “owner” and “operator” defined.
Section 324.61521SectionUnlawful acts; penalties.
Section 324.61522SectionViolations of part, rule, or order; penalties.
Section 324.61523SectionConfiscation of illegal oil or gas, oil or gas products, conveyances, and containers; notice; seizure; sale; intervention.
Section 324.61524SectionFee for monitoring, surveillance, enforcement, and administration of part.
Section 324.61525SectionPermit to drill well; application; bond; posting; fee; issuance; disposition of fees; availability of information pertaining to applications; information provided to city, village, or township.
Section 324.61525aSectionAnnual well regulatory fee; report.
Section 324.61525bSectionOil and gas regulatory fund; creation; disposition of money or other assets; lapse; expenditures; annual report.
Section 324.61526SectionPart cumulative; conflicting provisions repealed; exception.
Section 324.61527SectionApplicability of part.
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