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Act 116 of 1954
Chapter XVIII

Section 168.391SectionOffice of justice of supreme court; eligibility; violation of MCL 38.412a.
Section 168.392SectionCandidates for justice of supreme court; nomination at fall state convention.
Section 168.392aSectionCandidates for justice of supreme court; incumbents, affidavit of candidacy for re-election.
Section 168.393SectionCandidates for justice of supreme court; canvass by state central committee of each political party.
Section 168.394SectionCandidates for justice of supreme court; withdrawal; notice.
Section 168.395SectionCandidates for justice of supreme court; death, withdrawal, disqualification; selection of new candidate, certification; ballots.
Section 168.396SectionSupreme court justices; election.
Section 168.397SectionSupreme court justices; certificate of determination by board of state canvassers.
Section 168.398SectionSupreme court justices; certificate of election.
Section 168.399SectionSupreme court justices; term of office.
Section 168.400SectionSupreme court justices; oath of office, deposit.
Section 168.401SectionSupreme court justices; resignation, notice.
Section 168.402SectionSupreme court justices; vacancy, creation.
Section 168.403SectionSupreme court justices; impeachment; removal from office, service of charges, hearing.
Section 168.404SectionOffice of supreme court justice; vacancy; appointment; election.
Section 168.405SectionSupreme court justices; election, recount of votes.
Section 168.406SectionSupreme court justices; not subject to recall.
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