SR-47, As Adopted by Senate, May 5, 2015



Senators Zorn, Schmidt, Horn and Emmons offered the following resolution:

Senate Resolution No. 47.

A resolution to commemorate May 2015 as Community Action Agency Month.

Whereas, Citizens with limited income continue to need opportunities to improve their lives and their living conditions, thus ensuring that all citizens are able to live in dignity; and

Whereas, Michigan and the entire United States must continue to promote economic security by providing support and opportunities for all citizens in need of assistance; and

Whereas, Community action agencies were established into law in 1964 under President Lyndon Johnson in effort to aid in the War on Poverty, making 2015 the 51st year of community action in the United States; and

Whereas, The month of May has been designated by the United States Congress as National Community Action Month; and

Whereas, Michiganís 29 community action agencies are the only community-based organizations providing full wraparound, locally-directed services in all 83 counties in the state; and

Whereas, In 2014, Michigan community action agencies served 75,623 Michigan residents by providing early childhood education, Head Start, senior services, affordable housing, food assistance, energy assistance, financial literacy classes, and job training programs, among other services; and

Whereas, Additionally, 4,843 children improved their health and physical development through community nutrition programs; 15,963† residents received assistance on tax preparation and refunds; 7,907 seniors maintained independent living situations; and 19,927 individuals were connected with other necessary assistance service providers and programs; and

Whereas, Community action agencies, in cooperation with the Michigan Department of Human Services, have successfully administered weatherization assistance program funds which have supported energy-efficiency improvements; and

Whereas, Michiganís community action agencies have leveraged their federal allocation of the Community Services Block Grant and other federal, state, local, and private sources of funding to foster economic activity statewide; now, therefore, be it

Resolved by the Senate, That the members of this legislative body commemorate May 2015 as Community Action Agency Month in the state of Michigan; and be it further

Resolved, That a copy of this resolution be transmitted to the Michigan Community Action Agency Association.