September 25, 2012, Introduced by Senator GREEN and referred to the Committee on Health Policy.




     A bill to amend 1978 PA 368, entitled


"Public health code,"


by amending section 17201 (MCL 333.17201).




     Sec. 17201. (1) As used in this part:


     (a) "Practice of nursing" means the systematic application of


substantial specialized knowledge and skill, derived from the


biological, physical, and behavioral sciences, to the care,


treatment, counsel, and health teaching of individuals who are


experiencing changes in the normal health processes or who require


assistance in the maintenance of health and the prevention or


management of illness, injury, or disability. The term includes the


administration of anesthesia by a registered professional nurse who


holds a specialty certification as a nurse anesthetist described in


section 17210.


     (b) "Practice of nursing as a licensed practical nurse" or


"l.p.n." means the practice of nursing based on less comprehensive


knowledge and skill than that required of a registered professional


nurse and performed under the supervision of a registered


professional nurse, physician, or dentist.


     (c) "Registered professional nurse" or "r.n." means an


individual licensed under this article to engage in the practice of


nursing which scope of practice includes the teaching, direction,


and supervision of less skilled personnel in the performance of


delegated nursing activities.


     (2) In addition to the definitions in this part, article 1


contains general definitions and principles of construction


applicable to all articles in the code and part 161 contains


definitions applicable to this part.