November 28, 2001, Introduced by Rep. Vander Veen and referred to the Committee on Energy and Technology. A bill to amend 1976 PA 448, entitled "Michigan energy employment act of 1976," by amending section 40 (MCL 460.840). THE PEOPLE OF THE STATE OF MICHIGAN ENACT: 1 Sec. 40. Before undertaking a project FOR THE CONSTRUCTION 2 OR ACQUISITION OF FACILITIES FOR THE TRANSMISSION OR GENERATION 3 OF ELECTRIC POWER AND ENERGY, a joint agency shall, based upon 4 engineering studies and reports meeting the standards described 5 in REQUIRED UNDER section 38(d), determine that the project is 6 required to provide for the projected needs for power and energy 7 of its members from the date the project is estimated to be 8 placed in normal and continuous operation and for a reasonable 9 period of time thereafter. In determining the future power 10 requirements of members of a joint agency, the joint agency shall 11 consider ALL OF THE FOLLOWING: 05676'01 * SAT 2 1 (a) The economies and efficiencies to be achieved in 2 constructing facilities for the generation and transmission of 3 electric power and energy. 4 (b) The needs of the joint agency for reserve and peaking 5 capacity, and to meet obligations under pooling and reserve shar- 6 ing agreements reasonably related to its needs for power and 7 energy to which the joint agency is or may become a party. 8 (c) The estimated useful life of the project. 9 (d) The estimated time necessary for the planning, develop- 10 ment, acquisition, or construction of the project and the length 11 of time required in advance to obtain, acquire, or construct 12 additional power supply for members of the joint agency. 13 (e) The reliability and availability of existing alternative 14 power supplies and the cost of those existing alternative power 15 supplies. 05676'01 * Final page. SAT