House Bill 4081 (H-1) as referred to second committee

Sponsor:  Rep. Sheryl Y. Kennedy

1st Committee:  Transportation

2nd Committee:  Ways and Means

Complete to 6-24-19


House Bill 4081 would amend the Michigan Memorial Highway Act to designate the portion of highway M-57 in Genesee County between the fire station located at 3291 West Vienna Road and extending east to the fire station located at 4014 East Vienna Road as the “Firefighter Mike Wager Memorial Highway.”

Proposed MCL 250.1025a


According to committee testimony and news reports, Mike Wager was born Luren Michael Wager on February 26, 1967, to Luren and Nina Wager in Flint Michigan. He graduated from Mt. Morris High School in 1985 and resided in Clio for the past 17 years.

He joined the Clio Fire Department in 2008 and became a dedicated firefighter, assisting community members, parishioners, fellow firefighters, and anyone needing help or assistance. Fire Chief Kerry Paulson testified that Mike was a “brother” to 45 firefighters at the fire station. He risked his life and pulled others to safety. Mike was his “go-to-guy.” He loved the fire department and even served as head of maintenance at Station No. 1.

On July 30, 2016, around 8 p.m., near the intersection of Dort Highway and Dodge Road in Thetford Township, off-duty firefighter Mike Wager was involved in a car accident and killed by a hit-and-run drunk driver. He was 49 years old.

Dedicating this portion of highway M-57 in Genesee County to firefighter Mike Wager would be an appropriate way to honor his legacy of selfless service to his community and his level of courage and sacrifice to our state. 


Section 2 of the Michigan Memorial Highway Act indicates that the state transportation department shall provide for the erection of suitable markers indicating the name of the highway only “when sufficient private contributions are received to completely cover the cost of erecting and maintaining those markers.” As a result, the bill has no state or local fiscal impact.


The Michigan Department of Transportation indicated a neutral position on the bill. (6-18-19)


                                                                                        Legislative Analyst:   E. Best

                                                                                                Fiscal Analyst:   William E. Hamilton

This analysis was prepared by nonpartisan House Fiscal Agency staff for use by House members in their deliberations, and does not constitute an official statement of legislative intent.