Act No. 338

Public Acts of 2002

Approved by the Governor

May 23, 2002

Filed with the Secretary of State

May 23, 2002

EFFECTIVE DATE: May 23, 2002




Introduced by Rep. Pappageorge


AN ACT to amend 1911 PA 28, entitled "An act to authorize the board of supervisors of any county to raise by taxation or borrow money for the purpose of purchasing real estate for sites for, and constructing or repairing public buildings and bridges; to limit the amount that can be raised or borrowed for such purpose by such boards in certain cases; to authorize such boards to submit the question of raising or borrowing money for such purposes to the electors of their certain counties; to provide for the manner of submission; and to repeal Act No.41 of the Public Acts of 1909, entitled "An act limiting the amount which may be raised in any county in any 1 year by the board of supervisors," approved April twenty-first, 1909," by amending section 1 (MCL 141.71).

The People of the State of Michigan enact:

Sec. 1. (1) The county board of commissioners of a county may, subject to the limitations provided in the property tax limitation act, 1933 PA 62, MCL 211.201 to 211.217a, in any 1 year levy a tax for purchase of real estate for sites for, and the construction or repair of public buildings or bridges. The foregoing limitations shall not apply to taxes imposed for the payment of principal and interest on bonds or other evidences of indebtedness or for the payment of assessments or contract obligations in anticipation of which bonds are issued, which taxes may be imposed without limitation as to rate or amount and in addition to any other taxes, even though the bonds or other evidences of indebtedness were issued for the foregoing purposes.

(2) Bonds issued under this act are subject to the revised municipal finance act, 2001 PA 34, MCL 141.2101 to 141.2821.

This act is ordered to take immediate effect.

Clerk of the House of Representatives.

Secretary of the Senate.