February 19, 2003, Introduced by Senators GARCIA, JOHNSON, BISHOP, GOSCHKA, LELAND, ALLEN, SWITALSKI, JELINEK and BARCIA and referred to the Committee on Education.



























                                                                                 A bill to amend 1976 PA 451, entitled                                             


    "The revised school code,"                                                  


    by amending section 1481 (MCL 380.1481), as added by 2000                   


    PA 230.                                                                     


                THE PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF MICHIGAN ENACT:                      


1       Sec. 1481.  (1)  Not later than the beginning of the                        


2   2000-2001 school year, the  The Michigan virtual university shall           


3   develop, implement, and operate the Michigan virtual high school,           


4   as described in this section.                                               


5       (2) The Michigan virtual high school shall have the following               


6   goals:                                                                      


7       (a) Significantly expand curricular offerings for high                      


8   schools across this state through agreements with school                    


9   districts or licenses from other recognized providers.                      


10      (b) Create a statewide instructional model using interactive                



1   multimedia tools delivered by electronic means, including, but              


2   not limited to, the internet, digital broadcast, or satellite               


3   network, for distributed learning at the high school level.                 


4       (c) Provide pupils with opportunities to develop skills and                 


5   competencies through on-line learning.                                      


6       (d) Offer high school teachers opportunities to learn new                   


7   skills and strategies for developing and delivering instructional           


8   services.                                                                   


9       (e) Accelerate this state's ability to respond to current and               


10  emerging educational demands.                                               


11      (f) Grant high school diplomas through a dual enrollment                    


12  method with school districts.                                               


13      (g) Act as a broker for college level equivalent courses, as                


14  defined in section 1471, and dual enrollment courses from                   


15  postsecondary education institutions.                                       


16      (3) The Michigan virtual high school course offerings shall                 


17  include, but are not limited to, all of the following:                      


18      (a) Information technology courses.                                         


19      (b) College level equivalent courses, as defined in section                 


20  1471.                                                                       


21      (c) Courses and dual enrollment opportunities.                              


22      (d) At-risk programs and services.                                          


23      (e) General education development test preparation courses                  


24  for adjudicated youth.                                                      


25      (f) Special interest courses.                                               


26      (g) Professional development programs and services for                      


27  teachers.                                                                   


1       (4) In addition to its other duties under this section, the                 


2   Michigan virtual university shall work with the department and              


3   other appropriate state agencies to explore the development and             


4   delivery of a full curriculum for migrant pupils that would be              


5   available through distance learning.   The Michigan virtual                 


6   university and the department shall submit a joint report on                


7   their findings under this subsection to the legislature not later           


8   than 1 year after the effective date of this section.                       


9       (5) In addition to its other duties, not later than the                     


10  beginning of the 2004-2005 school year, the Michigan virtual                


11  university shall develop and offer a course for high school                 


12  pupils on basic finance.  The board of a school district or board           


13  of directors of a public school academy that operates a high                


14  school shall offer the course as an elective for high school                


15  pupils and shall grant appropriate high school credit for                   


16  successful completion of the course.  The course shall include              


17  coverage of at least all of the following topics:                           


18      (a) Use of consumer credit.                                                 


19      (b) Understanding mortgages.                                                


20      (c) How to close a mortgage or other consumer financial                     


21  transaction.                                                                


22      (d) Credit scores and their effect on individuals.                          


23      (e) Costs of borrowing money.                                               


24      (6)  (5)  Nonpublic school students and home-schooled                       


25  children may participate in course offerings of the Michigan                


26  virtual high school to the same extent they are allowed to                  


27  participate in school district course offerings under this act              


1   and the state school aid act of 1979.  , 1979 PA 94, MCL 388.1601           


2   to 388.1772.                                                                


3       (7)  (6)  The Michigan virtual university shall fund the                    


4   Michigan virtual high school from appropriations made for this              


5   purpose and may also use funds received from other sources.  The            


6   department shall provide technical assistance as requested by the           


7   Michigan virtual university for the purposes of this section.