House Bill 4474 as introduced

Sponsor:  Rep. Gary Glenn

Committee:  Military and Veterans Affairs

Complete to 5-1-17


The bill would amend the Michigan Military Act to specify that an individual licensed to carry a concealed pistol (or who is exempt from licensure) under the Handgun Licensure Act could possess a concealed weapon either on his or her person or properly secured while on the premises of an armory or any other building or property under the authority and control of the Adjutant General of the Michigan National Guard.  All requirements of the Handgun Licensure Act and other state concealed weapons and firearms laws would have to be followed.

(The Adjutant General is the military advisor to the governor and the director of the Department of Military and Veterans Affairs. Under Section 352 of the Michigan Military Act, the operation and control of armories and other military facilities is to be in accordance with policies established by the Adjutant General.  Under Section 356, state-owned or leased armories and other military buildings and appurtenances are subject to state laws and regulations with respect to sanitation, health, fire protection and prevention, and such special regulations as the Legislature or the Governor may enact or adopt.)

Proposed MCL 32.738


The bill would have no fiscal impact on the Department of Military and Veterans Affairs or on state government generally.

                                                                                        Legislative Analyst:   E. Best

                                                                                                Fiscal Analyst:   Kent Dell

                                                                                                                           Marcus Coffin

This analysis was prepared by nonpartisan House Fiscal Agency staff for use by House members in their deliberations, and does not constitute an official statement of legislative intent.