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NOTE: Dates reflect any modification to item, not necessarily a change in law.

Act 207 of 1941 ‑ FIRE PREVENTION CODE (29.1 - 29.34)
     Section 29.1 ‑ Definitions.
     Section 29.1a ‑ Short title.
     Section 29.1b ‑ Bureau of fire services; creation; state fire marshal as head of bureau; membership; powers and duties; financial transactions and records.
     Section 29.1c ‑ Bureau of fire services; duties; powers.
     Section 29.1d ‑ State fire marshal; duties.
     Section 29.1e ‑ Uniforms, equipment, and other articles; prohibited acts; violation; penalty; "facsimile" defined.
     Section 29.2 ‑ Administration and enforcement of act.
     Section 29.2a ‑ Rules; promulgation; ad hoc committees.
     Section 29.2b ‑ Delegation of authority to enforce fire safety rules; certification of individuals; rules; ordinances; fire inspectors; duration, renewal, and revocation of delegated authority; review of decisions.
     Section 29.2c ‑ Hospital operation and maintenance inspection fees; plan review and construction inspection fees for hospitals and schools; disposition; establishment of fee schedule.
     Section 29.3 ‑ Repealed. 1965, Act 200, Imd. Eff. July 16, 1965.
     Section 29.3a ‑ Repealed. 1978, Act 3, Imd. Eff. Feb. 7, 1978.
     Section 29.3b ‑ State fire safety board; creation; appointment, qualifications, terms, and removal of members; quorum; voting; hearing; chairperson; regular and special meetings; conducting business at public meeting; expenses; appropriation; minutes; record; availability of certain writings to public; confidentiality; reports, analyses, or summaries.
     Section 29.3c ‑ Rules; review and consideration; variation of application of rule; board as hearing body; modification of ruling or interpretation; decision; exemption.
     Section 29.3d ‑ Repealed. 2006, Act 189, Imd. Eff. June 19, 2006.
     Section 29.3e ‑ Rules pertaining to uniform fire safety requirements.
     Section 29.4 ‑ Fire incident report; report of fire by fire insurance company; reporting fires where arson suspected; request for release of information relative to fire loss; notice and information where incendiary means suspected; liability for furnishing information; confidentiality; testimony in civil action or administrative hearing; “insurance company” defined.
     Section 29.5 ‑ Hazardous materials or other substances.
     Section 29.5a ‑ Inspection of vehicle transporting hazardous material; violation; notice of condemnation; allowing vehicle to proceed to make deliveries; return and repair of vehicle; impounding vehicle; temporary release; notice of correction of conditions; reinspection; release upon compliance and payment of expenses; notice; conduct by official.
     Section 29.5b ‑ Repealed. 1996, Act 152, Imd. Eff. Mar. 25, 1996.
     Section 29.5c ‑ Filling or storage locations; certificate; approval of department of environmental quality; exception.
     Section 29.5d ‑ Issuance of certificates; authorization to conduct inspections; annual fee; revocation of authorization; exemptions; review of procedures; installation application; fee per tank; waiver; payment and amount of fees; exemptions; certain local ordinance prohibited; collection and disposition of fees; creation of hazardous materials storage tank regulatory enforcement fund.
     Section 29.5e ‑ Finding of noncompliance; revoking or denying renewal of certificate; order.
     Section 29.5f ‑ Repealed. 1996, Act 152, Imd. Eff. Mar. 25, 1996.
     Section 29.5g ‑ Fire, explosion, spill, leak, accident, or related occurrence; notice of details.
     Section 29.5h ‑ Bureau of fire services; duties generally.
     Section 29.5i ‑ Dry cleaning operation using flammable liquid; certificate required; amount and adjustment of fee; application of section; "class IV installation" defined.
     Section 29.5j ‑ Terminal at which tank filled by pipeline; high level alarm system; testing; plans and specifications; final inspection; fire and emergency plan.
     Section 29.5k ‑ Attended terminal at which tank filled by pipeline; high level alarm system.
     Section 29.5l ‑ Unattended terminal at which tank filled by pipeline; high level alarm system.
     Section 29.5m ‑ Remote control terminal at which tank filled by pipeline; high level alarm system; equipment; sounding of audible trouble alarm.
     Section 29.5n ‑ Delivery of flammable liquid into above ground liquid storage tank by pipeline at remote control terminal; conditions.
     Section 29.5o ‑ Additional safety equipment and procedures required by director of department of environmental quality; requesting variation of requirements; local ordinances.
     Section 29.5p ‑ Information regarding hazardous chemicals in workplace; request; list; material safety data sheet; description of quantity and location of hazardous chemical; time extension; availability of information; rules; update of information; limitation.
     Section 29.6 ‑ Investigation and inquiry into cause or origin of fire; entering and inspecting building or premises; demonstration fire resulting in death or injury; "injury" defined.
     Section 29.7 ‑ Crime or other offense committed in connection with fire; inquiry; subpoenas; oaths or affirmations; perjury; aid of circuit court; court order; contempt; self-incrimination; exception.
     Section 29.7a ‑ Conditions dangerous to persons or property; restrictions and requirements; investigation of causes and effects.
     Section 29.7b ‑ Tents; requirements for resistance to fire; exceptions; camping tentage of new manufacture.
     Section 29.7c ‑ Liability of persons providing assistance upon request of state fire marshal; issuance of identification.
     Section 29.8 ‑ Fire hazard; inspection and examination of building or premises; findings, report, and recommendations.
     Section 29.9 ‑ Fire hazard; determination; order; compliance; refusal to obey order; service on unknown owner; enforcement of ordinances or charter provisions.
     Section 29.10 ‑ Service of orders.
     Section 29.11 ‑ Substantial compliance with MCL 29.8 and 29.9.
     Section 29.12 ‑ Orders presumed valid and reasonable; prima facie evidence.
     Section 29.13 ‑ Noncompliance with order; filing petition in circuit court; contents of petition; order to show cause; service of order; hearing; determination; modifying, changing, or affirming order; failure to appear or make return; securing specific performance; injunction prohibited.
     Section 29.14 ‑ Notice of pendency of proceedings under order; filing for record; constructive notice; order and proceedings not affected by subsequent transfer.
     Section 29.15 ‑ Other persons as parties defendant; service of order to show cause.
     Section 29.16 ‑ Noncompliance with order or direction of court as contempt; citation; execution of order and directions; cost and expense of executing order; use of salvaged materials; disposition of surplus.
     Section 29.17 ‑ Acquisition of title by state not to exempt property from act.
     Section 29.18 ‑ Service of order or process; return of service.
     Section 29.19 ‑ Fire drills in schools and school dormitories; unrestricted emergency egress; compliance; record; minimum drills; weather conditions; tornado safety drills; location of drills; security measures; drills during lunch or recess periods; documentation of completed school safety drill; posting on website; list of scheduled drill days; limitation; protective apparatus or equipment; development of model; cardiac emergency response plan; definitions.
     Section 29.19a ‑ Fire drill procedures; training of instructional staff of postsecondary educational institution; unrestricted emergency egress; fire drills; record; statement certifying compliance; violation; penalty; report; definitions.
     Section 29.20, 29.21 ‑ Repealed. 1978, Act 3, Imd. Eff. Feb. 7, 1978.
     Section 29.21a ‑ Fire extinguishers or fire extinguishing devices.
     Section 29.21b ‑ Fire extinguishers; liquefied compressed gas, toxicity.
     Section 29.21c ‑ Place of public assemblage; inspection; certificate required.
     Section 29.21d ‑ Place of public assemblage; issuance; display; revocation or denial; order to cease operation.
     Section 29.21e ‑ Repealed. 1980, Act 247, Eff. Oct. 1, 1980.
     Section 29.22 ‑ Violations; penalties.
     Section 29.23 ‑ Fire hazard as nuisance; abatement; action; procedure; order or decree; condition; injunction; jurisdiction; cost and expense of abatement; continuance of hearing.
     Section 29.24 ‑ Annual report to governor; contents.
     Section 29.25 ‑ Repeal; saving clause.
     Section 29.26 ‑ Firm; prohibited acts; certification requirements; subsections (1)(d) and (2) inapplicable to licensed architect or professional engineer.
     Section 29.27 ‑ Repealed. 2006, Act 189, Imd. Eff. June 19, 2006.
     Section 29.28 ‑ Display of certificate; maintenance and inspection of records; recertification; fees.
     Section 29.29 ‑ Installation or modification of required fire alarm system or fire suppression system; plans and specifications; approval; documentation; fee; form; testing, servicing, inspection, or maintenance of system; drawing; certification of firm.
     Section 29.30 ‑ Discovery of system believed in violation of state law; report; acknowledgment of notice.
     Section 29.31 ‑ Township, city, village, or county ordinance or resolution; rules; “inconsistent” defined; fee.
     Section 29.32 ‑ Suspension of certification; hearing; affirming, reversing, or modifying decision to suspend certification; revocation of certification; recertification; accepting plans and specifications for approval.
     Section 29.33 ‑ Performance of certain acts by noncertified firm; principal executive officer guilty of misdemeanor; penalty.
     Section 29.34 ‑ Repealed. 2006, Act 189, Imd. Eff. June 19, 2006.
Act 202 of 1970 ‑ Repealed-EXPLOSIVES ACT OF 1970 (29.41 - 29.55)
Act 226 of 1879 ‑ Repealed-SAFETY OF PUBLIC ASSEMBLIES (29.71 - 29.77)
Act 257 of 1913 ‑ Repealed-MOVING PICTURE THEATERS (29.81 - 29.108)
Act 327 of 1947 ‑ Repealed-DRY CLEANING AND DYEING (29.201 - 29.330)
Act 153 of 2011 ‑ FIREFIGHTER TRAINING PROGRAMS (29.331 - 29.334)
     Section 29.331 ‑ Definitions.
     Section 29.332 ‑ Establishment of boy scouts of America explorer post; affiliation of school district; participation in firefighter training.
     Section 29.333 ‑ Teaching firefighter I or II courses; permit or annual authorization.
     Section 29.334 ‑ Additional costs.
     Section 29.351 ‑ Police or peace officers' vehicles; fire extinguishers.
Act 291 of 1966 ‑ FIREFIGHTERS TRAINING COUNCIL ACT (29.361 - 29.377)
     Section 29.361 ‑ Short title; firefighters training council act.
     Section 29.362 ‑ Definitions.
     Section 29.363 ‑ Firefighters training council; creation; selection of members; advice and consent of senate.
     Section 29.364 ‑ Firefighters training council; terms; vacancy; reappointment.
     Section 29.365 ‑ Firefighters training council; chairperson; vice-chairperson; oath of office not required; other public office or employment.
     Section 29.366 ‑ Firefighters training council; meetings; conducting business at public meeting; notice of meeting; quorum, place, and conduct of meetings.
     Section 29.367 ‑ Repealed. 2018, Act 298, Imd. Eff. June 29, 2018.
     Section 29.368 ‑ Firefighters training council; members; compensation and expenses.
     Section 29.369 ‑ State fire marshal; preparation and publication of rules establishing minimum standards; duties; certification examination requirements; waiver; validity of certification; certificate as property of state fire marshal; review and monitoring of state and federal standards relating to live fire training exercises.
     Section 29.369a ‑ Availability of writings to public.
     Section 29.369b ‑ Maintenance of employment history record.
     Section 29.370 ‑ Statement designating chief or director of fire department or public safety department; contact information; filing statement of change; digital video disc or other electronic form of video display to be used in training; fee; availability; recommendations from council.
     Section 29.371 ‑ Firefighters training council; powers; regional training committee formed and operated by 2 or more counties; deposit of fees into fireworks safety fund.
     Section 29.371a ‑ Disciplinary process; rules.
     Section 29.372 ‑ Firefighters training council; executive secretary, appointment, duties, compensation; expenses.
     Section 29.373 ‑ Firefighter training; funding.
     Section 29.374 ‑ Training expenditures; disbursement to county training committees; distribution.
     Section 29.375 ‑ Application by local units for aid under act.
     Section 29.376 ‑ Rules and regulations.
     Section 29.377 ‑ Effective date.
Act 307 of 1972 ‑ FIRE FIGHTING AND RESCUE TRAINING FACILITIES (29.381 - 29.381)
     Section 29.381 ‑ Fire fighting and rescue training facilities.
     Section 29.391 ‑ Exemption of firemen from carrying certain papers.
Act 456 of 1988 ‑ IMMUNITY OF INSTRUCTORS (29.401 - 29.401)
     Section 29.401 ‑ Liability for tort damages caused by instructional services.
     Section 29.411 ‑ Definitions.
     Section 29.412 ‑ Liability for tort damages caused by training or educational practices.
E.R.O. No. 1997‑2 ‑ EXECUTIVE REORGANIZATION ORDER (29.451 - 29.451)
     Section 29.451 ‑ Transfer of certain inspection and administrative functions of the fire marshal division of the department of state police to department of consumer and industry services by type II transfer; transfer of state fire safety board from department of state police to department of consumer and industry services by type I transfer; transfer of certain functions related to the above ground storage tank program and the inspection of dry cleaning establishments from the department of state police to the department of environmental quality by type II transfer.
E.R.O. No. 1998‑2 ‑ EXECUTIVE REORGANIZATION ORDER (29.461 - 29.461)
     Section 29.461 ‑ Transfer of powers, duties, and administrative functions pertaining to storage and handling of certain hazardous liquids and gases from the department of state police to the department of environmental quality by type II transfer; transfer of the aboveground storage tank program from the department of state police to the department of environmental quality by type II transfer; transfer of certain powers, duties, and functions from the department of state police and state fire safety board to the department of environmental quality by type II transfer; renaming underground storage tank division as storage tank division.
E.R.O. No. 2012‑7 ‑ EXECUTIVE REORGANIZATION ORDER (29.462 - 29.462)
     Section 29.462 ‑ Transfer of powers and duties relating to the aboveground storage tank program and the underground storage tank program from department of environmental quality to the bureau of fire services, department of licensing and regulatory affairs.
Act 138 of 1998 ‑ HAZARDOUS MATERIALS TRANSPORTATION ACT (29.471 - 29.480)
     Section 29.471 ‑ Short title.
     Section 29.472 ‑ Definitions.
     Section 29.473 ‑ Motor carrier; determination of base state designation; manner; registration; permit; filing application and fee; fleet liability coverage; notice of registration form and permit; temporary permit; expiration; exemption.
     Section 29.474 ‑ Vehicle registration fee; calculation.
     Section 29.475 ‑ Collection and disposition of registration and permit fees; transfer of fund balance.
     Section 29.476 ‑ Agreements with federal agencies, national repository, or other states; reciprocal registration and permitting coordination; payments; development of forms, applications, and software.
     Section 29.477 ‑ Inspection or examination of motor vehicle or facility; reproduction of evidentiary material; enforcement; compliance; violation; penalty; deposit of collected fines.
     Section 29.478 ‑ Validity of registration; application for renewal; fee; annual certification of compliance; notice of change in name, principal place of business, or business telephone number.
     Section 29.479 ‑ Suspension or revocation of registration or permit; denial of application for registration or permit; conditions; actions of department; notice to motor carrier; written request for contested case hearing; reinstatement; issuance.
     Section 29.480 ‑ Preemption of local programs; motor vehicles not subject to act; completion of uniform application; information as private data; release of information.
     Section 29.491 ‑ Short title.
     Section 29.493 ‑ Definitions.
     Section 29.495 ‑ Cigarettes; testing requirements.
     Section 29.497 ‑ Certification or recertification.
     Section 29.499 ‑ Fees; fire safety standard and firefighter protection act enforcement fund.
     Section 29.501 ‑ Marking.
     Section 29.503 ‑ Violation; civil fines; limitation; additional remedies; cigarette fire safety standard and firefighter protection act fund.
     Section 29.505 ‑ Rules.
     Section 29.507 ‑ Examination of books, papers, invoices, and other records.
     Section 29.509 ‑ Exception.
     Section 29.511 ‑ Repeal of act; conditions.
     Section 29.513 ‑ Adoption or enforcement of local law, ordinance, resolution, or rule; conflict.

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