September 21, 2016, Introduced by Rep. Townsend and referred to the Committee on Energy Policy.


     A bill to amend 1939 PA 3, entitled


"An act to provide for the regulation and control of public and

certain private utilities and other services affected with a public

interest within this state; to provide for alternative energy

suppliers; to provide for licensing; to include municipally owned

utilities and other providers of energy under certain provisions of

this act; to create a public service commission and to prescribe

and define its powers and duties; to abolish the Michigan public

utilities commission and to confer the powers and duties vested by

law on the public service commission; to provide for the

continuance, transfer, and completion of certain matters and

proceedings; to abolish automatic adjustment clauses; to prohibit

certain rate increases without notice and hearing; to qualify

residential energy conservation programs permitted under state law

for certain federal exemption; to create a fund; to provide for a

restructuring of the manner in which energy is provided in this

state; to encourage the utilization of resource recovery

facilities; to prohibit certain acts and practices of providers of

energy; to allow for the securitization of stranded costs; to

reduce rates; to provide for appeals; to provide appropriations; to

declare the effect and purpose of this act; to prescribe remedies

and penalties; and to repeal acts and parts of acts,"


(MCL 460.1 to 460.11) by adding section 9g.




     Sec. 9g. (1) The commission shall adopt safety performance


metrics for natural gas distribution pipeline safety.


     (2) The commission shall do all of the following in adopting


safety performance metrics under subsection (1):


     (a) Design each metric to be an indicator of safety




     (b) Design each metric so that it may be reevaluated within a


useful time frame.


     (c) Design each metric so that the data inputs to the metric


are verifiable.


     (d) Design each metric so that it is robust enough to serve as


a useful indicator of pipeline safety.


     (3) The commission shall evaluate whether a natural gas


utility has met the safety performance metrics adopted under


subsection (1).


     (4) As used in this section, "natural gas utility" means an


investor-owned business engaged in the sale and distribution of


natural gas within this state whose rates are regulated by the