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Act 451 of 1994
Part 65

Section 324.6501SectionMeanings of words and phrases.
Section 324.6502SectionDefinitions; C, D.
Section 324.6503SectionDefinitions; E to N.
Section 324.6504SectionDefinitions; P to T.
Section 324.6505SectionAccess to records; requests in writing; identification of record; reasonable charge.
Section 324.6506SectionTesting or repair of motor vehicles; implementation of emissions inspection test program in Wayne, Oakland, and Macomb counties.
Section 324.6507SectionEmissions inspection test program in Wayne, Oakland, and Macomb counties; conditions for implementation; contingency measures; adoption of cut points; equipment and test procedures; rules; suspension of vehicle registration.
Section 324.6508SectionMotor vehicle emissions testing program fund; account.
Section 324.6509SectionRenewal of registration; issuance of certificate of compliance or certificate of waiver required; validity of certificate.
Section 324.6510SectionTesting station; prohibited conduct.
Section 324.6511SectionTesting station; fee; use of fee; conditions requiring free reinspection or issuance of certificate of compliance; initial inspections; remittance and disposition of fee.
Section 324.6512SectionVehicles exempt from inspection requirements.
Section 324.6513SectionMotor vehicles subject to part and rules; exceptions.
Section 324.6514SectionMotor vehicles purchased as new vehicles; evidence.
Section 324.6515SectionApplication for motor vehicle registration as evidence of owner's permanent place of residence.
Section 324.6516SectionInspection of motor vehicles; license to operate testing station; separate license and fee; mobile or temporary location; remote sensing devices; use of other instruments; display of license.
Section 324.6517SectionTesting station license; application; information; fee; effective date and duration of license; reinstatement of surrendered, revoked, or expired repair facility registration; resumption of operation.
Section 324.6518SectionTesting station; change of ownership; notice.
Section 324.6519SectionDisplay of certain information; prohibited conduct.
Section 324.6520SectionTesting station; certification by third-party organization.
Section 324.6521SectionFleet testing station; permit; requirements.
Section 324.6522SectionFleet testing station; change of ownership; notice.
Section 324.6523SectionFleet testing station; limitation.
Section 324.6524SectionFleet testing station; inspection by independent third party; prohibited conduct.
Section 324.6525SectionFalse representations.
Section 324.6526SectionFleet testing station; issuance of certificate of compliance.
Section 324.6527SectionInspection appointment; issuance of certificate of compliance; report describing reason for rejection.
Section 324.6528SectionCertificate of waiver; issuance; conditions; certain costs not considered in determining eligibility; criteria; temporary certificate; fee.
Section 324.6529SectionApproval as emission inspector.
Section 324.6530SectionInspection; certificate of compliance or waiver obtained at licensed testing station.
Section 324.6531SectionCompliance; determination by department; system for selection of qualified vehicles.
Section 324.6532SectionProtection of public from fraud and abuse; quality assurance; evaluation of cost; effectiveness and benefits of inspection program; report.
Section 324.6533SectionTesting station; fleet testing station; issuance of certificate of compliance; conditions.
Section 324.6534SectionInformation to be provided by public inspection station; availability of certificate of waiver.
Section 324.6535SectionTampering with motor vehicle.
Section 324.6536SectionProviding false information about repair costs prohibited.
Section 324.6537SectionViolations as misdemeanor; fine.
Section 324.6538SectionTransfer and availability of vehicle emissions inspection and maintenance fund.
Section 324.6539SectionRepeal of MCL 257.1051 to 257.1076.
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