April 18, 2013, Introduced by Rep. VerHeulen and referred to the Committee on Regulatory Reform.


     A bill to amend 1980 PA 299, entitled


"Occupational code,"


by amending sections 2007 and 2008 (MCL 339.2007 and 339.2008),


section 2007 as amended by 1992 PA 103.




     Sec. 2007. (1) A licensee, upon being licensed, When he or she


is licensed, a licensee shall obtain a seal, in a form authorized


by the appropriate board, and bearing that bears the licensee's


name and the legend indicating either "licensed architect",


"licensed professional engineer", or "licensed professional


surveyor". However, a seal existing on the effective date of the


1991 amendatory act that amended this section with that exists on


September 1, 1992 that bears the legend "registered architect",


"registered professional engineer", "registered land surveyor", or


"licensed land surveyor" is acceptable if a seal is required under


state law.


     (2) A licensee shall seal any plan, specification, plat, or


report that is issued by a the licensee shall be sealed when and


filed with a public authority . with 1 of the following:


     (a) The seal obtained under subsection (1).


     (b) An electronic seal, in a form authorized by the


appropriate licensing board, that includes all of the following:


     (i) The name of the licensee.


     (ii) The licensed occupation of the licensee.


     (iii) An electronic signature of the licensee.


     (iv) Any other information required by the licensing board.


     (3) A person shall not seal a document shall not be sealed


after the license of with the seal of the licensee named on the


document if his or her license has expired or is suspended or


revoked unless the license is renewed, reinstated, or reissued.


     Sec. 2008. (1) A plan, plat, drawing, map, and the title sheet


of specifications, an addendum, bulletin, or report or, if a bound


copy is submitted, the index sheets of a plan, specification, or


report, if prepared by a licensee and required to be submitted to a


governmental agency for approval or record, shall carry the


embossed, or printed, or electronic seal of the person in


responsible charge.


     (2) If the overlapping of the professions of architecture and


engineering is involved in a project, a licensed architect or


licensed professional engineer who seals the plans, drawings,


specifications, and reports may perform services in the field of


the other practice if the services are incidental to the


architectural or engineering project as a whole.


     (3) A licensee shall not seal a plan, drawing, map, plat,


report, specification, or other document that is not prepared by


the licensee or under the supervision of the licensee as the person


in responsible charge.