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Section 125.2202

Act 59 of 1986

125.2202 Definitions.

Sec. 2.

As used in this act:

(a) "Authority" means a resort district authority created pursuant to this act.

(b) "Board" means the governing body of an authority.

(c) "Operation" means office maintenance, including salaries and expenses of employees, office supplies, consultation fees, design costs, and other expenses incurred in the daily management of the authority and planning of its activities.

(d) "Rehabilitation" means construction, reconstruction, repair, or maintenance of a road, street lighting, a sanitary sewer, a storm sewer, storm water drainage facilities, or a flood control project within a resort district, or establishment and operation of a system of garbage collection within the resort district.

(e) "Rehabilitation plan" means a plan as described in section 15.

(f) "Resort district" means an area that encompasses a natural geographic feature used for recreation, such as an inland lake or the Great Lakes shoreline, that is specifically designated by resolution and approved as provided in this act, and a portion of which is land that is or was a part of a resort association incorporated under 1 of the following:

(i) 1897 PA 230, MCL 455.1 to 455.24.

(ii) 1889 PA 39, MCL 455.51 to 455.72.

(iii) 1887 PA 69, MCL 455.101 to 455.113.

(iv) 1929 PA 137, MCL 455.201 to 455.220.

History: 1986, Act 59, Imd. Eff. Mar. 26, 1986 ;-- Am. 2013, Act 245, Imd. Eff. Dec. 26, 2013

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