Senate Bill 44 as passed by the Senate 

Senate Bill 45 as passed by the Senate

Sponsor:  Sen. Dave Robertson

House Committee:  Elections

Senate Committee:  Elections and Government Reform

Complete to 2-13-15


The bills would amend the Michigan Election Law to move the presidential primary from February to March.  Further, during presidential primary years, the February regular election date would be scheduled on the same March date as the presidential primary election. 

The bills are tie-barred, so that neither bill could go into effect unless both are enacted into law.  A more detailed description of each bill follows.  Each bill specifies that it would take effect 90 days after the date it was enacted into law.

Senate Bill 44 would amend the Michigan Election Law (MCL 168.613a) to require that a statewide presidential primary election be conducted on the third Tuesday in March, instead of the fourth Tuesday in February, in each presidential election year.   (In 2016, the primary date would be March 15.)

Senate Bill 45 would amend the Michigan Election Law (MCL 168.641) to move the February regular election date from the fourth Tuesday in February to the third Tuesday in March, in each presidential election year when a statewide presidential primary was held.


There would be no fiscal impact on state or local government as a result of the bills. The administrative costs in moving the primary dates would be minimal to non-existent and absorbed by the department's current funding levels.

                                                                                        Legislative Analyst:   J. Hunault

                                                                                                Fiscal Analyst:   Perry Zielak

This analysis was prepared by nonpartisan House Fiscal Agency staff for use by House members in their deliberations, and does not constitute an official statement of legislative intent.