February 8, 2018, Introduced by Reps. Howrylak, Brinks, Schor, Zemke, Gay-Dagnogo, Inman, Lucido, Wittenberg, Sabo, LaGrand, Robinson, McCready and Leutheuser and referred to the Committee on Insurance.


     A bill to amend 1956 PA 218, entitled


"The insurance code of 1956,"


by amending section 2082 (MCL 500.2082).




     Sec. 2082. (1) No A life insurer doing business in this state


shall not make any distinction or discrimination between white


persons and colored persons, wholly or partially of African


descent, individuals based on race or color as to the premiums or


rates charged for policies upon on the lives of such persons, those


individuals, or in any other manner. whatever; nor shall any such A


life insurer doing business in this state shall not demand or


require a greater premium from such colored persons than is at that


time required by such insurer from white persons of the same age,


sex, general condition of health and prospect of longevity; nor an


individual based on that individual's race or color. A life insurer


doing business in this state shall not make or require any a


rebate, diminution, or discount upon on the amount to be paid on


such a life insurance policy in case of death of such colored


person insured; nor based on an individual's race or color or


insert in the policy any a condition, nor or make any a stipulation


whereby such person by which the insured shall bind individual


binds himself or herself or his or her heirs, executors,


administrators personal representatives, and assigns to accept any


sum an amount less than the full amount or value of such the policy


in case of for a claim accruing thereon by reason because of the


death of such person the insured , other than such as are imposed


on white persons in similar cases; individual, based on the


individual's race or color, and any such stipulations stipulation


or conditions condition so made or inserted shall be is void.


     (2) Any An insurer which that violates any of the provisions


of this section shall forfeit to the state the sum of $500.00 is


subject to a civil fine of $10,000.00 for each violation, to be


recovered by the attorney general by appropriate action in any a


court, of competent jurisdiction, and any a judgment therefor from


the action may be collected in the same manner as is herein


provided for collecting judgments rendered in favor of


policyholders. And any An officer or agent who violates any of the


provisions of this section shall be deemed is guilty of a


misdemeanor , and upon conviction thereof shall be punished


punishable by imprisonment in the county jail not exceeding for not


more than 1 year , or by a fine of not less than $50.00, $500.00


and not exceeding $500.00, more than $10,000.00, or by both. such

fine and imprisonment, in the discretion of the court.