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Act 130 of 1907
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Act 130 of 1907

AN ACT to provide for refunding to purchasers the price paid to the state on sale of land by the commissioner of the state land office, under section 131 of Act 206 of Public Acts of 1893, as amended by Act 141 of Public Acts of 1901, in cases where the land sold did not belong to the class of lands liable to sale thereunder; for cancelling the conveyance of such lands to the state and restoring the tax liens thereon in favor of the state, which were erroneously cancelled.

History: 1907, Act 130, Imd. Eff. June 12, 1907

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The People of the State of Michigan enact:

Section 211.451SectionPurchase price refund; conditions.
Section 211.452SectionPurchase price refund; circumstances authorizing.
Section 211.453SectionUnrecorded deed; cancellation; release of recorded deed, recording.
Section 211.454SectionCancellation deed to state; certificate of error; recording; tax liens and state bids restored.
Section 211.455SectionRefund; allocation of burden.
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