CORPSMAN AARON D. ULLOM MEM. BRIDGE                                                      S.B. 513:

                                                                                              ANALYSIS AS ENACTED











Senate Bill 513 (as enacted)                                                              PUBLIC ACT 21 of 2016

Sponsor:  Senator Jim Stamas

Senate Committee:  Transportation

House Committee:  Transportation and Infrastructure


Date Completed:  3-11-16




Aaron D. Ullom served in the United States Navy as a hospital corpsman. During a patrol, he was shot and killed by enemy fire while trying to apply a tourniquet to a wounded Marine in Helmand Province, Afghanistan, on July 12, 2011. Mr. Ullom was a 2009 Midland High School graduate, and had served in the Navy since October 2009 with the goal of pursuing a career in the medical field. In recognition of his service and sacrifice, it was suggested that a bridge in the Midland area be named after him.




The bill amended the Michigan Memorial Highway Act to name the bridge on highway US-10 over Eastman Avenue in the City of Midland the "Corpsman Aaron D. Ullom Memorial Bridge".


The bill took effect on February 23, 2016.


MCL 250.1003a




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Supporting Argument

Aaron D. Ullom displayed courage and bravery during his rescue of a wounded soldier under fire. He gave his own life to save another, and is remembered as a hero by his family, his fellow soldiers, residents of Midland, and others in Michigan. Mr. Ullom not only performed his duty as a corpsman, but went above and beyond that call of duty to put himself in danger to save another.


Naming a bridge after Aaron D. Ullom honors and memorializes his sacrifice and heroism. It is the hope of Mr. Ullom's family that when individuals drive over the "Corpsman Aaron D. Ullom Memorial Bridge", they will see his name and remember him with a smile.


                                                                            Legislative Analyst:  Drew Krogulecki




The bill has no fiscal impact on State or local government.


                                                                                    Fiscal Analyst:  Glenn Steffens

This analysis was prepared by nonpartisan Senate staff for use by the Senate in its deliberations and does not constitute an official statement of legislative intent.