May 11, 2010, Introduced by Senator PATTERSON and referred to the Committee on Economic Development and Regulatory Reform.




      A bill to amend 1980 PA 299, entitled


"Occupational code,"


by amending sections 302, 303a, 313, and 401 (MCL 339.302,


339.303a, 339.313, and 339.401), section 303a as amended by 2006


PA 489 and section 401 as amended by 1988 PA 463, and by adding


article 8.




 1        Sec. 302. (1) The governor shall appoint an individual as a


 2  member of a board with the advice and consent of the senate,


 3  including an individual appointed to fill a vacancy on a board.


 4  In making an appointment, the governor shall seek nominations


 5  from a wide range of interested groups and persons, including


 1  appropriate professional associations, consumer associations,


 2  labor unions, and other organizations or individuals.


 3        (2) Notwithstanding subsection (1), members of the board of


 4  Michigan registered reporters that are required to be registered


 5  under article 8 pursuant to section 301 shall be members of a


 6  generally recognized media or press association or organization,


 7  as determined by the department.


 8        Sec. 303a. The terms provided for in this act shall commence


 9  on the following dates:





July 1



April 1



October 1



October 1


     Collection agencies

July 1


     Community planners

July 1



January 1


     Employment agencies

October 1



April 1


     Hearing aid dealers

October 1


     Land surveyors

April 1


     Landscape architects

July 1


     Mortuary science

July 1


     Professional engineers

April 1


     Real estate appraisers

July 1


     Real estate brokers and salespersons

July 1



April 1


     Residential builders

April 1



28        Sec. 313. (1) A board shall recommend to the department


 1  whether to grant licensure to a school, institution, or other


 2  person or approval or recognition of a program which offers


 3  training or education in the occupation for which the board is


 4  created, unless it is the board's function to grant the


 5  licensure, approval, or recognition.


 6        (2) Before recommending the licensure, approval, or


 7  recognition of a school, institution, or other person or a


 8  program, a board shall ascertain whether the school, institution,


 9  or other person or program provides the type of training which


10  will provide a graduate with the knowledge and skills required to


11  perform the occupation with competence.


12        (3) The board shall issue a registration under article 8.


13        Sec. 401. The Except as otherwise provided in a specific


14  article, the specific amounts to be charged for licenses,


15  registrations, and other activities provided for in this act


16  shall be as prescribed in the state license fee act, Act No. 152


17  of the Public Acts of 1979, being sections 338.2201 to 338.2277


18  of the Michigan Compiled Laws 1979 PA 152, MCL 338.2201 to


19  338.2277.


20                            ARTICLE 8


21        Sec. 801. As used in this article:


22        (a) "Media" means any electronic or written medium,


23  including, but not limited to, newspapers, television, radio, and


24  internet.


25        (b) "Reporter" means an individual engaging in any of the


26  following activities over the media:


27        (i) Writes a story that is published in a newspaper or on an


 1  internet website.


 2        (ii) Writes or reads a story broadcast on the radio.


 3        (iii) Acts as the reporter for a story broadcast on television


 4  or on an internet website.


 5        (iv) Writes an editorial with or without a byline that is


 6  published in a newspaper or on an internet website.


 7        (v) Provides an opinion or commentary piece, with or without


 8  a byline, that is broadcast on the radio, television, or


 9  internet.


10        Sec. 803. There is created a board of Michigan registered


11  reporters.


12        Sec. 805. (1) The board may issue a registration to an


13  individual submitting a completed application accompanied by the


14  appropriate registration fee. The application shall demonstrate


15  eligibility for registration under the requirements described in


16  this section.


17        (2) In order to qualify, an applicant shall comply with the


18  following:


19        (a) Be of good moral character and demonstrate, by a signed


20  statement, knowledge of any acceptable industrywide ethics


21  standards acceptable to the board.


22        (b) Demonstrate any of the following in the form of a resume


23  or other format acceptable to the department:


24        (i) Possession of a degree in journalism or other degree


25  substantially equivalent to such a degree, as determined by the


26  department.


27        (ii) Not less than 3 years' experience as a reporter or any


 1  other relevant background information.


 2        (iii) Awards or recognition related to being a reporter.


 3        (iv) Not fewer than 3 writing samples.


 4        (v) Beginning 2 years after the effective date of the


 5  amendatory act that added this article, at least 1 letter of


 6  recommendation from an individual actively engaged as a


 7  registered reporter.


 8        (c) Pay the application fee and submit the appropriate


 9  registration fee.


10        Sec. 807. (1) An applicant for registration under this


11  article shall submit a registration fee of $10.00.


12        (2) A registration under this article shall be issued by the


13  board for a term of 2 years.


14        Sec. 809. A person shall not use the term "Michigan


15  registered reporter" unless he or she is registered under this


16  article. However, a person is not required to become registered


17  under this article to be employed as, or use, the generic label


18  or title of reporter, broadcaster, member of the media, or other


19  similar term.