November 13, 2008, Introduced by Rep. Meisner and referred to the Committee on Judiciary.


     A bill to amend 1964 PA 155, entitled


"Circuit court family counseling services act,"


by amending section 9 (MCL 551.339), as amended by 1996 PA 7.




     Sec. 9. (1) Except as provided in subsection (2), a


communication between a counselor in the family counseling service


and a person who is counseled is confidential. The secrecy of the


communication shall be preserved inviolate as a privileged


communication which privilege cannot be waived. The communication


shall not be admitted in evidence in any proceedings. The same


protection shall be given to communications between spouses and


counselors to whom they have been referred by the court or the


court's family counseling service. For purposes of this section,


privileged communications include psychological evaluations and


psychological tests.


     (2) A family referred by the court with custody or parenting


time problems whose adult members sign an agreement indicating the


purpose of the referral is exempt from subsection (1). A report of


an evaluation of those families shall be submitted to the court


with indicated recommendations.


     Enacting section 1. This amendatory act does not take effect


unless all of the following bills of the 94th Legislature are


enacted into law:


     (a) Senate Bill No.____ or House Bill No. 6659(request no.




     (b) Senate Bill No.____ or House Bill No. 6660(request no.


07492'08 a).


     (c) Senate Bill No.____ or House Bill No. 6661(request no.


07492'08 b).


     (d) Senate Bill No.____ or House Bill No. 6663(request no.


07492'08 d).


     (e) Senate Bill No.____ or House Bill No. 6664(request no.


07492'08 e).