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Michigan Compiled Laws Complete Through PA 428 and includes 430-457 of 2018
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Please note: PA numbers 632 through 690 were updated on January 4th.

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Act 451 of 1994
Part 625

Section 324.62501SectionDefinitions.
Section 324.62502SectionWaste prohibited.
Section 324.62503SectionSupervisor of mineral wells; appointment of assistants; salaries; expenses.
Section 324.62504SectionAppeal board; persons entitled to appeal; hearing; right to be heard.
Section 324.62505SectionAdministration and enforcement of part; jurisdiction of supervisor.
Section 324.62506SectionPrevention of waste; rules; waste; enforcement.
Section 324.62506aSectionDefinitions; drilling multisource commercial hazardous waste disposal well; construction permit required; construction of section.
Section 324.62507SectionEmergency orders; issuance; duration.
Section 324.62508SectionSupervisor of mineral wells; powers.
Section 324.62509SectionDrilling or conversion permits; application; bond; permit not required; blanket permit; confidentiality of information, records, logs, and reports; fees.
Section 324.62509aSectionMineral well regulatory fee.
Section 324.62509bSectionMineral well regulatory fund.
Section 324.62510SectionEnforcement of part and rules; jurisdiction of court; representation by attorney general.
Section 324.62511SectionSuits against supervisor, commission, agent or employee; jurisdiction of Ingham county circuit court.
Section 324.62512SectionHearing; notice of time, place, and issues; service in form of notice by registered mail; responsibility for publication of notice and payment.
Section 324.62513SectionPersons authorized to conduct hearings and investigations; acts by supervisor's deputy or representative; effect.
Section 324.62514SectionSupervisor of mineral wells; power to summon witnesses, administer oaths, require production of documents; noncompliance; contempt.
Section 324.62515SectionFailure to case, seal, operate, repair, or plug wells; notice; expense of repair or correction; collection.
Section 324.62516SectionProhibited acts.
Section 324.62517SectionViolations; penalties.
Section 324.62518SectionConstruction of part.
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