April 12, 2011, Introduced by Rep. Jenkins and referred to the Committee on Local, Intergovernmental, and Regional Affairs.


     A bill to amend 1984 PA 425, entitled


"An act to permit the conditional transfer of property by contract

between certain local units of government; to provide for

permissive and mandatory provisions in the contract; to provide for

certain conditions upon termination, expiration, or nonrenewal of

the contract; and to prescribe penalties and provide remedies,"


by amending section 6 (MCL 124.26).




     Sec. 6. (1) If applicable to the transfer, a contract under


this act may provide for any of the following:


     (a) Any method by which the contract may be rescinded or


terminated by any participating local unit prior to before the


stated date of termination.


     (b) The manner of employing, engaging, compensating,


transferring, or discharging personnel required for the economic


development project to be carried out under the contract. , subject


to the provisions of applicable civil service and merit systems. An


employee who is transferred by a local unit due to a contract under


this act shall not by reason of the transfer be placed in any worse


position with respect to worker's compensation, pension, seniority,


wages, sick leave, vacation, health and welfare insurance, or any


other benefits that he or she enjoyed before the transfer.


     (c) The fixing and collecting of charges, rates, rents, or


fees, where appropriate, and the adoption of ordinances and their


enforcement by or with the assistance of the participating local




     (d) The manner in which purchases shall be made and contracts


entered into.


     (e) The acceptance of gifts, grants, assistance funds, or




     (f) The manner of responding for any liabilities that might be


incurred through performance of the contract and insuring against


any such liability.


     (g) Any other necessary and proper matters agreed upon by the


participating local units.