December 1, 2009, Introduced by Reps. Geiss and Kennedy and referred to the Committee on Regulatory Reform.


     A bill to amend 1998 PA 58, entitled


"Michigan liquor control code of 1998,"


by amending section 1027 (MCL 436.2027), as amended by 2008 PA 218.




     Sec. 1027. (1) Unless otherwise provided by rule of the


commission, a person shall not conduct samplings or tastings of any


alcoholic liquor for a commercial purpose except at premises that


are licensed by the commission for the sale and consumption of


alcoholic liquor on the premises.


     (2) This section does not prevent either prohibit any of the




     (a) A vendor of spirits, brewer, wine maker, mixed spirit


drink manufacturer, small wine maker, outstate seller of beer,


outstate seller of wine, or outstate seller of mixed spirit drink,


or a bona fide market research organization retained by 1 of the


persons named in this subsection subdivision, from conducting


samplings or tastings of an alcoholic liquor product before it is


approved for sale in this state if the sampling or tasting is


conducted pursuant to prior written approval of the commission.


     (b) An on-premises licensee from giving a sampling or tasting


of alcoholic liquor to an employee of the licensee during the legal


hours for consumption for the purpose of educating the employee


regarding 1 or more types of alcoholic liquor so long as the


employee is at least 21 years of age.


     (c) A small distiller licensee from giving a sampling or


tasting of brands it manufactures on the licensed premises.


     (d) A micro brewer or brew pub from allowing the sampling and


consumption on the licensed premise of beer produced by 1 or more


home brewers at a meeting of home brewers, or a club composed


primarily of home brewers, under the following circumstances:


     (i) The sampling or consumption is for the purpose of


exhibitions or competitions involving home brewers.


     (ii) The beer is served in portions not to exceed 6 ounces.


     (iii) No sale of beer is made to members of the general public.


     (iv) The participants otherwise comply with applicable state


and federal law and applicable regulatory provisions of this act


and rules adopted by the commission under this act.


     (3) A sampling or tasting of any alcoholic liquor in a home or


domicile for other than a commercial purpose is not subject to this




     (4) For purposes of As used in this section: , "commercial


     (a) "Commercial purpose" means a purpose for which monetary


gain or other remuneration could reasonably be expected.


     (b) "Home brewer" means a person manufacturing beer at his or


her home or farm, if the beer is to be consumed, free of


consideration to those persons consuming the beer, in the manner


provided for in subsection (2)(d), by that person, or by that


person's family and guests.