June 9, 2011, Introduced by Reps. Liss, Lipton, Hobbs, Bledsoe and McMillin and referred to the Committee on Health Policy.


     A bill to amend 1978 PA 368, entitled


"Public health code,"


(MCL 333.1101 to 333.25211) by adding section 22216.




     Sec. 22216. (1) If a certificate of need review standard for


surgical services in effect on the effective date of this section


conflicts with a standard under this section, the standard in this


section prevails. This section establishes certain standards


required for approval and delivery of services for all projects


approved and certificates of need issued under this part that


involve the initiation, expansion, replacement, relocation, or


acquisition of surgical services provided in a vascular access




     (2) For the purpose of evaluating compliance with certificate


of need minimum volume requirements for a vascular access center,


the department shall use all of the following to determine the


number of surgical cases, hours of use, or both, as applicable:


     (a) All rooms constructed and equipped to perform vascular


access procedures that are located on a sterile corridor in which


vascular access procedures are performed.


     (b) All vascular access cases or hours of use performed in the


rooms described in subdivision (a).


     (3) A vascular access center applicant for a certificate of


need that is required to project volumes of service shall specify


how the volume projections were developed and shall include only


those vascular access procedures performed in the rooms described


in subsection (2)(a). The applicant shall otherwise comply with all


of the requirements regarding documentation of projections


contained in the certificate of need review standards for surgical




     (4) A vascular access center applicant for a certificate of


need may use patients currently being served by that center to


determine or project volumes of service under this section.


     (5) As used in this section, "vascular access center" means a


physician office practice that primarily performs vascular access


services necessary to maintain dialysis access for end stage renal


disease patients and that meets the physical requirements of an


ambulatory surgery center certified under title XVIII.