HB-5917, As Passed House, December 13, 2012HB-5917, As Passed Senate, December 13, 2012


















September 19, 2012, Introduced by Rep. Graves and referred to the Committee on Regulatory Reform.


     A bill to amend 1974 PA 154, entitled


"Michigan occupational safety and health act,"


by amending section 19 (MCL 408.1019), as amended by 1991 PA 105;


and to repeal acts and parts of acts.




     Sec. 19. (1) The construction safety standards commission The


director may promulgate construction safety standards in accordance


with this act and based upon, but not limited to, generally


accepted nationwide engineering standards and practices designed to


prevent accidents and to protect the life and safety of employees


engaged in construction operations. If practicable, the standards


promulgated shall be expressed in terms of objective criteria and


of the performance desired.


     (2) Until April 1, 1992, adoption of a standard shall be by a

House Bill No. 5917 as amended November 29, 2012


majority of the members present if a quorum is present. Beginning


April 1, 1992, any action taken by the construction safety


standards commission requires an affirmative vote of not less than


4 members of the commission, including at least 1 representative of


labor and 1 representative of management.


     Enacting section 1. Section 18 of the Michigan occupational


safety and health act, 1974 PA 154, MCL 408.1018, is repealed.


     Enacting section 2. This amendatory act does not take effect


unless all of the following bills of the 96th Legislature are


enacted into law:


[(a) Senate Bill No. 1335.


(b) Senate Bill No. 1336.


(c) House Bill No. 5922.