††††††††††† Rep. Kahle offered the following resolution:

††††††††††† House Resolution No. 58.

††††††††††† A resolution to declare April 2019 as Child Abuse Prevention Month in the state of Michigan.

††††††††††† Whereas, Since 1983, April has been designated National Child Abuse Prevention Month and has served to increase public awareness, knowledge, and understanding of the issues surrounding the abuse and neglect of children; and

††††††††††† Whereas, Crossing all racial, economic, and geographic boundaries and including physical, sexual, and emotional abuse and physical neglect, the repercussions are long-lasting, not only for the victims and their families, but also for communities and society as a whole; and

††††††††††† Whereas, Safe, stable, and nurturing relationships are essential to prevent child maltreatment and to assure that children reach their full potential; and

††††††††††† Whereas, Parents and other caregivers, when supported, can safeguard the long-term growth and well-being of children, enabling them to contribute meaningfully to their communities in adulthood; and

††††††††††† Whereas, Child abuse and neglect prevention is a most critical issue to be addressed for the long-term prosperity of our state and country.† Effective child development is hindered by the toxic stress produced by child abuse and neglect; and

††††††††††† Whereas, The stress produced by child abuse and neglect is a significant public health problem that imposes lasting and damaging effects on childrenís psychological, physical, and social health into adulthood, affecting community growth and development; and

††††††††††† Whereas, Child abuse prevention organizations encourage all individuals and organizations to play a role in making Michigan a better place for children and families by ensuring that parents have the knowledge, skills, and resources they need to care for their children; and

††††††††††† Whereas, Promoting family resiliency, social support systems, nurturing and attachment, and knowledge of parenting/child development are all known protective factors which prevent child mistreatment and help to strengthen families; and

††††††††††† Whereas, The Power of One, an initiative led by the Michigan Childrenís Trust Fund that asserts that one community, one person, one dollar or one action can help protect Michiganís children from abuse and neglect; and

††††††††††† Whereas, Every individual has a role to play in the prevention of child abuse and neglect; now, therefore, be it

††††††††††† Resolved by the House of Representatives, That the members of this legislative body declare April 2019 as Child Abuse Prevention Month in the state of Michigan; and be it further

††††††††††† Resolved, That the members of this legislative body encourage all Michiganders to work to build safe communities, promote strong families, and raise healthy children by supporting those who are striving to end the tragic abuse and neglect of children and allow them to realize their full potential.