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Section 41.411

Act 116 of 1923

41.411 Township board, common council, or board of trustees of incorporated village; powers and duties; short title.

Sec. 1.

(1) In township lands, the township board or common council or board of trustees of an incorporated village may do 1 or more of the following:

(a) Make public improvements and provide public service by constructing bridges over natural or artificial waterways; grading, paving, curbing, stoning, graveling, macadamizing, or cinderizing streets; treating the streets with chloride or other suitable dust laying process or material; laying storm sewers to care for surface water in the streets; destroying weeds; providing street markers and lighting; contracting for public transportation facilities; providing police protection or contracting for police protection; establishing and maintaining garbage and mixed refuse systems or plants for the collection and disposal of garbage and mixed refuse or contracting for such collection and disposal for not to exceed 30 years; constructing or acquiring and maintaining sanitary sewers and sewage disposal plants or equipment; constructing filtration plants; constructing sidewalks; purchasing or constructing waterworks; purchasing fire apparatus and equipment; constructing and maintaining housing facilities for fire apparatus and equipment; making extensions of water mains to provide water for fire protection and domestic uses; trimming and spraying trees and shrubbery; providing and maintaining soil and beach erosion control measures including, but not limited to, the construction of breakwaters, retaining walls, and sea walls, in or for township lands or waters adjacent or contiguous to township lands; establishing and conducting chemical beach treatment service necessary for the control of aquatic nuisances such as swimmers' itch or contracting with others to provide the services.

(b) Levy and collect special assessments to pay the cost of an improvement or service and issue bonds in anticipation of the collection of the special assessments, upon filing the petition and subject to the terms and conditions provided in sections 2 to 5.

(2) In an incorporated village, the common council or board of trustees is vested with and shall perform the powers and duties vested by this section and sections 2 to 5 in the township board in areas outside of the incorporated village.

(3) The township board or common council or board of trustees of an incorporated village may purchase, accept by gift or devise, or condemn private property. If the property is to be acquired by condemnation, the provisions of Act No. 149 of the Public Acts of 1911, as amended, being sections 213.21 to 213.25 of the Michigan Compiled Laws; the uniform condemnation procedures act, Act No. 87 of the Public Acts of 1980, being sections 213.51 to 213.77 of the Michigan Compiled Laws; or other appropriate provisions of law may be adopted and used for the purpose of instituting and prosecuting the condemnation proceedings.

(4) This act shall be known and may be cited as the “township and village public improvement and public service act”.

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