Senate Bill 705 (Substitute S-2 as reported)

Sponsor: Senator Leon Stille

Committee: Farming, Agribusiness and Food Systems


The bill would create the "Wolf-Dog Cross Act" in memory of Angie Nickerson, to prohibit a person from possessing a wolf-dog cross unless the person possessed the animal on the bill's effective date and annually obtained a wolf-dog cross permit from the local unit. The bill also would require an identification number to be placed subcutaneously in the wolf-dog cross; provide for conditions of a wolf-dog cross facility and the handling and care of the animals; prescribe standards for keeping a wolf-dog cross in a person's residence; specify when wolf-dog cross could be taken outdoors; require the posting of signs stating, "A potentially dangerous wolf-dog cross is kept on this property"; specify owners' responsibilities and liabilities, including a requirement that a wolf-dog cross be humanely euthanized if it had potentially exposed a human, livestock, or a mammalian pet to rabies; and establish penalties for violations of the bill. A local unit could adopt an ordinance pertaining to wolf-dog crosses that was more restrictive than the bill. The bill's requirements would be in addition to any other requirements governing a wolf-dog cross under State and Federal law.

"Wolf-dog cross" would mean a canid that was a wolf with a dog, two wolf-dog crosses, a wolf-dog cross with a dog, or a wolf-dog cross with a wolf. There would be an irrebuttable presumption that a canid was a wolf-dog cross if the animal was represented as a wolf-dog cross by the breeder, owner, or a person who possessed the animal through advertisement, registration papers, sworn statements, or any other method, as a wolf-dog cross, or if a wolf-dog cross expert identified it as one. There would be a rebuttable presumption that a canid was a wolf-dog cross if certain morphological traits of the canid, such as the muzzle (from eyes to tip of nose), canine teeth, shoulder height, body length, eye color, orbital angle, weight, chest width, dew claw, supra caudel gland, coat, front paws, tail, or ears were characteristic of a wolf-dog cross.

- Legislative Analyst: N. Nagata


Senate Bill 705 (S-2) would have an indeterminate fiscal impact on local government.

The bill would establish misdemeanor penalties for violating provisions of the proposed Act and for not registering a wolf-dog cross. Local units of government would receive the annual permit fee and fine revenue and/or pay the cost of incarceration. There are no data to indicate how many people could be subject to conviction under these sections, and the cost of incarceration varies from county to county.

Date Completed: 11-23-99 - Fiscal Analyst: K. Firestone

- R. Ross

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This analysis was prepared by nonpartisan Senate staff for use by the Senate in its deliberations and does not constitute an official statement of legislative intent.