July 12, 2017, Introduced by Reps. Rendon, Barrett, Bizon, Inman, Marino, Albert, Calley and Lucido and referred to the Committee on Military and Veterans Affairs.


      A bill to amend 1949 PA 300, entitled


"Michigan vehicle code,"


by amending section 811 (MCL 257.811), as amended by 2006 PA 589.




 1        Sec. 811. (1) An application for an original operator's or an


 2  original or renewal chauffeur's license as provided in sections 307


 3  and 312 and an application for an original minor's restricted


 4  license as provided in section 312 shall be accompanied by the


 5  following fees:




     Operator's license.................




     Chauffeur's license................



     Minor's restricted license.........




 9        The renewal fee for an operator's license renewed under this


10  section is $18.00. However, if an operator's license is expired at

 1  the time of the renewal, the fee is the same as the original fee,


 2  except as provided in subsection (4). The date of an application


 3  for a renewal of an operator's license under this section that is


 4  delivered to the secretary of state by regular mail is the postmark


 5  date in determining the fee to be assessed.


 6        (2) The secretary of state shall deposit the money received


 7  and collected under subsection (1) in the state treasury to the


 8  credit of the general fund. The secretary of state shall refund out


 9  of the fees collected to each county or municipality acting as an


10  examining officer or examining bureau $2.50 for each applicant


11  examined for an original license, $1.00 for each applicant examined


12  for an original chauffeur's license, and $1.00 for every other


13  applicant examined, if the application is not denied and the money


14  refunded is paid to the county or local treasurer and is


15  appropriated to the county, municipality, or officer or bureau


16  receiving the money for the purpose of carrying out this act. The


17  state treasurer shall deposit the sum of $4.00 in the traffic law


18  enforcement and safety fund created in section 819a for each person


19  examined for an original license, a renewal operator's license, an


20  original chauffeur's license, or a renewal chauffeur's license,


21  except that the sum deposited for each 2-year operator's or 2-year


22  chauffeur's license shall be $2.00.


23        (3) Notwithstanding sections 306 and 308, an operator's


24  license shall not be issued to a person under 18 years of age


25  unless that person successfully passes a driver education course


26  and examination given by a school licensed under the driver


27  education provider and training schools instructor act, 1974 PA

 1  369, MCL 256.601 to 256.612. 2006 PA 384, MCL 256.621 to 256.705. A


 2  person who has been a holder of a motor vehicle operator's license


 3  issued by any other state, territory, or possession of the United


 4  States, or any other sovereignty for 1 year immediately before


 5  application for an operator's license under this act is not


 6  required to comply with this subsection. Restricted licenses may be


 7  issued pursuant to under section 312 without compliance with this


 8  subsection.


 9        (4) A person who is on active military service at the time his


10  or her operator's license expires shall be charged the renewal rate


11  for renewing his or her operator's license under this section if


12  all of the following apply:


13        (a) He or she applies for renewal within 30 days of returning


14  to this state from active duty.


15        (b) He or she held a valid, unexpired operator's license from


16  this state immediately prior to leaving this state for active


17  military service.


18        (c) He or she presents such documentation as the secretary of


19  state requires to establish eligibility under this subsection.


20        (5) The secretary of state shall develop and provide upon


21  request to a person described in subsection (4) a sticker or decal


22  to place on his or her operator's license upon expiration of the


23  license. The sticker or decal shall indicate that the person was on


24  active military service at the time that his or her operator's


25  license expired.


26        Enacting section 1. This amendatory act takes effect 90 days


27  after the date it is enacted into law.