July 18, 2012, Introduced by Reps. MacMaster, Agema, McMillin, Huuki, Shirkey, Daley, Johnson, McBroom, Foster, Opsommer and Franz and referred to the Committee on Government Operations.


     A bill to prohibit this state and its political subdivisions


from adopting or implementing certain policy recommendations of the


United Nations; to prohibit adopting or implementing a law or plan


of action that would infringe on or restrict private property


rights without due process; and to prohibit certain transactions


with certain entities that assist in implementing United Nations


Agenda 21.




     Sec. 1. As used in this act:


     (a) "Agenda 21" means Agenda 21 adopted at the United Nations


conference on environment and development held in Brazil in June




     (b) "Michigan governmental entity" means any of the following:


     (i) This state, including a department, board, agency, or


commission of this state or an authority created by any of these.


     (ii) A city, village, township, county, school district,


community college, or intermediate school district, or an authority


created by any of these.


     (iii) A private-public partnership involving an entity described


in subparagraph (i) or (ii).


     Sec. 2. (1) A Michigan governmental entity shall not adopt or


implement policy recommendations that infringe or restrict private


property rights without due process and that are required by policy


recommendations originating in or traceable to Agenda 21 or any


other international law or ancillary plan of action that


contravenes the constitution of the United States or the state


constitution of 1963.


     (2) Since the United Nations has accredited and enlisted


numerous nongovernmental and intergovernmental organizations to


assist in the implementation of its policies relative to Agenda 21


around the world, a Michigan governmental entity shall not enter


into a contract for services with, pay any money to, or receive


money from those nongovernmental and intergovernmental


organizations as defined in Agenda 21.


     Enacting section 1. This act takes effect 90 days after the


date it is enacted into law.