SB-1044, As Passed Senate, May 31, 2012



















March 27, 2012, Introduced by Senator PROOS and referred to the Committee on Appropriations.




     A bill to amend 1984 PA 431, entitled


"The management and budget act,"


by amending section 267 (MCL 18.1267), as amended by 1999 PA 8.




     Sec. 267. (1) The department shall issue directives to provide


for the disclosure, transfer, and disposal of surplus , salvage,


and scrap material personal property of state agencies. The


department may dispose of surplus and of salvage or scrap personal


property by donating or selling the surplus personal property or


equipment to a nonprofit entity, or selling it to a unit of local


government, or selling it at a public sale. However, if a unit of


local government is not interested in the property or equipment,


the department may sell the surplus, salvage, or scrap at auction.


     (2) The department may sell surplus personal property at fair


market value. The department may also exchange surplus personal


property for goods and services at fair market value with a private


company that is contracted to provide state services, and the


surplus personal property is essential to providing those services.


     (3) (2) The department may pay necessary costs incurred in the


conduct of the transfers or auctions of the sale of surplus


personal property or equipment including the necessary warehousing


and reconditioning costs from the proceeds of the auction sale or


by assessing a handling fee for surplus personal property or


equipment being donated.