February 22, 2011, Introduced by Rep. Denby and referred to the Committee on Local, Intergovernmental, and Regional Affairs.


     A bill to amend 1967 PA 204, entitled


"Metropolitan transportation authorities act of 1967,"


by amending section 13 (MCL 124.413).




     Sec. 13. (1) The general manager shall have has the authority


to appoint such the officers, employees, and agents as necessary to


carry out the purposes of the authority under the general policy


direction of the board. At such time as the authority operates


transportation facilities, the general manager shall classify all


the offices, positions, and grades of regular employment required


under a merit rating system, ; except that a maximum of 5% of the


employees and officers shall be exempt from the provisions of the


merit rating system. The authority shall have the right to bargain


collectively and enter into agreements with labor organizations. ,


and shall be bound by existing labor union agreements with public


or privately owned entities that are acquired, purchased or


condemned by the authority. Members and beneficiaries of any


pension or retirement system or other benefits established by the


acquired transportation system shall continue to have rights,


privileges, benefits, obligations and status with respect to such


established system. The board shall assume the obligation of any


transportation system acquired by it with regard to wages,


salaries, hours, working conditions, sick leave, health and welfare


and pension or retirement provisions for employees.


     (2) No employee of any acquired transportation system who is


transferred to a position with the authority shall by reason of


such transfer be placed in any worse position with respect to


workmen's compensation, pension, seniority, wages, sick leave,


vacation, health and welfare insurance or any other benefits that


he enjoyed as an employee of such acquired transportation system.


     (2) (3) Employees who left the employ of such transportation


system to enter the military service of the United States shall


have the same rights as to the authority, under the provisions of


the service men's employment tenure act approved July 17, 1941,


1951 PA 263, MCL 35.351 to 35.356, as they would have had


thereunder as to such transportation system.