Rep. Scott offered the following resolution:

            House Resolution No. 318.

            A resolution to memorialize the Congress of the United States to extend a freeze on active mortgage foreclosures in Michigan.

            Whereas, Our nation, the state of Michigan in particular, is facing one of the most severe economic challenges in recent history. This is reflected in rising energy costs, falling home values, and increased mortgage foreclosures. Indeed, Michigan's automotive industry and other related businesses have seen unprecedented job losses and restructuring as they adjust to the new economic realities of the Twenty-First Century. Mortgage foreclosures and other signs of economic malaise are the natural result of these economic setbacks; and

            Whereas, Home ownership is the vital key to a vibrant and ever-growing community. Social stability, strong family values, and individual financial growth are all fostered in neighborhoods and communities with higher rates of homeownership. Mortgage foreclosures, however, eat at the heart of this anchor of our society. Vacant homes foster crime and decay and ultimately lower everyone's home values. In an effort to address the rash of home foreclosures, the Congress of the United States has before it a number of initiatives to help struggling homeowners prevent foreclosure. These include bills such as the Foreclosure Prevention and Homeownership Protection Act (H.R. 3666 and S. 1386), which propose federal funding for state foreclosure prevention and mortgage restructuring programs; and

            Whereas, In the interim, however, countless numbers of homeowners are facing the crisis of foreclosure now. Immediate help is needed before these hardworking homeowners lose one of their most valuable possessions--their family homes--while waiting for long-term preventative measures to be enacted in Washington; now, therefore, be it

            Resolved by the House of Representatives, That we hereby memorialize the Congress of the United States to extend a freeze on active mortgage foreclosures in Michigan; and be it further

            Resolved, That copies of this resolution be transmitted to the President of the United States Senate, the Speaker of the United States House of Representatives, and the members of the Michigan congressional delegation.