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Senate Bill 1163 (as introduced 3-4-08)
Sponsor: Senator Valde Garcia
Committee: Families and Human Services

Date Completed: 6-10-08

The bill would amend the Adult Foster Care Facility Licensing Act to exclude from the definition of "adult foster care facility" a private residence that provides care to not more than one adult under a personal care plan and that does not provide room and board services to any other individual in the home. The personal care plan would have to be developed by the Community Health Services program or the department serving the county in which the adult receiving foster care resided, and would have to include, at a minimum, the person receiving the personal care, the caregiver, and the community mental health services program or department representative that was responsible for ensuring that the living arrangement continued to meet the needs of the adult receiving care and that the home environment was clean and safe.

(Currently, "adult foster care facility" means a governmental or nongovernmental establishment that provides foster care to adults. The term includes facilities and foster care family homes for adults who are aged, mentally ill, developmentally disabled, or physically disabled who require supervision on an ongoing basis but do not require continuous nursing care. The term does not include a number of specific types of facilities, such as a nursing home, a home for the aged, a hospital, and a hospital for the mentally ill or a facility for the developmentally disabled operated by the Department of Community Health.)

MCL 400.703 Legislative Analyst: Curtis Walker

The bill would affect a subset of adult foster care facilities supervised by the Department, currently defined as family homes (facilities that serve between one and six residents). Modifying the definition of "adult foster care facility" to exclude family homes that serve one individual would reduce fee revenue provided to the State. (Currently, a temporary fee for a family home is $65 for the first six months of operation and then $25 every two years.) This loss in fee revenue would likely be offset by a reduction in the number of facilities eligible for supervision by the Bureau of Children and Adult Licensing within the Department.

Fiscal Analyst: David Fosdick

Analysis was prepared by nonpartisan Senate staff for use by the Senate in its deliberations and does not constitute an official statement of legislative intent. sb1163/0708