CONCEALED PISTOL LICENSING REVISIONS                                                      S.B. 219:

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Senate Bill 219 (Substitute S-1 as reported)

Sponsor:  Senator Mike Green

Committee:  Judiciary




The bill would amend the handgun licensure law to do the following:


 --    Require a county sheriff to notify the county clerk if the sheriff determined that an applicant for an emergency concealed pistol license (CPL) was not eligible to receive a CPL under certain provisions relating to mental health and/or criminal history.

 --    Specify that, if a person who applied for an emergency license did not complete a pistol training course and apply for a CPL within 10 business days after applying, the emergency license would no longer be valid.

 --    Allow one CPL application to be submitted in any 12-month period, rather than in any calendar year.

 --    Specify that the $100 application and licensing fee for a CPL would be nonrefundable.

 --    Include a peace officer who held a CPL in the list of license holders who are exempt from the prohibition against carrying a concealed pistol on certain premises ("no-carry zones").

 --    Provide for the surrender and replacement of a CPL for a licensee who had been exempt from the no-carry zone prohibition because he or she was a member of a sheriff's posse, an auxiliary officer, or a reserve officer, when he or she no longer held that status.

 --    Revise requirements for receipt of a CPL renewal application, depending on whether the applicant's CPL had already expired.

 --    Revise a provision prohibiting the issuance of a license, depending on whether the license was to purchase, possess, or transport a pistol or to carry a concealed pistol.

 --    Revise provisions regarding the suspension, revocation, or reinstatement of a CPL if ordered by a court or if the licensee's eligibility to carry a concealed pistol changed.

 --    Allow a county clerk to provide certain forms in an electronic format.


The bill also would repeal Sections 232 and 421 of the Michigan Penal Code. Section 232 makes it a misdemeanor for a person engaged in the retail sale of firearms or firearm silencers to fail to keep a register of purchasers and make it open to police inspection.  Section 421 prohibits a person, without first obtaining a license, from constructing, buying, selling, possessing, or operating a motor vehicle designed for the use or purpose of defense or attack.


MCL 28.421 et al.                                                    Legislative Analyst:  Patrick Affholter




The proposed minor changes in procedures related to the administration of concealed weapons licenses are not expected to have a fiscal impact on State or local government.


Date Completed:  3-15-17                                                     Fiscal Analyst:  Bruce Baker

                                                                                                          Elizabeth Pratt



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This analysis was prepared by nonpartisan Senate staff for use by the Senate in its deliberations and does not constitute an official statement of legislative intent.