HUNTING & FISHING RIGHTS                                                                          S.B. 289:

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Senate Bill 289 (as introduced 4-9-13)

Sponsor:  Senator Tom Casperson

Committee:  Natural Resources, Environment and Great Lakes


Date Completed:  4-10-13




The bill would amend Part 401 (Wildlife Conservation) of the Natural Resources and Environmental Protection Act to add a legislative declaration regarding hunting and fishing in Michigan, as well as rights related to those activities.


The bill would include the following statement in section 40113a, which contains legislative findings and declarations: "The legislature declares that hunting, fishing, and the taking of game are a valued part of the cultural heritage of this state and should be forever preserved.  The legislature further declares that these activities play an important part in the state's economy and in the conservation, preservation, and management of the state's natural resources.  Therefore, the legislature declares that the citizens of this state have a right to hunt, fish, and take game, subject to the regulations and restrictions prescribed by subsection (2) and law."


(Subsection (2) of Section 40113a provides that the Natural Resources Commission (NRC) has the exclusive authority to regulate the taking of game in Michigan, and requires the Commission to use principles of sound scientific management in making decisions regarding the taking of game.  Issuance of NRC orders must be made following a public meeting and an opportunity for public input.  At least 30 days before issuing an order, the Commission must give a copy of it to specified members of the Legislature.)


MCL 324.40113                                                             Legislative Analyst:  Julie Cassidy




The bill would have no fiscal impact on State or local government.


                                                                                        Fiscal Analyst:  Josh Sefton


This analysis was prepared by nonpartisan Senate staff for use by the Senate in its deliberations and does not constitute an official statement of legislative intent.