December 12, 2013, Introduced by Rep. Lori and referred to the Committee on Education.


     A bill to amend 1976 PA 451, entitled


"The revised school code,"


by amending section 1502 (MCL 380.1502), as amended by 1993 PA 335.




     Sec. 1502. (1) Health and Each public school shall establish


and provide health education and physical education for pupils of


both sexes. shall be established and provided in all public schools


of this state. Subject to subsection (2), each Each pupil attending


public school in this state who is physically fit and capable of


doing so shall take the course in physical education.


     (2) All of the following apply to physical education under


this section:


     (a) As part of providing physical education under this


section, the governing board of a public school shall ensure both


of the following:


     (i) For each of grades K to 5, the public school shall provide


for all pupils at least 30 minutes of physical education at least 2


days per week for the entire school year and shall also provide at


least 60 additional minutes of physical activity per week, within


the school day, for the entire school year.


     (ii) For each of grades 6 to 8, the public school shall provide


for all pupils at least 45 minutes of physical education every


school day for at least 1 semester.


     (b) The governing board of a public school shall ensure that


class size for physical education is consistent with class size for


other subject areas and other classrooms.


     (c) The department shall establish guidelines for physical


education that are consistent with physical education standards,


grade level content expectations, the state board's policy on


quality physical education, and the best available scientific


research concerning physical education. The governing board of a


public school shall ensure that the public school follows these




     (3) (2) A public school district may shall not credit a


pupil's participation in extracurricular athletics or other


extracurricular activities involving physical activity as meeting


the physical education requirement for the pupil under subsection




     (4) As used in this section, "physical activity" means a


behavior consisting of bodily movement that requires energy


expenditure above the normal physiological, including muscular and


cardiorespiratory, requirements of a typical school day.