January 22, 2004, Introduced by Reps. Steil, Tobocman, Nofs, Milosch, Murphy, LaJoy, Ruth Johnson, Caul, Brandenburg, Pastor, Hoogendyk, Sheen, Palmer, Taub, Voorhees, Meyer, Huizenga, Hager, Hummel, Kooiman, Stahl, Bradstreet, Middaugh, Stakoe, DeRoche and Newell and referred to the Committee on Education.

























                                                                                 A bill to amend 1976 PA 451, entitled                                             


    "The revised school code,"                                                  


    (MCL 380.1 to 380.1852) by adding section 1136.                             


                THE PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF MICHIGAN ENACT:                      


1       Sec. 1136.  (1) A school district board, intermediate school                


2   district board, or a board of directors of a public school                  


3   academy shall not do either of the following:                               


4       (a) Require a student to supply his or her social security                  


5   number as proof of identity.                                                


6       (b) Maintain a system of records that uses social security                  


7   numbers as a means of identifying students.                                 


8       (2) The board of the school district, intermediate school                   


9   district, or public school academy shall ensure that a school               


10  under its control complies with the provisions of this section.