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Section 287.897

Act 358 of 1994

287.897 Quarantine.

Sec. 7.

  (1) The director may declare a quarantine on ferrets in any district or region of this state to control or prevent the spread of an infectious, contagious, or toxicological disease. A person shall not move a ferret that is under quarantine to other premises without permission from the director. A person shall not allow a ferret under quarantine to mingle or have contact with animals that the director has not placed under quarantine without the permission of the director. The director may prescribe procedures for the identification, inventory, separation, mode of handling, treatment, feeding, and caring for the quarantined ferrets to prevent the quarantined ferrets from infecting nonquarantined animals. A person shall not import into this state a ferret from another state or jurisdiction if that ferret is under quarantine in the other state or jurisdiction unless that person obtains prior permission from the director.
  (2) A ferret found running at large in violation of a quarantine declaration may be killed by a law enforcement agent or animal control officer. The director may ask for the cooperation of a law enforcement agency or animal control agency to enforce the quarantine.
  (3) A law enforcement agent or animal control officer who kills a ferret due to a quarantine under this section is not subject to liability as a result of the killing of the ferret.

History: 1994, Act 358, Imd. Eff. Dec. 22, 1994

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